Don't Get 'Schooled' By Back To School Shopping

It’s amazing how summer seems to fly by faster every year! It’s all ready that time again – time for back to school shopping. And you don’t want to let the season catch you by surprise.

Here are some tips to keep you ahead in the savings game during the back to school scramble:


1.    Maximize your savings with multiple apps.

That’s right. Work the system this year with double the rewards and cash back earned on the same purchases when you use more than one money-saving smartphone app. These are our favorites:

2.    Don’t forget about browser extensions!

Hot Tip: Browser extensions can slow your computer down if you have too many. Check out these three favorites and decide which one if your preferred option, instead of using all three.

That’s right. Earning cash back with Ebates just got even easier! We love this extension that allows you to automatically apply coupons, promo codes and activate cash back when you are browsing other sites.

3.    Focus on the loss leaders.

Every week during this season, stores will promote a few sale items with prices so low, they actually lose money (or barely break even) on every sale. You can check most of the basic supplies off your list by shopping the loss leaders each week until school starts.
Hot Tip: Be sure to check the terms as quantities are often limited and prices may require a minimum purchase.


4.    Buy in bulk online.

In-store prices are going to be so discounted, it will be hard to find comparable savings when you shop online… except when you are buying in bulk.

Check out these supplies you can buy in bulk on Amazon.


5.    Shop dollar stores or

Dollar stores like General Dollar, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar can have great bargains on school supplies (but most likely not name brand items).

Plus, if you haven’t heard of online retailer, you’re missing out! Their back to school category is filled with gems like Finding Dory, Frozen, and Angry Birds backpacks for just $5.  

6.    Price match.

The more you know, the better you can price match. Here’s a list of stores that price match:

Staples actually goes above and beyond the standard price match. Find a lower price on a new, identical item and Staples will discount the matched price by 10%.

7.    Know your tax free days.

Many states observe “Tax Free Holidays” to help drive the economy during the slower shopping months of the year (which happens to be back to school time). Items that are waived will vary by state but usually include clothing and school supplies.


8.    Go for the digital download for textbooks, if available.

For older students textbooks can quickly become a “big ticket” item. Before dropping hundreds of dollars a semester on textbooks, try searching for digital versions which can be cheaper… or in some cases, completely free!


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- Content Team