Companies That'll Send You Free Manufacturer Coupons by Mail + How to Get Them 

If you've ever wondered how to get coupons directly from your favorite brands, we've got the scoop. Read on to learn which companies will send free manufacturer's coupons by mail and how to get them. 

free coupons by mail

Times are tough and knowing how to coupon matters when it comes to the budget. Sometimes the best way to get your hands on manufacturer coupons is to simply reach out to companies! 

If you never ask, the answer is always no – but what if it’s a yes!? Sometimes reaching out to manufacturers through their “Contact Us” link on their websites and letting them know how much your family likes their products will yield coupons and free samples by mail.  

But what do you say? Well, you just tell them what you think about their products!  You love them and use them all the time. Maybe it’s the only thing Junior will eat. Your mini-me will absolutely melt down without it. You won’t consider anything else – you’re THAT brand loyal!  Be detailed so they know you are truly a user of their products. Companies love hearing from their consumers, especially accolades.

Here are ideas to get you started: 

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I love your ___! The ___ is a common staple in my household.  


My family loves ___. The ____ is amazing. Thank you for your dedication to making such great products.  

Once you’ve sung their praises and given them all the reasons why you love them so much, ask for the coupons!  Here are some examples: 

Do you ever make coupons available for your products? I’m a huge fan so if I could offset the cost even a little bit I’d love you even more. 


As a loyal customer, I would like to inquire if you ever send out coupons that could help offset the cost of your yummy/awesome products? 


Do you offer coupons via snail mail? If so, my family and I would be both ecstatic and grateful. 

Sign off with a “thank you”, an appreciation for their time, or just tell them to have a nice day!  

Always, always, always leave your name and your mailing address!  Even if they have no dedicated spot for it, add it in the comments section. Some companies will respond via email and give you an answer that way, but others will simply drop something in the mail. It’s easy for them to act and act quickly if you’ve already given them your address!  


So now all you need to do is head to the pantry, fridge, and freezer and start writing down all the brands you see! Don’t forget the bathroom closet, medicine cabinet, and laundry room too! Got pets? Don’t overlook their supplies! You will likely find the website for the company noted directly on the packages, but if not, it’s nothing Google can’t handle.  When you get to the website, look for the “Contact Us” link.  It’s usually located near the bottom. Click that, fill out the form, and send a quick note!   

I recently sat down and reached out to 50 of the companies of the brands that grace my shelves and I’m sharing with you the results. Read on! 


Companies That Sent Coupons Via Mail

Let’s start off with the successes I had with getting coupons -- here are some that I contacted and got coupons sent to my home! 

Frito Lay

Frito-Lay has a program where you can request coupons for their products (Pepsi, Mtn Dew, Lays, Ruffles, and Quaker products) by mail every 2 weeks! You can score 10 of them at a time and they arrive in your mailbox quite quickly. You simply create an account and log in to get them. No need to contact them! 

Blue Bunny

Blue Bunny never responded to my request, but within a week I received six 75¢ off any one Blue Bunny Ice Cream Product (excludes single-serve items) coupons. The note they included says they allow you to request coupons every six months by simply calling 1-800-331-0830. (This is not an automated call – you will be speaking to a representative.) 

Eggland's Best

Eggland’s Best quickly responded to my request and I received my coupons within 2 weeks. They will mail you coupons 3 times per year if you ask via their “contact us” page. They sent a pamphlet that contained a 50¢ off any Eggland’s Best Eggs coupon as well as information and recipes. They also sent an individual coupon for 50¢ off any Eggland’s Best Shelled Eggs. 

Barilla Pasta

Barilla Pasta was quick with an automated response, but an actual response didn’t come until 3 weeks later! (I had honestly given up!) They indicated they would be sending coupons in the coming weeks.  

9Lives Cat Food

9Lives is happy to send you coupons monthly if you contact them. They sent a $1.50 off any one 3.15 lb. bag or larger of 9Lives dry cat food and a $1.00 off any one 9Lives wet cat food 4-pack or one wet food variety pack. 

Bolthouse Farms

Bolthouse Farms will send you coupons via their contact form. Even better, you can request them every three months. They sent me four $1 off any Bolthouse Farms product coupons. This is a relatively high-value coupon for their products. I can use it to get a bag of carrots for only 34¢! 

Alexia Foods

Alexia Foods never sent an email response, but I did receive a 75¢ off any bag of Alexia Frozen Potatoes or Onions coupon in the mail! 


Crisco encouraged me to check my local Sunday paper but did send me a complimentary coupon for a FREE Crisco item (not to exceed $7.50). I hadn’t anticipated such a high-value coupon, but it made my day! 

Del Monte

Del Monte was quick to respond telling me they would put some money-saving coupons in the mail. They sent four coupons – two $1 off any 4-pack Snack Cups coupons and two 50¢ off any Fruit Refreshers coupons. 

Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond said they don’t normally send out coupons, but agreed to a one-time exception and would be dropping them in the mail. They send three $1 off any 5-oz+ Blue Diamond Almonds coupons. 

Land O' Lakes

Land O’ Lakes responded within the hour via email telling me that they would send me coupons and even noted that I could request more in 4 to 6 months.  

Bush's Beans

Bush’s Beans never responded via email, but did drop some coupons in the mail to me! I got two 75¢ off any one can of Bush’s Baked Beans or Grillin’ Beans coupons. 

Al Fresco

Al Fresco was quick with a “yes” and sent two $1 off one package of any Al Fresco product any size, any flavor coupons. 


Michelina’s thanked me for my comments, promising to pass them on to the entire team, and told me to print coupons from their coupon page because they do NOT send out coupons. BUT, to my surprise, two weeks later, two $1 off any 2 Michelina’s Frozen Items coupons arrived in my mailbox!


Chobani was pretty exciting – they were happy to send me coupons and they sent FIVE awesome coupons at that -- two FREE any Chobani single-serve product coupons and three 50¢ off any Chobani product coupons. 

SC Johnson

SC Johnson (Glade, Scrubbing Bubbles, Ziploc, etc) responded and said they were mailing me TWO booklets of saving and encouraged me to reach out every few months to request more as they love helping consumers save on their products! I was very impressed with the response I had on this one! Both booklets were identical and contained the following coupons: 50¢ off any one OFF! product, 50¢ off any one Raid product, $1 off any one Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaning product, $1 off any one Drano product, $1 off any one Glade product, $1 off any one Pledge Product, $1 off any one Shout product, $1 off any one Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning product, $1 off any one Scrubbing Bubbles Dissolve or Windex Dissolve product, $1 off any one Windex product, $1 off any one Fantastik All-Purpose Cleaning product, $1 off any one Glade Air Freshener Spray (8.03-oz, 8.3-oz twin pack, or 7.6-oz), $1 off any one STEM Brand product, $1 off any one Ziploc Brand Bag, $1 off any one Ziploc Endurables Item, $2 off any one Kiwi Brand bag, and 50¢ off any one FamilyGuard Brand product.  


Amy’s didn’t respond to my submission, but to my surprise, a coupon booklet showed up in the mail --- $1 off any two Amy’s Burritos or Wraps, $1 off any two Amy’s Soups, Beans, or Chili, $1 off any one Amy’s Entrée, and $1.50 off any one Amy’s Full-sized Pizza. 


Buddig never responded to me, but within a couple of days, two coupons showed up in my mailbox – a FREE package of Buddig Original 2-oz (up to 99¢) coupon and a $1 off 4 packages of Buddig Original 2-oz coupon.


Ferrara (Nerds, Funables, Brach’s, Laffy Taffy, Black Forest, and more) said they don’t typically send out coupons but would be sending a one-time courtesy coupon via mail.  


Companies that Offered Printable Coupons 

I had several companies refer me to their website or free coupon apps where they had printable coupons available. It’s not the response I was hoping for, but if you have the means to print, these will be helpful to you. 

  • P&G brands like Always, Cascade, Tide, Downy, Gain, Bounce, Dawn, Cascade, Charmin and more tell you that you must sign up for P&G Everyday to get their coupons – they are printable. A few of their brands, including CoverGirl have coupons that appear in the Sunday paper still. 
  • Afrin says they don’t send out coupons, but noted they do offer free coupons on their coupon page
  • Farm Rich said they don’t send coupons by mail, but if you become a Super VIP, you’ll get $1.25 off just for signing up. 
  • Air Wick suggested signing up on their website where you’ll gain access to their coupon page
  • Benadryl pointed me to their coupon page to print free coupons whenever I wanted to save some money. 
  • Aleve told me to check their coupon page for multiple manufacturer coupons and that I should be able to access them once a month. 
  • Purina doesn’t email or snail mail coupons, but did refer me to their rebates page where they have rebates and coupons for dog food, cat food, and treats. 
  • Allegra doesn’t mail or manufacture coupons but does have a coupon page that is updated regularly. 
  • Dixie doesn’t mail out coupons, but said if you sign up for their email list, you will get some printable coupons! 
  • Angel Soft suggested signing up for their email list where you will receive printable coupons. 
  • Brawny doesn’t send out coupons but told me to subscribe to their email list where you will receive printable coupons. 
  • Tylenol encouraged me to sign up for their email list (It’s at the very bottom on the left-hand side) to receive coupons and savings. They noted a money-back guarantee they have for the kids Tylenol. They also encouraged signing up for their My Care Club Loyalty program. (This loyalty program covers lots of brands and might be worth checking out!)  
  • Alka Seltzer was a no-go on mailing out coupons, but they do have an Alka Seltzer Original coupon page AND an Alka Seltzer PLUS coupon page
  • One A Day said they have no coupons to mail out, but they did refer me to their free coupons page in order to print some. Also said they do have them in the Sunday paper regularly if I don’t have the ability to print. 
  • Advil declined to send coupons, but did suggest I check out their Offers & Coupons page for coupons! Signing up will put savings in your inbox immediately.  


Companies That Declined Free Coupons

Save yourself some time and skip these companies! Unfortunately, they were a hard no when requesting free coupons. They ALL did however encourage me to watch the Sunday Paper or to follow them on social media for potential coupons and promotions. 

So as you can see, about one-third of the companies I contacted mailed me free coupons while another third referred me to their printable coupons. The rest did at least reply, thanking me for my loyalty, but simply saying they had no savings to offer me.   

In the end, you can find some savings for your family with a little time and effort by reaching out! It’s your turn to give it a try! Good luck! 


- Melissa