Get Free Magazine Subscriptions: No Credit Card Needed

Tired of scrolling but don't want to pay the full retail price for a new magazine? Score free magazine subscriptions, no credit card or contract required. Here's how.

Waiting in the school pick-up line, hanging out on the porch as the kids play in the yard, drinking your coffee in the morning before anyone is awake – these are the moments you love to pick up a magazine and enjoy a good read!  But you don’t want to spend the money on magazines, so endless scrolling through memes and stories is how you spend that time instead. Until now! Read on to find out how to get some of your favorite magazines -- Harper's Bazaar, Better Homes & Gardens, Food Network and more – for FREE - No credit card required! If you have children, there are even ways to get free books for kids

Before I dive into all the free magazines, let’s talk about the ins and outs of it.  

You might be baffled as to why companies are willing to send you a free magazine. Well, there are a few things going on, but primarily it occurs because companies promise their advertisers that they’ll reach a certain number of people. 

Pro Tip #1: If you have a business address, use it instead of your home address! Running a business is costly enough, so letting your clients read something for FREE is a bonus! And the reading material will be current too! Nothing drives me more nuts than being in a waiting room with magazines from two years ago! 

Free is actually free. No credit card or payment information is needed. While you won’t be billed for your free subscription, they may send out renewal notices. Be careful not to confuse bills with renewals.  

Now you might be thinking, I have a subscription (paid or free) but a free offer has cropped up for it, can I still get it? Yes!  Yes, you can!  The neat thing about magazines is that subscriptions are extended. For example, if you still have 5 months on your current subscription and you see an offer for a free year of it, sign up! It’ll just take your subscription to 17 months!  

Pro Tip #2:  Sometimes you can mistakenly get multiple magazine subscriptions going. Maybe you spelled out ‘Road’ on one and used it’s abbreviation on another. If this happens, just visit the magazine’s publisher’s website and use your mailing labels to get the information needed to join them into a single subscription. In most cases, you can do that online by filling out a simple form, but if not, there are always customer service options to help. 

If you’re not sure what to do with your old magazines, consider donating them. Places like nursing homes, doctor’s offices, and even libraries will take them off your hands. You could also pass them on to a neighbor or a friend!  

Now, that we’ve covered all that – on to the FREE magazines! 

Below are the Latest Complimentary Magazines Available right now

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Companies That Offer Free Subscriptions 

Mercury Magazines 

Mercury Magazines is probably the most popular site out there! They seem to release free magazine subscriptions very regularly – I would say roughly 7 to 10 per month. They are quick and easy to request – no payment ever!  

They do require that you take a survey before signing up for a subscription, but I’m going to talk you through that! Most of their questions are occupational-related. You can be honest, make up your dream career, or in ways, opt out by answering a specific way.  If you don’t want to give that sort of info out, you can select “1-4” for “Company Size”, then “Other Industries” and “Homemaker” on the “Industry” section. For “Job Function” chose “Other Function” and “None” and then “None” for “Job Title”. That will get you past it and on to the address section!  

The other thing you will note is that they will have offers they will want you to take advantage of. Clearly, you don’t have to do any of them. If it displays as a window over the form, you can click the “X” in the upper right-hand corner. Then once you fill out the form, you might be offered more. You can skip all of these “special offers” by clicking “No Thanks” at the bottom of the page or by not checking any of them and clicking “Continue”. (It sometimes varies, but the bottom line is that you don’t have to take advantage of ANY of them.) Once you decline all of them, you'll eventually reach a confirmation page for your free subscription. 

One other quick note, there are limited quantities to these free subscriptions, so don’t get discouraged if you get a message that says “ Due to overwhelming demand, ___ Magazine is currently out of stock.” It happens. The good news is that if they’ve offered it once, they will likely offer it again. (Sometimes they return fast -- in just a few days at that!) 

Current FREE Mercury Magazine Subscriptions: 

RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel is an independently owned and published print and web motorcycle magazine that brings you the best stories, tours, reviews, and lifestyle articles. 

Elle magazine delivers full fashion coverage for stylish, sophisticated women. You’ll get the latest aspirational and accessible fashion trends so you can look like you just stepped off the runway every day. Elle shares essential tips on beauty and personal style to help you achieve flawless skin, perfectly disheveled hair, and fabulous Hollywood bodies. 

Town & Country is America’s premier lifestyle magazine that shares and shapes its reader’s discerning tastes in fashion, travel, design, beauty, health and the arts and antiques. 

Harper’s Bazaar magazine is world-renowned as the arbiter of fashion and good taste. Every issue of Harper’s Bazaar speaks to the varied interests of the discerning contemporary woman who seeks the best for her home, career, and lifestyle. 

And to give you an idea some other titles we’ve seen in the past 60 days -- Sports Illustrated, The Red Bulletin, Out, Golf, and Condé Nast Traveler. Look for those to make a return! 

I also wanted to note that if paper magazines aren’t your thing, Mercury Magazines does offer FREE digital magazine subscriptions from time to time too! These will be emailed and you can access them at your convenience. The mail carrier might be grateful for this option too!


Value Mags 

Value Mags is another popular site. Though less frequent in their offers than Mercury Mags, they still offer some must-read titles! They too require a quick and painless survey, but they will email you a confirmation email for your subscription.  They also have a dedicated section on their website where they will post the free ones! Titles they’ve most recently offered are Elle Décor, Cosmopolitan, Woman’s Day, Popular Mechanics, and Good Housekeeping! I think you’ll agree these are popular favorites and understand why they go out of stock so fast! 


RewardSurvey is another way to get free magazine subscriptions. It is free to sign up and earns you a $30 reward point right off the bat! You’ll have the opportunity to earn more reward dollars by taking surveys. The surveys are quick and easy. For example, the one I just took was about my milk-drinking habits – it asked about when I drink it, what variety I like, what I use milk for, and so on. It was about 15 questions and only took a minute or so.  

When you go to the “Reward Store” section, you can see what magazines are available. These are always changing, but here are the offers that are currently available: 

  • News China (12 issues) for $10 points 

News China is the English edition of China Newsweek. This monthly magazine covers the latest China domestic news in politics, business, society, environment, culture, sports and travels, etc. It is the first comprehensive news magazine to spotlight China's latest economic and social developments. 

  • Out Magazine (12 issues) for $10 points 

Out Magazine was founded in 1992 as America's first general-interest gay and lesbian magazine. Articles and features on current affairs, popular culture, celebrities, fitness, and financial advice. 

  • Food & Wine (12 issues) for $15 points 

Food & Wine is a cooking and food magazine that serves as an authoritative source on the modern culinary landscape, especially for those with luxurious tastes and a strong appreciation of good food and drink. 

  • Travel + Leisure (12 issues) for $15 points 

Travel + Leisure is for the dreamer, the penny-saver who will get there someday, the frequent flier who has been there already but can't wait to return, and anyone else with an insatiable desire to get where they are going without knowing the destination. Colorful photographs and powerful stories put you in the center of local culture. You'll see the world through the eyes of the people who live every day in these foreign locals. 

  • Cigar Aficionado (6 issues) for $20 points 

Cigar Aficionado magazine is a luxury lifestyle magazine with a focus on the enjoyment of fine cigars. Each bimonthly issue contains a detailed overview of the best-rated cigars. 

  • Florida Trend (12 issues) for $20 points 

Florida Trend magazine provides direct, reliable information on the issues and trends affecting Florida's business and economy. Each one-year subscription to Florida Trend magazine includes special issues like Top Rank Florida, Economic Yearbook, Top 250 Public Companies, and more. 

  • Wine Spectator (15 issues) for $20 points 

Wine Spectator takes the mystery out of wine! You can easily select and enjoy first-class wines from the world’s most prestigious regions such as Bordeaux, Tuscany, Napa, and many others. Every issue features the famous Buying Guide and only Wine Spectator includes a pocket-size shopping list that makes it easy to find the best wines in the wine shop! 

  • Whisky Advocate (4 issues) for $20 points 

Whisky Advocate magazine is America’s leading whisky publication. It’s a premier source for whisky information, education, and entertainment for whisky enthusiasts. 

And if none of those magazines are of interest to you, you could opt for a $30 Nift Gift Card for $10 points. You could also choose from a variety of audiobook downloads for various points. The options are always changing, so make sure you keep checking back! 

I also wanted to quickly note one other option they have available -- you can buy select titles for a discounted price of 99¢ or $2 + reward points. When you go that route you will need a credit card, but clearly, you don’t have to opt for those. Just save your points and use them on the ones that are FREE! Again, the selection is constantly changing, so I typically just keep watch on what’s available and use my points on the ones I can get with rewards points only. 

Free Kids Magazines 

Want to encourage the kids to do some reading? Any chance we get! Magazines are perfect for that, and with some FREE ones available for the kiddos, we’re happy to oblige! Besides, they are going to LOVE getting their own mail too! 

  • LEGO Life Magazine 
    The LEGO Life Magazine combines reading and their favorite toys as the topic!  There are comics, creations, stories and more all rolled into an issue.  If your child is between the ages of 5 and 9 you can get them a FREE subscription to LEGO Life Magazine. The magazine is delivered directly to your home five times a year. Even shipping is free! 

  • Netflix Family Magazine 
    Sign your kids up to get the Netflix Family Magazine and enjoy games, stories, & activities featuring all their favorite Netflix characters. It’s an actual, physical magazine that kids of all ages and stages can hold in their hands and enjoy. 

  • Pathway Magazine 
    If you have an older child who likes to learn and is curious about medicine and science, you’ll want to check out the National Institute of General Medical Sciences Pathway Magazine.  It’s designed for grades 6 through 12. You can even request past issues. 

  • PETA The Kids’ Guide to Helping Animals Magazine 
    The PETA The Kids’ Guide to Helping Animals magazine gives tips on everything from protecting wildlife to buying cruelty-free products to organizing animal-friendly class field trips. You’ll also get the scoop on why so many Hollywood celebs are helping animals. It also includes plenty of puzzles, quizzes, and free stickers too! 


Other Free Magazines 

They may not be mainstream titles, but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy reading them! There are a variety of specialty magazines that are available for FREE.  Browse this list to see if any of these might be of interest to you: 

  • Premier Guitar (5 issues) + Digital Access 
    Premier Guitar is the world's foremost authority on all things guitar and bass, bringing the best gear coverage to readers on ever 

  • Practical Homeschooling (1 Issue) 
    Practical Homeschooling magazine offers so many ways to make homeschooling a joy, whether you are a veteran or a newbie. Learn about the pitfalls and opportunities. What’s hot and what’s not and what trends to watch and which to ignore. 

  • Carnegie Reporter (4 issues per year) 
    Carnegie Reporter is a magazine for knowledge seekers, change makers, and action takers. Stay updated on current affairs and thought-provoking articles. Get insightful content on economics, politics, science, technology, arts, culture, and more from industry-leading experts. Expand your horizons and embrace the power of knowledge! 

  • Food Fanatics Magazine (1 Issue) 
    Food Fanatics Magazine is your source for restaurant industry trends, food innovation, and the latest business tips designed to improve your bottom line. 

  • No Nonsense Magazine (4 issues per year) 
    The No Nonsense Magazine is a publication filled with real-world information and articles on nutrition, training, contest preparation, health and more. It is for any person with a sincere desire to improve their fitness, form and physical health. 

  • Brain & Life Magazine (6 times per year) 
    Brain & Life is the most trusted source for news, tips, and information on specific neurologic disorders and brain health. Powered by the American Academy of Neurology and more than 38,000 neurologists, it will keep you and your family better informed about disorders and how to keep your brain healthy. 

  • Professional Pilot Magazine  
    Professional Pilot is an engaging, informative, and relevant publication for pilots of all levels and a variety of different crafts. 

  • Truck & Off-Highway Engineering Magazine 
    Truck & Off-Highway Engineering Magazine is packed with the latest advances in truck and off-highway technologies relevant to vehicle systems in Heavy Trucks & Buses, Industrial/Construction Equipment, ADAS/Autonomous Vehicles, Defense, Specialty Vehicles, and others. 

  • Hearing Health Magazine (Quarterly) 
    Hearing Health Foundation is dedicated to preventing and curing hearing loss, partnering with and funding innovative scientists who have the same goal. You can sign up for their free print quarterly magazine for more support and resources! 

  • PawPrint Magazine 
    Do you have a special pet in your life that you love more like a family member? Then you'll love all the fun ideas and bonding tips in our PawPrint magazine! 

Free magazine subscriptions come and go fast. When you see one crop up, you’ll want to act quickly to claim yours! MySavings is your source for finding these FREE magazine subscriptions!  Sign up for the daily newsletter as well as follow on Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, and Twitter so that you’ll be the first to know when they are available! You can also join our exclusive Facebook group for even more fun with like-minded freebie friends! 

Happy FREE Reading! 


- Melissa