49 Companies That Send Free Products to Review – 2023 

“Free” is a word everyone loves. Get more of it in your life with this list of 49 companies that send free products for review. 

free products to review


Love trying new things? Appreciate having a say in the latest and great products? Wondering how to get free products to review?  Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s your list of the top companies that will send you free products to review. 

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1. Amazon Vine 

Amazon is known and trusted by millions of users worldwide – but did you know you can review products for them?   They have the Amazon Vine program where you can receive free products in return for a review that reflects their honest and unbiased opinions - positive, neutral, or negative. It is an invitation-only program and customers who consistently write insightful reviews are most likely to be invited.  

2. PinchMe  

Fill out your profile and log in on Tuesdays at Noon EST to request new samples…they have some of the newest, just-released products for you to try. Reviewing the samples that you receive will keep you in the running for more! Types of products you can expect include personal care, pet care, food, and family-friendly.


3. Social Nature   

Social Nature is known for its better-for-you products (think organic, plant-based, vegan, etc.) that you can sign up for. If you’re looking for unique products, this is the place! You’ll apply and if you’re a fit, you’ll be trying something new before you know it! They’ll send you the product or a coupon for the item and then you’ll write a review based on your experience with it! 

4. Daily Goodie Box  

Daily Goodie Box will send you a box of free goodies and all you have to do is let them know what you think about the products you receive!  Shipping is Free. No credit card is required EVER.  They are currently partnered up with over 300 brands! The quality of your reviews increases your chances of receiving more!  

5. Home Tester Club 

The Home Tester Club is always looking for people to test free products!  They offer opportunities to test foods, skin care, tech, toys, and personal products! These free products are mailed to your home in exchange for an honest review and a survey response. Make sure you add photos too! Your shared insights can help improve shoppers’ buying experiences and assist brands with product development. The reviews help fellow shoppers buy better – and the reviews aren’t filtered – good or bad, it’s all shared with your peers!  


6. BzzAgent 

BzzAgent is similar to the Home Tester Club.  They too often offer many household and personal products in exchange for your thoughts. Sign up and fill out your profile.  When they think they have one that seems to be a fit with your profile, they’ll send you a survey to take.  Fill it out and wait to see if you’ve been accepted.  They too will send the products straight to your door in exchange for your review! 


7. L’Oreal USA  

L’Oreal USA is regularly looking for people to join their testing panel and try out free fragrance samples and beauty products. L’Oreal is the parent company for Garnier, Lancome, Redken, and many more! If selected, the item will be sent to your home and you’ll be asked to review it. The types of products you’ll be asked to try could be hair care products, cosmetics, skincare, or suncare items. 

8. The Pink Panel 

The Pink Panel is another great option to sign up for!  In addition to trying out beauty products and fragrances, they also tend to offer rewards such as gift cards as a thank you for your efforts when you do participate! Simply fill out a short questionnaire to join The Pink Panel and if you are chosen, you’ll start to receive emails with testing opportunities that let you try out free products for reviews. 

9. Allure Beauty Enthusiasts 

Join the Allure Beauty Enthusiasts Panel for your chance to try free beauty products as well as be the first to experience just released items.  

10. SheSpeaks  

SheSpeaks targets women influencers to receive complimentary products in exchange for giving reviews. Simply create a profile on their website and you will qualify to receive products to review based on your profile and demographics. Products you might receive include beauty and skincare, food and beverages, household products, and technology items. Share your experiences on your social media as well as leave a review on the SheSpeaks website.

11. Mattel Imagination Center  

The Mattel Imagination Center is a place where children, toy designers, and researchers connect to produce innovative and imaginative toys and experiences for children. Their motto is “Together, we play, we discover, and we imagine what the future of play will be.” By partnering with children and their families, they can make products that teach, captivate, encourage, and delight. Mattel welcomes children and adults ages 3 to 13 as toy testers and focus group participants to help them develop and refine toy offerings.  

12. Influenster  

Influenster is a very popular product review site that offers members free products for honest reviews. Create a profile and connect your social media accounts – this is how they will determine which products are best suited for you. When they choose you to receive a product, Influenster will ship it to you free of charge. You’ll then have a set time to test the product and provide an honest review of your experience. Influenster also has campaigns that are larger, more structured product review opportunities – they require specific tasks, such as creating a social media post or submitting a video review. Campaigns provide more rewards and access to higher-value products than standard product reviews. 

13. MomSelect 

Calling all mommas! Sign up for MomSelect (opt for “Mom” or “Mom Blogger”) and you’ll get to participate by answering questions, taking surveys, sharing samples, and posting on social media! These are mom and kid-focused products from brands like LeapFrog, Shopkins, and more! Your little ones will enjoy this one! 

14. Brooks Product Testing  

Are you into fitness?  You’ll want to consider this one!  Brooks Product Testing is a program that provides free products for testing and review, specifically focused on running shoes and other fitness apparel (like shirts, shorts, and jackets). Use them and report back on your experiences. Your feedback helps to improve their products and how to better suit customers’ needs. 

15. CrowdTap  

CrowdTap works two ways – the best of both worlds!  Click on “Samples” to see what is available for you to review and start earning! You can also earn points by completing polls and questionnaires on the platform, uploading photos, leaving comments, and more. You can then redeem your points for gift cards from retailers like Amazon, Starbucks, and Sephora. 

16. InStyle Trendsetters  

InStyle Trendsetters allows you to test the latest trending beauty items before they are released to the public. The cool part is that you’ll also be contributing to InStyle magazine with your feedback and might be featured. 

17. Hasbro’s FunLab  

Hasbro’s FunLab invites both children and adults to test their toys and games. They want consumers of ALL AGES - including fans, board gamers, and play enthusiasts - to come together to synergize ideas and evaluate products, helping Hasbro make exceptional play and entertainment experiences for consumers around the world!  Hasbro’s FunLab offers opportunities for fun both on-site and at-home via virtual video chats or play sessions. Research sessions are virtual video chats or at-home play sessions.   

18. VocalPoint 

Sign up for VocalPoint and create your profile. You’ll be notified when products are available that fit your interests. In the past, products range from hair appliances to food. Simply review what you get after you have tried it. 

19. McCormick Consumer Testing  

Want to put your taste buds to the test?  Sign up for McCormick Consumer Testing!  Members get to try out their spices and seasonings in exchange for opinions via follow-up surveys. These consumer testing kits are sent directly to your home. In some cases, you’ll receive gift cards for your participation as well.  

20. J&J Friends & Neighbors  

Sign up for J&J Friends & Neighbors for your chance to participate in product tests, focus groups, discussion forums, and online surveys. The J&J stands for Johnson & Johnson, so if you have little ones, you’ll want to consider this one!  Their goal is to gather opinions that will help them to create consumer products that make life better! 

21. The Fisher-Price Cast & Play Crew   

The Fisher-Price Cast & Play Crew is a community of parents with children ages 5 and younger who test toys and offer feedback to improve the toys before they are released to the public. By joining this community, you agree to help Fisher Price see what’s working. This membership also gives Fisher Price the chance (with your permission) to capture videos and pictures of your little one enjoying the toy for product development and promotion later. As a way of saying ‘thanks,’ Fisher Price awards an Amazon or Target gift card every time you participate---a win-win for both parents and kids! 


22. Homeschool  

Do you homeschool your kids? This is one you’ll want to take note of! Homeschool is a website that provides homeschooling families with free products in exchange for reviews. Products include educational materials, books, toys, games, and electronics. There are a limited number of products available for review at any given time, so checking the website regularly for new opportunities is recommended. You can keep the product you received for free in exchange for their honest feedback. 

23. Smiley360 

Sign up with Smiley360 and qualify for missions!  Missions are where you are matched with products that will be sent to your home for you to use and review! Simply complete the review on their platform and then share it on your social media platforms as well! They reward good sharers with more missions and free products! 

24. Vogue Insiders 

Vogue Insiders is a program offered by Vogue magazine that offers free beauty and fashion products in exchange for reviews and feedback. They are known for letting members try skincare, makeup, haircare, scent items, apparel, accessories, and jewelry as they are partners with brands such as Estée Lauder, Chanel, La Mer, Dior, and more! 

25. MESH01 Product Testing Platform 

Register with the MESH01 Product Testing Platform for the chance to receive footwear, apparel, equipment, and other products for free in exchange for your honest feedback. In most cases, you’ll even get to keep the products once you’re done! 

26. Tryable 

Tryable is touted as the largest free product testing community in the world. It's completely free, easy to join, and you always get to keep the products you try. Sign up for an account and then apply to try the products that are of interest to you.  If you’re selected, try them and then write a review!  It’s yours to continue to enjoy!  

27. PetSafe Testing Panel 

This is the one for pet lovers! PetSafe is looking for dog and cat owners to share their thoughts and opinions about pet products. Your opinion will help them better serve pet families simply by providing feedback through surveys and in-home product tests. You’ll get to keep the products you test! 

28. Far Out Toys’ Fun Lab  

The Far Out Toys Fun Lab is a community of parents and kids who enjoy playing with toys. By signing up, you become part of the Far Out Fun Lab community, where you’ll get invitations to review free toys based on your child’s interests. Periodically, members are asked for feedback on toys and have a chance to participate in compensated online focus groups. You’ll recognize most of their brands too: Nascar Racing toys, Glo-Up Girls dolls, Adventure Force, Love, Diana Princess play, Ryan’s World, and more! They even had a Toy of the Year finalist for 2022! 


29. Pinecone Research

While Pinecone is considered a survey site, the majority of its surveys lead to product tests! So if you enjoy trying new things and appreciate having a say in soon-to-be-released products, this one will be worth your while. If you qualify for a product test, it’s shipped directly to your home and then you will receive a follow-up survey after you’ve had a chance to try it.  Not everyone who signs up will get to become a member. 

30. Nike Product Tester 

Here’s one athletes will appreciate!  Sign up to become a Nike Product Tester.  It’s open to adults and kids ages 12 and under. Make sure you know what your sizes are when applying.  If selected, you’ll get to try out some of the latest apparel and shoes!   

31. Fur Buddies Community 

The Fur Buddies Community is almost identical to Smiley360 in that you qualify for missions – these are just focused on your pets!  Missions are where you are matched with products that will be sent to your home for you to use and review! Simply complete the review on their platform and then share it on your social media platforms as well! They reward good sharers with more missions and free products! 

32. TellWut 

With TellWutyou earn points that can be redeemed for cash towards free products whenever you share your opinion about certain products and services. This site even allows you to cash out your points for free Walmart, Amazon, or PayPal gift cards.

33. Toluna Influencers 

Toluna Influencers is a platform for product testing that offers users a wide range of products to try and provide feedback on. Once you sign up, you’ll receive invitations from brands to test their products, and if you accept, they will send you the product to try and ask for feedback through surveys and reviews. 

34. Aveda Product Testing Program 

Here’s one your hair might appreciate!  The Aveda Product Testing Program will get your feedback on their line of products which includes shampoos, conditioners, leave-in treatments, and styling products. These are mailed directly to your home for you to test on your own. You will provide feedback on the products and your usage experience via online surveys. 

35. Adidas Product Tester 

You can sign up to be an Adidas Product Tester to give their products a try.  They will mail them straight to your home and have you try them for some time while collecting your thoughts through logs and questionnaires. When the project is done, you will need to send the item back as they want to see how well the item has held up to use. 

36. Storypod Product Tester 

Here’s a program for your kids!  If you become a Storypod Product Tester, you’ll get a Storypod Starter Bundle packed with brain-building, age-appropriate content to engage your kids screen-free in exchange for your honest feedback! 

37. Your Favorite Samples 

The Your Favorite Samples program (formerly called the Perrigo Store Brand Samples program) enables customers to try products in exchange for honest reviews. Reviews help other customers make educated purchase decisions when shopping online. Perrigo is the sponsoring company of this panel, so you can expect to be testing self-care products and over-the-counter health and wellness solutions. (I believe this is the signup page, however, their FAQs say you can have a current member use the contact section to invite you.)  

38. Philips Product Tester 

Become a Philips Product Tester and tell them what you think about their products. Your feedback as a product tester will provide them with valuable insights to improve and innovate the Philips product range. Kitchen and self-care products are some of the items that you might get to try! 


39. Betabound 

Betabound is a community that you can join to be the first to try your hand at products that have yet to hit the market. Your opinions and reviews of these products will help ensure these products are at their best before they are released. Members are offered beta testing opportunities from incredible companies like Logitech, HP, T-Mobile, and hundreds more! (Just a note – they often alert you to other partner panels doing beta testing, so this one could lead to many!) 

40. Roku Testing Portal 

When you sign up for the Roku Testing Portal, you’ll get to see products in the early stages of development and your feedback will influence the course of future products. 

41. The Upside 

Like Smiley360 and The Fur Buddies Community, this is a mission-based program focused on health, wellness, and self-care. (Some of their products that you may recognize include Udderly Smooth, Charcocaps, Acnomel Everyday Facial Cleansing Bar, UrinoZinc, and Vanquish Headache Relief.) Missions are where you are matched with products that will be sent to your home for you to use and review! Simply complete the review on their platform and then share it on your social media platforms as well! They reward good sharers with more missions and free products! 

42. New Balance Product Testing 

Your input can have a major effect on future New Balance products when you sign up to become a New Balance Product Tester. If you choose to take part, New Balance prototypes will be sent right to your doorstep. With your help, they will continue to evolve and enhance the quality, performance, and fit of every one of their products. 

43. Product Report Card

With Product Report Card, you get an opportunity to earn cash by influencing product and service decisions with your reviews. You can even turn your earned cash into Amazon gift codes or free products for each online survey you complete.

44. Skeepers

Formerly known as Octoly, Skeepers is another site that gains you exclusive access to try free products in exchange for your honest opinion about them. With Skeepers, you can even choose which products you want to try. 

45. Conde Nast

Score free beauty products with Conde Nast Try It Sampling Program! Complete the survey for the chance to receive free products based on quantities available and your preferences. You'll have the opportunity to share feedback and receive special offers on the products you try. Spots are limited. Hurry & sign up before the registration link is closed! 

46. Office Depot Brand Ambassador

If your social media profile has at least 1,000 followers, you can apply to become a #DiscoverDepot Ambassador. In exchange for promoting Office Depot, they'll send you seasonal products and services to review and share information about. And the best part? You can keep whatever products they send. 

47. No7 Beauty Panel

If you love skincare products, then the No7 Beauty Panel may be the one for you. When you join, you get to receive new, free skincare products to try that not only help No7 make product developments but also make sure they're providing the best possible experience for customers. 

48. Hartz Pet Partners

As a Hartz Pet Insider, you'll receive advanced access to product discounts and promotions. You'll also be able to test new products, from pet treats and toys to flea and tick products, and provide valuable feedback. 

49. Topbox Circle

With TopBox Circle, you get personalized beauty and skincare samples, both in full-size and mini packaging, from major skincare brands. If you want to expand your skincare collection without spending a ton of money, joining the TopBox Circle Product Testing group is the way to go. 


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