The Top 20 Fast Food Deals: Updated 2024

Save big at the drive-through with our guide to the best fast food deals and promotions from top chains. From full meals to light snacks, here's how you can satisfy cravings without busting your budget.

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With life constantly on the go, grabbing a quick meal from one of the cheapest fast food restaurants is a daily reality for many. However, it's important to be mindful of the costs. To indulge without breaking the bank, keep an eye out for the latest fast-food deals and promotions that can make your fast-food experience both delicious and wallet-friendly.

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20 of the Cheapest Fast-Food Deals Right Now


1. Popeyes: $12 Meal for Two

Popeyes offers a $12 meal for two, including chicken or tenders with sides and biscuits. Don't miss the $7 tenders combo deal until Feb. 11—details on the Offers section.

2. Wendy: Free Dave's Single Burger

Wendy's is offering various freebies and coupons this month through its mobile app, including a complimentary Dave's Single burger with any purchase. Explore other promotions like BOGO-free chicken sandwiches, 10-piece nuggets, $1 off any size soft drink, and $2 off any premium combo meal. For breakfast, there's a $3 Breakfast Biggie Bundle deal.

3. Taco Bell: $6 Build-Your-Own-Cravings-Box

While Taco Bell's $5 Cravings Box is no longer available, you can still opt for the $6 Build Your Own Cravings Box. Customize your box with options like a Crunchwrap, taco, Beefy 5-Layer Burrito, a side, and a drink. Also, check out the new Taco Bell Cravings Value Menu for under-$3 options.

4. McDonald's: Free Medium Fries on Friday

McDonald's brings back its popular deal for 2024 – Free Fries Friday. Get a free medium fries every Friday with a minimum $1 purchase through the app. Explore additional offers in the Deals section, including a $1 6-piece McNuggets and $1.29 any size fries.

5. Burger King: Free Fries

Burger King continues its 2024 promotion, offering one free any-size fry each week with purchase through the mobile app. Visit the offers page on the website for rotating deals like a $4 breakfast biscuit and hash browns meal, $9 double Whopper and small fries meal, and a $5 double cheeseburger and small fries meal.

6. KFC: $10 8-Piece Bucket

Enjoy a convenient meal with KFC's $10 8-Piece Bucket. Alternatively, the $20 Fill-Up Box includes four pieces of fried chicken, 12 chicken nuggets, four dipping sauces, french fries, and four biscuits. For an individual meal, mix and match two KFC Wraps for $5.

7. Little Caesars: $7 Extra Most Bestest Pepperoni Pizza

Little Caesars offers affordable pizza with the Extra Most Bestest Pepperoni deal for $7, providing more cheese and pepperoni than the standard $6 option. While prices have increased, the extra dollar is worth the upgrade.

8. Panda Express: $35 Family Meal

Treat your family to Panda Express's $35 Family Meal, including three large entrees and two large sides. Indulge in favorites like orange chicken and fried rice.

9. Subway: BOGO 50% Off Footlong Subs

Subway's BOGO 50% Off Footlong Subs deal is available through the app or website. Use the coupon code BOGO50 for buy-one-get-one-50%-off or try FLBOGO for buy-one-get-one-free-footlongs.

10. Arby's: 2 for $6 Mix 'n Match

Arby's current deal, the 2 for $6 Mix 'n Match, features options like Classic Roast Beef, Crispy Fish, and Fish 'n Cheddar sandwiches.

11. Papa John's: $7 Papa Pairings

Papa John's offers a buy-two-or-more deal with items priced at $7 each, including a medium one-topping pizza, Papadias, 10-piece Chicken Poppers, cheese sticks, garlic knots, and three desserts.

12. Sonic: Half-Price Cheeseburgers and Drinks

Sonic's happy hour deals are available anytime when you order online or through the app. Additionally, enjoy half-price cheeseburgers every Tuesday after 5 p.m. and grab a quarter-pound double cheeseburger for $2 for a limited time.

13. Del Taco: Cheap Taco Nights

Del Taco's Taco Nights promotion offers three snack tacos for $1.99 on Tuesdays and three grilled chicken tacos for $3.19 on Thursdays. Rewards members can also get 60-cent snack tacos through March 6th when ordering through the app.

14. Dairy Queen: $7 Cheeseburger Meal Deal

Indulge in a classic cheeseburger combo at Dairy Queen for $7, including a cheeseburger, regular-size fries, a 21-ounce drink, and a small sundae. Alternatively, try the three-piece chicken strip meal deal for $7 or the mix-and-match two for $5 deal with options like a small sundae or chili dog.

15. Church's Chicken: $3.48 Texas Two-Piece Feast

Church's Chicken offers a $3.49 Texas Two-Piece Feast, including a fried leg and thigh, honey butter biscuit, and jalapeno. Explore additional deals in the Coupons section, such as a $10 meal for two or a $23 10-piece family meal.

16. Bojangles: Two for $4 Sausage Biscuits

Bojangles offers an affordable breakfast or any-time meal with two sausage biscuits for $4.

17. Hardee's: $6 Star Deals

Hardee's introduces three new combo meal deals for $6 each, including small fries, a small drink, and options like a double cheeseburger, original hot ham and cheese sandwich, or three-piece hand-breaded chicken tenders.

18. Jack in the Box: 2 for $5 Biscuit Sandwiches

Jack in the Box presents a great deal on breakfast with two breakfast biscuits (egg, cheese, and sausage or bacon) for $5. Alternatively, get two Breakfast Jacks for $3, or two Jumbo Jack burgers for $5.

19. Taco John's: BOGO for $1

Taco John's offers a fantastic deal on burritos and tacos – buy one Super Burrito, Meat and Potato Burrito, or Taco Bravo and get the second one for just $1. Additionally, enjoy two flounder fish tacos for $7.

20. Dunkin': $2 Medium Coffee

Although Free Donut Wednesdays may be over, Dunkin' provides a good deal on coffee. With the app, get a medium hot or iced coffee every day for $2.

Top 5 Best Ways to Save Money with Fast Food Deals

Saving money on fast food is not only about finding the best deals but also about smart strategies to maximize your savings. Here are the top five ways to ensure your fast food experience is both satisfying and budget-friendly:

  1. Leverage Mobile Apps and Rewards Programs: Almost every major fast food chain has a mobile app offering exclusive deals, loyalty rewards, and sometimes even a free item just for signing up. Track your rewards and take advantage of app-only offers to get the most bang for your buck.

  2. Subscribe to Email Newsletters: By subscribing to email updates from your favorite fast food restaurants, you'll be among the first to know about new promotions, limited-time offers, and unique coupons that can lead to significant savings.

  3. Take Advantage of 'Happy Hour' and Daily Specials: Many chains have specific times of day when certain items are discounted, such as Taco Tuesday deals or half-price appetizers during happy hour. These specials can offer substantial discounts on your favorite items.

  4. Use Coupon Sites and Apps: Websites and coupon apps dedicated to collecting and sharing food deals can be gold mines for savings. Apps like Ibotta and Fetch Rewards are great apps for scoring deals and saving money.

  5. Order Combo Meals or Share Larger Portions: Opting for a combo meal can often be cheaper than purchasing items separately. Alternatively, fast food portions can be quite large, so consider sharing a meal with a friend to cut down on costs and avoid food waste.

Other Restaurant Deals You Don't Want to Miss

These fast food coupons and deals aren't the only ways to enjoy meals for lower prices or even score free food. From popular restaurant chains like Applebee's serving up happy hour deals to cashing in on daily seafood specials at Red Lobster, you can find deals on food almost anywhere --- you just have to know where to look!

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