11 Retailers Offering Free Grocery Pick-Up Services

Discover the convenience of free grocery pickup services from top retailers like Walmart, Target, Aldi, and more. Save time and money with our guide to hassle-free shopping and curbside collection.

free grocery pick up

Are you looking for retailers that offer free grocery pickup? Services like Shipt and Instacart, and meal kit delivery services deliver groceries right to your doorstep, but usually for a fee.

However, you can get free curbside grocery pickup at select grocery locations. With pickup orders, you can get the same prices online as in-store, and there are no concerns about shipping or delivery fees or tips. Plus, you can still use coupons and deals from free coupon apps at checkout, both in-store or online. Now that's a great way to save money on groceries!

All you need to do is place your order on the grocery store's website or through the app, and then visit the store to collect your order. Many stores offer curbside pickup, eliminating the need for you to even exit your vehicle. Just look for the sign in the parking lot!

Here are all the major stores that offer free grocery pick-up at no extra charge.


1. Walmart

Walmart Grocery offers a seamless and hassle-free experience, allowing you to order your groceries online from the comfort of your home. Once you've completed your shopping, simply select a convenient pickup date and time. When your order is ready, you'll receive a notification prompting you to head to the store.

When you arrive, look for the designated pickup spots, where a Walmart employee will load your items directly into your car. And the best part? This service is entirely free of charge, saving you both time and money.

2. Sam’s Club

Whether you're stocking up on household essentials or shopping for bulk items, your Sam's Club membership makes grocery shopping effortless. Simply place your order online through the Sam's Club website or app, and indicate your preferred curbside pickup location. Upon arrival at the store, you can choose to collect your items from the designated Drive-Thru area or opt for pickup inside the store itself.

3. Target

Target's Drive Up service is designed to cater to the modern shopper's busy lifestyle. Whether you're on the go or simply prefer the convenience of curbside pickup, Target has you covered. Shopping is made easy online with Target grocery pickup, where you can browse a wide selection of products and add them to your cart with just a few taps. Once your order is prepared, you'll receive notifications alerting you that it's ready for pickup.

Once you get to the store, park in one of the designated Drive Up spots, and a Target team member will swiftly bring your order to your vehicle and load it for you. If Drive Up isn't available at your location, you can still opt for traditional in-store pickup during checkout.

4. Aldi

Teaming up with Instacart, Aldi has expanded its offerings to include a convenient curbside pickup service at select locations. This partnership brings the quality and affordability of Aldi's products directly to your fingertips. To take advantage of this service, visit Aldi's user-friendly website and navigate to the pickup section. From there, you can easily select your desired pickup location and timeframe. Once your order is placed, you'll receive notifications to keep you informed every step of the way.

Once you get to Aldi, head to the designated "Curbside pickup" spots. An Aldi employee will then be on hand to assist you, loading your groceries directly into your vehicle.

5. Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle's Free Grocery Pickup service offers the ultimate in convenience and flexibility. To get started, visit the designated webpage and select your preferred store location to shop for groceries. From there, you can browse through a wide array of products and online prices, adding them to your online cart with ease. Once your order is complete, schedule a pickup time that works for you and proceed to checkout.

When you arrive at Giant Eagle at your scheduled pickup time, park in the designated pickup area, and a friendly Giant Eagle team member will load your food directly into your vehicle.

6. H-E-B Grocers

For those fortunate enough to live near an H-E-B store, the curbside grocery service offers a convenient and efficient way to shop for groceries. To take advantage of this service, simply visit H-E-B's website and select the desired curbside pickup time for your groceries. As you shop the selection of products online, you'll have the option to customize your order with specific comments or preferences.

H-E-B also offers a 4-hour turnaround time on curbside orders. With a maximum order limit of $600, there's plenty of flexibility to accommodate your grocery needs. Plus, H-E-B encourages customers to forgo tipping, allowing you to save those extra dollars for your next curbside order.

7. Kroger

When you shop the Kroger website or app, grocery pickup is a breeze. Simply visit the Kroger website and fill your virtual cart with all your essential items. During checkout, select your preferred store location and pickup time to schedule your order.

Whether you're stocking up for the week or grabbing last-minute food essentials, Kroger's pickup service offers flexibility and convenience to fit your busy schedule. Plus, with the ability to schedule pickups up to three days in advance, you can plan ahead with ease. While the first three orders are free, subsequent orders may have small fees, so be sure to take advantage of this convenient service.

8. Meijer

Despite a nominal $4.95 curbside fee, Meijer's pickup service offers unparalleled convenience and customization. As you shop on their website, take advantage of the comments section during checkout to specify any preferences or special requests for your order.

Once your order is placed, similar to the other locations, select your pickup time and head to the store. Park in the designated area with the "Curbside Lane" sign and a friendly Meijer team member will load your groceries directly into your vehicle.

9. Publix

Publix's introduction of a curbside delivery service has revolutionized the grocery shopping experience. With the convenience of online shopping, you can browse Publix's extensive selection of products and choose the items that best suit your needs. If your birthday is coming up, don't forget to claim your Publix birthday freebie! Once your order is placed, select a pickup time that works for you, and Publix will take care of the rest.

Upon arrival, simply pull up to the designated pickup area, where a Publix team member will load your groceries directly into your car. It's as easy as that!

10. Safeway

Safeway offers a modern solution to grocery shopping that caters to busy lifestyles. With their Driveup & Go program, you can browse Safeway's wide selection of products and easily add them to your cart. Once you've completed your order, simply pay and schedule a pickup time.

When you arrive at the designated pickup location, a dedicated Safeway employee will be ready to assist you. They will carefully select your items and load them into your trunk, ensuring a smooth and efficient pickup experience---for completely free.

11. Whole Foods

While not available at every location, Whole Foods' free curbside pickup service offers a convenient way to shop for groceries. With a commitment to quality and sustainability, Whole Foods provides a curated selection of organic and locally sourced products. To take advantage, just visit Amazon Prime either online or in the app and select "Pickup" as your preferred delivery option. Fill your cart with all your favorite items, choose a pickup time that works for you, and complete your order.

When you park in the designated pickup area, a Whole Foods team member will load your food into your car for you. Easy as that!


Tips for Getting the Most From Pickup Orders

While using a grocery pickup service is relatively easy, there are a few tips that can help ensure it's as seamless as possible.

  • Plan Ahead: Take some time to create a shopping list before placing your order. This will help you stay organized and ensure you don't forget any essential items.
  • Check Availability: Before placing your order, make sure to check the availability of the items you need. The availability of some products can vary, especially during peak times.
  • Choose a Convenient Pickup Time: Select a pickup time that works with your schedule. Consider factors such as traffic patterns, weather conditions, and other commitments to avoid any delays.
  • Double-Check Your Order: Before completing your purchase, review your order carefully to ensure that all the items you need are included and any special instructions or preferences are noted.
  • Arrive on Time: Be punctual when arriving for your pickup appointment. This helps maintain the efficiency of the pickup process and ensures that your groceries are ready when you arrive.
  • Follow Instructions: Pay attention to any specific instructions provided by the retailer regarding the pickup process. This may include designated pickup locations, contactless procedures, or other safety protocols.
  • Inspect Your Items: Before leaving the pickup location, take a moment to inspect your groceries and ensure that everything is as expected. If you notice any discrepancies or concerns, inform the staff immediately.

Free Grocery Pickup: FAQs

How far in advance do I need to place my order?
It's recommended to place your order for curbside pickup at least a few hours in advance, although some retailers may allow you to schedule pickups for the same day.

Can I modify or cancel my order after it's been placed?
Depending on the retailer's policies, you may be able to modify or cancel your order before the scheduled pickup time. Check with the store for specific instructions on making changes to your order.

What safety measures are in place for curbside pickup?
Many retailers have implemented safety protocols to protect both customers and staff during curbside pickups, such as contactless delivery, sanitization procedures, and social distancing guidelines.

What do I need to bring for curbside pickup?
When picking up your order, be sure to bring a form of identification and any confirmation emails or order numbers you received. Some retailers may also require you to show your order confirmation through their mobile app.


- Vanessa