How to Score a HUGE 10-Pound Sonic Bag of Ice for Just $2.99!

Looking to grab a Sonic bag of ice? Find out which Sonic locations carry it, the price you’ll pay, and understand Sonic ice’s chewable appeal.

sonic bag of ice

Whether you're hosting an outdoor birthday bash, firing up the grill for a cookout, or planning a festive holiday gathering, a 10-pound Sonic bag of ice is your go-to for keeping drinks irresistibly cold. This mountain of chewable, flavor-enhancing nugget ice is perfect for filling coolers, icing down a bounty of beverages, or even creating a makeshift ice bath to chill wine and sodas. It's the unsung hero of every social event, ensuring that your guests' refreshments stay chilled to the last drop.

What Is Sonic Ice?

Sonic ice, also known as nugget ice, differs significantly from other ice, such as standard cube or crushed ice. Created through a unique process involving flaked ice compacted into slender cylinders and broken down into small, chewable nuggets, it stands out for its softness. These ice nuggets, with small air pockets, enhance beverage flavors by trapping them and quickly cooling drinks due to a greater surface area. The result is a refreshing experience without diluting the drink's integrity.

Where Can You Buy a Big Bag of Sonic Ice?

If you're looking to score a big bag of that coveted Sonic ice, your best bet is to head to your nearest Sonic Drive-In location. Many Sonic restaurants offer their famous nugget ice in large, 10-pound bags for purchase. It's a convenient way to get your hands on a generous amount of that soft, chewable ice that has become a fan favorite for its ability to enhance the flavor of beverages without watering them down.

To find a Sonic near you, enter your zip code on the Sonic locations page.

How to Buy Bags of Sonic Ice

You can purchase a 10-lb. bag of packaged ice from the drive-thru for around $3.00. Prices and availability are dependent on the location.

However, it’s a good idea to contact your local Sonic in advance before embarking on your journey to buy a bag of their coveted Sonic ice. Given its popularity, you’d want to avoid the inconvenience of arriving only to discover they’ve run out for the day.

PRO TIP: This ice is best consumed day-of as the texture will change the longer it sits in your freezer.

How to Recreate Sonic Ice at Home

For those without a nearby Sonic or who desire constant access to that delightful nugget ice, there are practical DIY alternatives. Instead of investing in an expensive commercial-grade nugget ice machine, you might opt for a more budget-friendly approach with a Pebble Ice Tray or one of these table-top ice makers on Amazon, starting at just $80. This alternative may not replicate the exact fluffy texture, but the diminutive size of the ice makes it more malleable and able to cool your beverages similarly. 

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