Ultimate Free Pup Cup Guide: Where to Snag the Sweetest Dog-Friendly Treats

Give your dog the joy of a pup cup with our Ultimate Free Pup Cup Guide. We reveal where to find dog-friendly treats like Puppuccinos and canine confections at popular eateries, ensuring your furry friend never misses out on the fun.

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What's a Pup Cup?

Pup cups are delightful little servings of dog-friendly treats, typically consisting of a small portion of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream, designed to give your four-legged friend a special treat while they're out and about. These treats are often offered by various cafes and eateries as part of their secret (or not-so-secret) pet menu.

Originating from pet owners' desire to share the joy of a café visit with their canine companions, pup cups have become a symbol of the special bond between dogs and their humans. They're a way to treat your pet to a little bit of the same pleasure you get from your favorite coffee shop confection. To make the most of your trip, just be sure to check with the individual restaurant as offerings can vary by location!

Restaurants That Give Out Free Pup Cups or Free Treats


The Starbucks Pup Cup Puppuccino

Now, if coffee runs are more your style, Starbucks has got your pup covered with their legendary Puppuccino—a small cup of whipped cream that’s a caffeine-free establishment’s nod to our caffeine-free companions. Crafted with vanilla syrup and heavy whipping cream, this whipped wonder is served in an espresso cup, perfect for a quick doggy indulgence.

Although not listed on the menu, all Starbucks locations offer this heavenly treat free of charge; simply tell the barista you'd like the Starbucks pup cup or Starbucks Puppuccino to the barista, and get ready to receive the best dog treat.

Chick-fil-A's Milk-Bones

Most locations have a stash of Milk-Bone dog treats ready at the window. Just give the word, and they'll hand over a treat to make your pup's tail wag. 

McDonald’s Free Ice Cream for Dogs

On your next visit to grab McDonald’s most beloved menu offering, why not share the joy with your furry friend? Chances are, they’ll serve up a little treat on the house.

Soft-Serve Vanilla Ice Cream from Dairy Queen

Most Dairy Queen locations offer a small serving of vanilla soft-serve ice cream for dogs, known as the Dairy Queen pup cup. It's a sweet way to include your pet in the ice cream experience.

Shake Shack: Pooch-ini and Bag O' Bones

Shake Shack caters to dogs with their special menu items, including the Pooch-ini, a dog-friendly dessert of custard with dog biscuits, and the Bag O' Bones, a bag of biscuits made for dogs.

Caribou Coffee's Canine Cream Cups

Whisk your pooch away to your nearest Caribou Coffee and watch as they lap up their very own complimentary whipped cream treat. At Caribou Coffee, they're serving up smiles with a side of whipped cream pup cups for your tail-wagging companions.

Tim Horton's Tail-Waggin' Timbits

Tim Horton's not only caters to human taste buds but also offers a dog-friendly version of their iconic Timbits. These bite-sized delights are sugar-free and available at select drive-thru locations, ensuring your pooch doesn't miss out on the fun (one per four-legged customer, please!).

Sonic Drive-In: Doggy Delights

At Sonic Drive-In, you can ask for a dog-friendly treat, and they'll often provide a small cup of vanilla ice cream, known as the Sonic pup cup, for your pup to enjoy.

Culver's: Snack-Sized Surprises

Culver's is known to hand out Milk Bone dog biscuits at the drive-thru, and some locations may also offer a small scoop of vanilla ice cream for dogs.

Dunkin': A Bite for Your Buddy

While not officially advertised, some Dunkin' locations will offer a small cup of whipped cream for dogs if you ask for a pup cup.

In-N-Out Burger: Pup Patty Perfection

In-N-Out Burger offers a plain, unsalted "Pup Patty" for dogs. It's a simple hamburger patty without any added spices or ingredients that could be harmful to dogs.

Peet's Coffee: Petite Pup Treats

Peet's Coffee may not have a pup cup on the official menu, but many baristas are happy to provide a little cup of whipped cream for your four-legged friend. Just ask if they can accommodate your pooch with this small gesture of kindness.

Baskin-Robbins: Canine Cones

At select Baskin-Robbins locations, your furry friend can indulge in a complimentary "Doggie Cone." This delightful treat typically features a petite scoop of vanilla ice cream nestled in a small cone.

Sprinkles Cupcakes for Canines

Sprinkles Cupcakes concocts a special treat for dogs called a "Pupcake." Crafted from premium ingredients with a dollop of yogurt-based frosting and, in some locations, adorned with a petite dog bone, these treats are priced between $2.50 and $3 each.

Health Considerations for Pup Cups

Some dogs may be lactose intolerant, leading to digestive issues. The high calorie and fat content in whipped cream should also be considered as part of your dog's diet.

To prevent any adverse effects, monitor your dog for signs of discomfort, such as diarrhea or vomiting, after they consume dairy products. Treats like pup cups should complement, not replace, a balanced diet and should not exceed 10% of your dog's daily caloric intake. Always consult with a vet if you're unsure about introducing new treats.

5 Homemade Pup Cup Recipes for Your Pack

Why not make your own pup cup at home? It's a chance to use safe, yummy ingredients that your pups will love, adding a personal touch to their treat.

  1. Banana Bliss Pup Cup: Mash a ripe banana and mix it with plain Greek yogurt. Freeze the mixture in small cups and serve as a frozen treat to keep your pup cool on hot days.

  2. Berry Boneanza: Blend blueberries and strawberries with a splash of unsweetened apple juice. Pour the mixture into ice cube trays and add a small dog treat sticking out of the top like a popsicle stick.

  3. Peanut Butter Dream: Combine natural, unsalted peanut butter with a little water to make it pourable. Pour over a base of mashed sweet potato in a cup and freeze for a chewy, indulgent treat.

  4. Savory Chicken Sorbet: Blend low-sodium chicken broth with cooked, unseasoned pumpkin or sweet potato for a savory twist. Freeze in small cups for a refreshing and hydrating snack.

  5. Apple Crunch Cup: Mix unsweetened applesauce with small chunks of apple and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Add a few pieces of dry kibble for a crunchy surprise.

Always introduce new treats slowly and monitor your dog for any adverse reactions. These treats should be given in moderation and are not a substitute for a balanced diet.

Helpful Reminders When Getting Pup Cups

To get the most from your pup cup experience, here are some helpful reminders for dog owners:

  • Be Sure to Check the Restaurant's Pet Policy: Before heading out, confirm that the restaurant is pet-friendly and understands its specific policies. Some places may have restrictions on where dogs can be, such as outdoor patios only.
  • Bring Essential Supplies: Pack the essentials, like a water bowl, leash, waste bags, and perhaps a small blanket or mat for your dog to sit on. This helps keep your pet comfortable and the area tidy.
  • Keep Your Dog on a Leash: Even if your dog is well-behaved, keeping them on a leash helps prevent any unexpected situations with staff, other patrons, or food that's within reach.
  • Mind Your Dog’s Manners: Ensure your dog can handle the excitement of a public setting without becoming disruptive. Training your dog to remain calm and seated next to you can make the experience more pleasant for everyone.
  • Be Considerate of Others: Remember that not everyone is a dog lover. Keep your dog close to you and avoid letting them wander to other tables or greet other diners without invitation.
  • Clean Up After Your Dog: Be prompt in cleaning up any messes. Keeping the area clean shows respect for the establishment and other guests.
  • Reward Good Behavior: If your dog is well-behaved during the visit, reward them with a dog-friendly treat like a pup cup. This positive reinforcement can make future outings more successful.

Score Other Treats with Pet Coupons

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