Score Big at the 2024 49 Cents Ross Sale – Your Ultimate Shopping Guide!

The Ross 49 cents clearance sale is one of the hottest sales of the year with products 99% off in every department.

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If you are wondering if the Ross 49 cent sale is real and want to know how to get in on this trending sale you've seen all over social media - you've come to the right place. I'll start off by confirming YES the Ross 49 cents sale is totally legit, an YES you can score designer clothes, purses, makeup and more for this super low clearance price. I'll give you some tips on how to score these almost free items and what you can expect for next years sale so you don't miss out.


The 2024 Ross 49¢ Sale: What You Need to Know

The Ross 49¢ sale is one of the most popular times of the year to shop. You'll see both social media influencers and average people post all of their amazing finds online. The aisles at Ross become a bargain hunters dream with huge clearance finds up to 99% off! While the $0.49 merchandise is your goal, there are tons of 90% off deals for only $0.99-$5 and totally worth buying too - especially designer products!

From clothing to home goods, makeup and shoes, every single department will have some serious discounts.

Official Start Date

The Ross 49 cent sale goes live on Monday, January 22nd, 2024. However, some locations could start a a few days early or later. Regardless though, this is a great day to shop as most store nationally start their $0.49 markdowns. This sale is in=store online and not on the Ross website.

Types of Items on Sale

The Ross Dress for Less 49 sale has markdowns in every, single, department with shockingly low price stickers. I'm serious! If you are going to take the time to hunt for these clearance sticker you will want to check every department, every end cap, and hunt for these clearance stickers mixed in with regular merchandise too. You're eyes will be trained to spot those pink reduced price stickers in no-time.

You can score high-end brand apparel, beauty, accessories, shoes, and home items. This goes for every department like women, men and kids. even kitchenware, picture frames, towels, pillows, and bedding are included in the sale.

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How to Maximize Your Savings at Ross

Some of the best cost-saving tips are Senior Tuesday deals and Markdown Mondays along with the times you shop that can really maximize your savings.

Senior Tuesday Discounts

On Tuesdays, Ross offers an exclusive 10% discount for shoppers aged 55+, simply by presenting an ID. Senior Tuesday maximizes the discount you can score during the Ross 49 cents sale. If you plan to take advantage of your extra 10% off senior discount I highly recommend shopping early in the morning for he best selection and to beat the products.

Markdown Mondays

New markdowns, at most Ross stores, happen on Mondays. For the best selection, shop late Monday or early Tuesday—before the Senior Tuesday rush. This timing gives you first access to best new markdowns and the chance to snag the best deals early! You may also have luck shopping on late Monday mornings or afternoons but you'll likely encounter Ross employees in the middle of adding the new clearance stickers on. However, if early on Monday's is the only time you can stop in you may find some fresh clearance stickers and get first dibs on some of these markdowns!

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Navigating the Ross Clearance Section

During the 49 cent sale at Ross you'll find sale items in every corner of the store. You'll want to keep your eyes peeled for those hot pink clearance stickers in every department and also seek out hidden clearance deals in places other shoppers don't typically look. I'll be posting all of our latest finds on the MySavings Instagram and Telegram page.

Hot Pink Tags

Hot pink tags are what you are looking for! These stickers are the ones with the $0.49 price stickers. You're eyes will quickly be able to spot them as you check every aisle. These pink clearance stickers are the best Ross savings hacks you'll score all year.

Hidden Clearance Deals

Don't just rush to the clearance racks, because I have seen the 49 cents clearance stickers mixed in with regular merchandise too! I have grabbed some of my best 49 cent finds hidden on the same shelf and racks as the non-marked down merchandise. Definitely check every section including the bottom shelves in the home section and the end caps facing the back of the store. Plus, don't pass on really expensive merchandise marked down to only $2 or $5 as these will still get you 80-99% off the more expensive items.

You're almost guaranteed to find those pink clearance tickets on end of season holiday clearance since the 49 cent sale is only a few weeks after clearance. I've grabbed Christmas tableware and decor in past $0.49 sales for only $0.49.

Your Local Ross Store: How to Prepare for the Sale

It pays off to do a little reconnaissance before the start of the infamous Ross 49 cent sale. Stop over before the big sale begins to get familiar with layout of your nearest store and get the details from the employees.

Confirming Sale Dates with Ross Employees

I like to stop in my Ross stores in the beginning of January and interact with a few staff members to see if they have any details on the upcoming $0.49 cents clearance mark downs. While most stores markdown their items around January 22nd, some stores do start a little earlier and later so it's worth having those conversations with your store employees.

Know your Store Hours and Location

This may seem obvious, but you wouldn't believe how many people don't know the real store hours of their store. Lets face it, Google doesn't always get business hours right! Most Ross stores welcome shoppers starting at 9 am and closing shop at 9:30 pm, while Sunday hours may vary slightly. You'll want to use the official Ross online store locator to find the correct opening and closing times. Even better, call to confirm that this information is up to date.

You don't need to wait for the Ross 49 Cents sale to score a hot deal. I post a ton of 75-99% off deals here on MySavings daily!

Frequently Asked Questions on the Ross 49 Cents Sale

What is the best day to buy at Ross?

Heading to Ross first thing on Tuesday mornings offers the best chance to score the latest products since many Ross stores restock on Mondays. If you can't make it on Tuesday morning try to stop in Monday evenings before closing time.

Is Ross owned by TJ Maxx?

Ross is actually the property of Ross Stores, Inc., which stands apart from TJ Maxx. It is not part of The TJX Companies, which holds ownership over T.J. Maxx and Marshalls but does not include Ross among its subsidiaries.

Why is Ross able to sell so cheap?

Ross maintains low prices on their merchandise because they get products straight from the manufacturers, ensuring discounts are available throughout the entire year. Plus, during the 49 cent sale they are trying to move merchandise out to make room for new merchandise by making them clearance items.

When did the 2024 Ross 49¢ sale officially start?

This years much-awaited Ross 49 sale is January 22, 2024. Expect the sale every January around the 3rd week.

Can I get a full refund on items purchased at Ross?

The Ross Return Policy says you have 30 days of purchase and present the original receipt, you’re entitled to a complete refund. Even without the receipt, there’s still a possibility to receive store credit or make an exchange even with clearance items.

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