Amazing Ways to Save at Kohl's in 2024: Shop Kohl's Clearance Sale NOW 85% Off

Our shopping expert has all of the best Kohl's clearance sales hacks, tips and strategies for saving you the most money on clothes, shoes, home products and more.

kohl's clearance sale

Looking to score bid discounts at Kohl’s? You're in the right place! Our guide uncovers the secrets of Kohl's clearance sale with items up to 85% off. Plus, Learn all the best Kohl's savings strategies and hacks to to maximum your savings.

Right now Kohl's is giving 85% off all clearance in-store at checkout and online (price automatically reflected online). If you shop in-store an exta 50% off drops off at checkout. If you shop online the extra 50% off discount is already added to = 85% off.

Shop the Kohl's Clearance Sale

Kohl's Clearance Sales: Unbeatable Deals All Year Round

What makes Kohl's stand out from competitors is they has deep discounts and mark downs all year long! I love shopping Kohl's clearance. I've scored amazing deals for my whole family including $1 shirts, $2 shorts, even $3 Nike apparel. Every department at Kohl's stores have a clearance sales rack and there is a huge clearance section online with hundreds of mark downs, with new ones that get added daily.

Check out these Kohl's Clearance Quick Links

Timing is Everything When Shopping Kohl's Clearance Sales

Kohl's always has some awesome clearance but they frequently have special clearance sales events that will bring the prices down to 85% off by giving you an additional 50% off at checkout when shopping in-store (the 85% off price is automatic online. The 85% off Kohl's clearance events happens several times per year. Whenever I see this huge clearance event I always post about it here on the Kohl's Deals page, on our Facebook Page & Group, and I also send an email and Telegram alert - so be sure you are following!

Another great time to check for Kohl's clearance is at the end of a season, as Kohl's makes room for new inventory. This is when you'll find the lowest discounts on winter, spring and summer clothes, accessories and shows.

While clearance items are already significantly reduced, you can get prices even LOWER with Kohl's coupons and store cash. Keep reading my guide below to really maximize your Kohl's clearance shopping!

Tip: Scan your clearance items at the price check machines in-store to potentially reveal secret clearance lower than what's listed!


Earn Kohl’s Cash $10 for Every $50 Spent

Shopping at Kohl’s when there is a sale will save you a ton of money, especially with the Kohl’s Cash program which basically gives you free money. For every $50 spent, you earn $10 in Kohl’s Cash during special promotions that happen atleast once per month. Look out for special times when you can also earn $5 for every $25 spent which comes in handy when you don't need to make a big purchase. The earning and redemption periods are brief but it's a great way to save money online and in Kohl's stores.

However, the secret to maximizing your Kohl’s Cash lies in strategic timing and by combining your cash with promotions, coupons and sales.

Know When Kohl's Cash Starts and Ends

When shopping online its good to know when these Kohl's cash sales start and end. For instance, East coast shoppers get some extra time to get and redeem their Kohl's Cash!

  • Kohl's Cash Earn Period begins at 12:01 a.m. CT and ends promptly at 12:00 a.m. CT. The Kohl's Cash banner will be displayed at the top of Kohl's homepage during Earn Periods.

  • Kohl's Cash Redemption Period begins at 12:00 a.m. CT and ends promptly at 12:00 a.m. CT

Timing Your Shopping Will Save You Money

Shopping at Kohl's when there is a Kohl's cash promotion is a great way to earn free cash towards a future purchase. Combining your cash with a store sale and new coupons will get you the most bang for your puck.

Pay close attention during your Kohl's cash redemption window as it's only good for about 7-10 day —use it or lose it. Many stores (and placing an order by phone) may let you use expired cash if its within a week. You need to have the barcode number and pin though which isn't always easy to find when earning Kohl's cash online. You can find your Kohl's cash in your Kohl's account wallet.

Combining Deals

Don't just settle for a sale and earning Kohl's cash though! Amp up your savings by stacking coupon codes online—up to four per order—or combining multiple in-store coupons with your Kohl’s Cash. Don't overlook Yes2You Rewards points either; they add another layer of savings, especially when paired with Kohl’s Cash.

Mastering Kohl's Coupons and Promo Codes

I know all of the best tricks for scoring coupons and redeeming promo codes with Kohl's. Let's start by discussing all the different types of coupons Kohl's has below and the rules and tips for really getting the most money off your total. See the official Kohl's coupon and deal page.

Types of Kohl's Coupons

  • Dollar-off coupons (e.g., $10 off a $50 purchase)

  • Percentage-off coupons (e.g., 20% off your total purchase)

  • Department-specific coupons (e.g., $10 off $50 in Home)

  • Kohl’s Cash coupons (earn $10 for every $50 spent)

  • Mystery coupons (receive a surprise discount)

  • Birthday gift coupons (special discounts for your birthday)

  • Free shipping coupons (no minimum purchase required)

  • Scratch-offs (in-store promotions offering a surprise discount)

  • Yes2You Rewards coupons (earn rewards points for discounts)

Know The Time Kohl's Coupons Start at End

Coupons officially begin at midnight CT, but are actually honored an hour early, at midnight ET, as a courtesy to East Coast shoppers

Coupons officially expire at midnight CT, but are actually honored until midnight PT, as a courtesy to West Coast shoppers

Additional Ways to Save

  • Receive a one-time bonus of 50 Yes2You points by downloading and signing in to the Kohl's mobile app. (This bonus is available for first-time app downloads only.)

  • Get a 15% discount on your next purchase when you sign up for Kohl's Email Sale Alerts

  • Get 15% off coupon for your next online purchase by signing up for mobile Sale Alerts: Just TEXT the word SAVE02 to 56457 (KOHLS).

  • Open a Kohl's Charge Card and get 35% off your first purchase, plus receive an additional 15% discount when your card arrives in the mail (this offer is ongoing).

  • Every Monday, military personnel can take advantage of a 15% Military Discount in-store, upon presenting I.D. This discount can be combined with $-off promotions, Kohl's Cash, Yes2You rewards, and promotional gifts.

  • Seniors aged 60 and above can enjoy a 15% Senior Discount each Wednesday, available in-store with I.D. and stackable with other $-off promotions, Kohl's Cash, Yes2You rewards, and promotional gifts.

  • A 25% off Moving Coupon is available as part of a coupon package that's mailed to your new home after changing your address with USPS (this ongoing offer may not be available in all areas).

  • Amazon return confirmation receipts may include a 25% off or $5 off coupon

Kohl’s Coupon Exclusions

Be mindful of exclusions on Kohl’s coupons; popular brands like Fitbit, Carter's, toys and Nike may not be eligible, see the Kohl's excluded brands here. However, Kohl’s Cash has no such restrictions and can be used for any item including these brands that are normally restricted with coupons. In fact using Kohl's Cash on Nike clothes and shoes or on Nike clearance is one of my favorite ways to save money since I can't normally use a coupon on that brand.


Turn Online Codes to In-Store Savings with the Kohl’s App

With the Kohl’s app, turn any online promo code into a barcode for in-store use. Simply add the code in the app’s My Wallet section and scan it at checkout for instant discounts when shopping in Kohl's stores. Plus, the app can send you notifications when the coveted 40% off mystery coupon is sent to your account, which is important because they normally only last for 1 day!

The Art of Stacking Kohl's Coupons

One of the best parts about shopping at Kohl's is the ability to stack multiple coupons for maximum savings. Below are my top 4 tips for saving the most amount of money with coupon stacking.

  1. Know the Coupon Limit: Online shoppers at Kohl's can apply up to four promo codes per order. But if you're in the store, you might be able to combine more offers, as the policy tends to be more lenient.

  2. Use a Percent & Dollar Off Coupon: You can combine a percentage-off coupon with a dollar-off coupon in the same transaction

  3. Prioritize Kohl’s Cash: Lead your discount stack with Kohl’s Cash—it acts like actual money. Apply it at the outset, then layer on your other coupons to reduce your out of pocket anymore

  4. Leverage Loyalty Rewards: Incorporate your Yes2You Rewards. You'll automatically earn points that will give you $5 off for every $100 you spend per month. If shopping in-store just give your phone number.

Watch my Kohl's Instagram Reel below as I shop my clearance racks in-store!

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Know The Order Kohl's Coupons & Cash are Deducted

If you are redeeming your Kohl’s Cash and also want to use a coupon it's important to know the order that the discounts are redeemed so you understand why for instance a percent off coupon seems like a lower discount then you thought. Below is the order of discounts:

  1. Kohl’s Cash

  2. Department coupons ($10/$50 shoes purchase)

  3. Dollar off coupons ($10/$25 purchase)

  4. Percentage off coupon (30% off)

  5. Yes2YourRewards

Become a Member of Kohl's Rewards for Extra Savings & Perks

The Yes2You Rewards at Kohl's loyalty program that offers points for every dollar you spend. Rack up 100 points, and you're rewarded with a $5 reward to spend at Kohl's on anything you like, without any exclusions.

  • Birthday surprise of $5 or $10 store cash

  • Earn $5 for every $100 you spend

  • You'll be sent unique Mystery Coupons worth up to 40% off

  • Take advantage of 2x points promotions to earn faster

Plus you can combine Yes2You Rewards with other Kohl's promotions, such as Kohl’s Cash and percentage-off coupons, for even greater savings. If you met that threshold to earn a $5 rewards it will become available in your account on the first of the following month.

kohl's clearance apps

Expert Tips for Shopping

Shopping online at doesn’t merely offer convenience; it’s a tactical move for the intelligent saver. With the Kohl’s App, you’re not just shopping; you’re managing savings, offers, and rewards all in one place. Plus, it’s your secret weapon for scanning items in-store to check prices or gather product info.

Equip yourself with this app, and you’re already ahead of the savings game.

Avoid Shipping Charges

Save on shipping charges by waiting for free shipping codes to become available or shipping minimums lowered on the website. Typically you get free shipping when you spend $50 but it is sometimes lowered down to $25.

  • Free Ship to Store: Take advantage of Free Ship to Store when shopping online for select products

  • Free Shipping Codes: Be on the lookout for free shipping promo codes that come around a few times per year, especially during holidays.

  • Free Store Pickup: Choose to pick your online orders up in-store to avoid shipping charges

  • Use the Kohl's Kiosk: When shopping in-store you get free shipping when ordering at the kiosk in-store. This is great or when you want to buy an item but the store is out of your size!

  • Shop through the Kohl's app: You can score free shipping in the Kohl's app while shopping in-store which is great for picking up any clearance items that may not be available in-store.

Save Money with Price Matching

Ever find an item online at a lower price after you’ve just bought it at Kohl’s? A quick chat with customer service could give you a store credit back! Just keep in mind that during certain periods, like holiday sales, price matching might not be an option. Shopping in-store and want to price match another store (Like Macy's or JCPenney?) You must bring a print a copy of the competitor’s local ad showing an identical product you wish to purchase from Kohl’s. Physical copy is the official policy which seems outdated in this digital world.

Capitalize on Special Shopping Events

Taking advantage of Kohl’s store special shopping events will be the best times to save money. From Night Owl to Early Bird specials usually happen on Friday Nights starting at 3pm and Saturday mornings/early afternoon ending at 1pm. The stores are pretty lenient though with extended the times.

These sales are typically held on the second and fourth weekends of the month, so plan accordingly.

Beyond the weekend specials, Kohl’s times many of their biggest sales with holidays big and small. Think Memorial Day, Presidents’ Day, and Labor Day sales for scoring extra coupons and deep discounts.

Maximize Savings with a Kohl's Card

I don't normally endorse signing up for store credit cards however I have found great value with my Kohl's Credit card! You get 35% off just for signing up but that is just the tip of the iceberg for what this card offers.

If you hit MVC status by spending $600 in a year, you’re looking at even more perks like free shipping events. All cardholders also get exclusive card holder discounts, mystery coupons and a birthday reward for $5 or $10 off.

Hassle-Free Shopping with Easy Returns

Kohl’s simple return policy provides exactly that and is one of my favorite reasons to shop at Kohl's over competitor stores. Whether you change your mind after a day or after 179, you can return most items within 180 days of purchase, receipt or not. See the official Kohl's return policy.

Depending on the original payment method, you could receive a Kohl’s Merchandise Credit or store credit for the current selling price. And while Kohl’s is generous, they do keep an eye on high-value items or frequent no-receipt returns, so play it cool and keep it honest.

There is an exception though, premium electronics and watches have a 30-day window with original packaging, while beauty purchases can be returned within 60 days if they’re new or gently used.

Price Adjustment Policies

Ever secured a deal only to spot it at a lower price later? Kohl’s price adjustment policy serves as a shield against any regret post-purchase. If you spot a price drop within 14 days of purchase, just present your original receipt, and voila – you’ll be refunded the difference.

In-Store vs. Online Adjustments

Whether you’re a fan of the online shopping experience or prefer the physical store, Kohl’s has your back when it comes to price adjustments. For online purchases, a quick chat with customer service can get you sorted, while in-store purchases simply require a trip to customer service with your receipt and proof of the lower price.

Don't Sleep on Kohl's Rebates

Did you know that Kohl's offers rebates on select products? During Black Friday we often see rebates that will get you small appliances for free or very cheap but there are rebates that happen all year long.

Rebate Redemption Process

The rebate redemption process is simple:

  1. Purchase your item within the offer period
  2. Keep your receipt and the product’s UPC barcode
  3. Complete the rebate form
  4. Mail it

You can track the status of your rebate online or call the rebate center for updates. Processing may take up to 8 weeks but it's worth it.

Saving at Kohl’s is less about luck and more about strategy. From Kohl’s Cash to special shopping events, and the Kohl’s coupons, the opportunities to save are always happening.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use coupons on clearance items at Kohl's?

Yes! Kohl's coupons do not exclude clearance so use any coupons available to lower your out of pocket cost. Coupons can bring your clearance to 90% off or even more!

What is the best day to shop at Kohls?

The best days to shop at Kohl's are Fridays and Saturdays during the night owl and early bird sales between 3:00 p.m. on Friday and 1:00 p.m. on Saturday.The other best days to shop at Kohl's is during the Kohl's Cash promotions and the first day of the Kohl's extra 50% off clearance sale. 

How do I get the most out of my Kohls cash?

To get the most out of your Kohl's Cash, use it on brands that don't usually have coupons, such as Nike, Adidas, and Carter's. You can even score free clothes from these brands using your Kohl's cash.

Do I get Kohl's cash back if I return?

If you are returning or price adjusting on a product that you bought and used Kohl's cash on, the value of the Kohl's Cash coupon will be returned as Kohl's Cash to use.

What happens to my Kohl's cash if my order is cancelled?

If your order is cancelled for a product being out of stock or if you forget to pick up a ship to store or store pickup order by the deadline, any Kohl's cash used will be returned to you and you have one month to use it, essentially resetting the expiration date and giving you more time to shop.






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