Your Guide to the Ross Return Policy: Hassle-Free Refunds Explained

Need to make a return to Ross? I highlight all of the refund and exchanges tips and rules to make it easy for you to get your money back!

Navigating the Ross return policy can be simple when you know the basics. Read on to understand the steps for a hassle-free return, conditions for eligibility, and any exceptions you might encounter. Below I dive into all possible return scenarios including online, in-store as well as returns with and without reciept.

Understanding Ross's Return Policy

Ross is committed to ensuring that your experience after a purchase is just as enjoyable as when you were filling up your shopping cart. Should any doubts arise about an item you’ve bought, rest assured Ross supports you with a simple return policy. You can confidently bring back purchases within 30 days for in store returns, provided you have the original receipt, tags intact and present valid photo ID – paving the way for a hassle-free refund process.

In-store returns only

You can’t make purchases from the Ross Stores website – only in stores. That means returns are exclusively processed in stores too. You simply visit any one of the many convenient Ross locations where their helpful staff will manage your return request promptly.

No return shipping fees

Ross store’s return policy for in-store purchases notably removes the burden of paying for return shipping costs. No more expenses incurred from mailing items back – a substantial saving compared to typical online return processes.

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Eligibility Criteria for Ross Returns

Before heading to the store, ensure that your product is eligible for a return at Ross. Your item must satisfy several key conditions: it should be within 30 days from purchase, remain in its original untouched state, and adhere to any category-specific requirements. These three essential criteria form an unbreakable combination which smoothens the path towards a straightforward refund or exchange.

Timeframe: 30 days

If you manage to return your purchase within 30 days at Ross with the original receipt, they’ll honor a full refund. If for some reason you exceed this timeframe, don’t worry — Ross has got you covered with an option for either an exchange or store credit.

Item condition

Ross places significant emphasis on the condition of items returned to their stores. Merchandise must be in pristine, untouched condition, appearing as though it has never left the store — completely new, unworn, and not modified in any way, with original tags still attached. This strict policy ensures that another customer can experience the same excitement you felt upon discovering that item for the first time. Remember that keeping those original tags intact is crucial. They play a vital role in facilitating your refund or exchange process.

If an item appears used or altered even slightly — it’s simply out of contention for returns at Ross. Adherence to these return policies is non-negotiable.

Product-specific rules

Diving into details, each category of merchandise at Ross may have distinct return guidelines.

For fine jewelry, these valuable items necessitate being returned with the original ticket still attached and the accompanying receipt. It’s important to note that only certain Ross stores — those boasting a Fine Jewelry Department — are capable of processing returns for these pieces.

Those seasonal must-haves like swimwear and lingerie, also need their original tickets in place should you contemplate returning them. The policy at Ross reflects an understanding of the intimate nature of these products. Thus, they are required to stay untouched and clean to qualify for either a refund or exchange.

Refund and Exchange Options at Ross

If your item qualifies for a return, you can take advantage of several refund and exchange possibilities. No matter if the purchase was made using a card or check, they ensure the process of getting your money back or switching out an item is as seamless as their in-store experience.

Ross offers easy exchanges for those who desire an immediate substitute. In instances where eligibility is met but you’re slightly beyond the 30-day window, rest assured — you can still opt for store credit or pick another item more aligned with your preferences. The goal at Ross is to provide adaptability and guarantee contentment upon exiting their establishment, be it with what you initially bought or something entirely different.

Credit card refunds

Using a credit card for your purchase? Don’t worry. If you return the item within the stipulated 30-day period and have that crucial receipt on hand, they will ensure the refund is credited directly back to the exact same credit card used at point of sale. This creates an efficient cycle that maintains financial integrity while providing peace of mind. Similarly, debit card users can take comfort in knowing their refund will be processed with equal ease, returning promptly into their account.

Cash refunds for check purchases

If you’ve used a check to pay, Ross also has guidelines for that situation. They have a short hold time of just five days to verify the check clears before they’re able to provide you with a cash refund. This is standard procedure at all Ross stores when it comes to purchases made by checks, including those treated as debit transactions. After waiting out this brief period, simply visit any Ross store where they will issue your cash refund without any complications — a small trade-off of time for assurance.


In instances where you prefer to swap your purchase for something else that captures your interest at Ross, exchanges are the perfect solution. Should you opt to return a product accompanied by a receipt older than 30 days, there’s no cause for concern. An exchange or store credit will be graciously provided by Ross, subject to the returned item’s qualification and adherence to specific criteria.

Returning Items Without a Receipt

Misplacing a receipt can happen to anyone, and it’s no different for customers at Ross. Fortunately, even without the receipt, you’re not out of options when it comes to making a return. Regardless if your payment was made through cash or credit card, the store may be able to trace your purchase history.

Store credit or even exchange

If you have misplaced your receipt, there’s still a chance that you may receive store credit or make an even exchange as long as the item is verified through Ross’s refund verification system. Equipped with a legitimate photo ID and knowledge of the product’s current selling price, you can expect a seamless return process.

Refund verification system

Central to Ross’s approach for handling returns without a receipt is their sophisticated refund verification system. This system monitors each return by scrutinizing it against the store’s established return policy, with the assistance of your government-issued photo ID. While it may seem somewhat intrusive, this method serves to maintain equity and integrity within the customer base.

Those who regularly attempt to make returns without receipts should take heed. This system diligently records such instances and could potentially flag excessive activity as suspicious behavior leading to refusal of returns. By employing information from your driver’s license in tracking these activities, Ross aims to prevent misuse of its policies. It ensures that customers conducting legitimate transactions can enjoy a hassle-free return process rests on fostering an environment of mutual trust tempered with protective measures.

Exceptions and Non-Returnable Items

Ross’s return policy is clear and accommodating. It’s important for customers to note that there are particular exceptions and certain items that cannot be returned under any circumstances.

Among these specific policies at Ross:

  • Gift cards: They can only be replaced if they are lost or stolen when accompanied by the original receipt. Refunds on gift cards seldom occur except where required by state law.

  • Software: Returns of software items are acceptable only in their unopened condition unless the item is defective.

  • Electronics: These require the original packaging for a return unless an inherent defect exists.

  • Jewelry, Swimwear, and Lingerie: Tags attached and receipt are required.

The aim of these provisions is to ensure product integrity and preserve consumer trust in what Ross has to offer.

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Non-returnable items

Ross offers a relatively accommodating return policy. Certain merchandise falls outside the scope of this provision. Specifically, items that have been used, worn or altered are not eligible for return because they no longer conform to Ross’s resale standards.

It’s also crucial to bear in mind that goods labeled ‘As-Is’ or ‘Final Sale’ represent exceptions within the world of retail and become non-returnable once purchased.

Step-by-Step Guide to Returning an Item to Ross

If you’re considering returning an item, here’s what to do.

  1. Ensure the item retains its original tags.

  2. Head to your local Ross store. Don’t forget to bring along either some identification or your receipt.

  3. Inform one of the associates that you’d like to make a return — they will assist you and streamline the return process.

Holiday Return Policy at Ross

Ross is mindful of the holiday spirit and extends its generosity to their return policy during this bustling season. To accommodate customers, Ross allows for returns on items purchased between December 1st and December 31st up until January 31st of the next year, granting ample time to determine if your purchase was indeed a keeper or needs to be returned.

Preventing Abuse of Ross's Return Policy

Ross implements a generous return policy, but also includes critical protective measures. To counteract potential misuse of their return system, they utilize an external refund verification service that vigilantly monitors returning transactions. This protocol sets a cap on the number of permitted returns without receipts, with the specific threshold kept confidential to dissuade any attempts at exploitation.

Ross’s Loss Prevention team plays an indispensable role in overseeing these activities — safeguarding the integrity of their policies — to ensure equitable treatment for all legitimate customers and preserve their assurance and contentment when shopping with Ross.

Frequently Asked Questions on Ross Return Policy

Is Ross owned by TJ Maxx?

Ross is NOT a subsidiary of TJX Companies, which owns T.J. Maxx and Marshalls.

Do you need the card you paid with to return something?

The original receipt and the credit card utilized for the purchase are helpful. Should you lack possession of the card, certain merchants might possess the capability to extract transaction details directly from your receipt.

What is Ross Stores return policy?

Provided that items are in their unused, unworn, or unaltered condition, a full refund is available within 30 days of purchase upon presentation of the original receipt. The refund will be issued using the same method of payment as was used for the initial purchase.

Can I return an item to any Ross store?

Yes, you make a return at any Ross store.

What if I made a purchase with a check? How will my refund be issued?

Your refund will be issued in cash at any Ross store after a five-day waiting period to ensure the check clears.

How do I contact Ross customer support?

Your best bet for getting in touch with Ross is to just call your local store. If you have an exceptionally bad in-store experience, use the customer service contact form at the bottom of this page.

- Melissa