16 Solid Ways to Get Free Movie Tickets (Or Really Cheap) 

Life can be expensive, but going to the movies doesn’t have to be. Here are 16 solid ways to lower that ticket price through discounts and promotions. 

In the 1940s, seeing a movie cost 72 cents for two people. By the 1960s, that cost rose to about $2.08 for two. The 1980s saw another spike with theater tickets costing closer to $7 for two people. Today, that price has nearly tripled, with the average adult evening movie ticket costing around $15 per person after fees.  

The total for a family of four to see an evening movie, with popcorn and sodas, today, hovers around $80. For most people, that’s a good chunk of change just to see a movie. Fortunately, there are many ways to score discounted or free movie tickets, making it easier to see a movie without having to budget for it. 

How To Get Discounted or Free Movie Tickets 


1. Search Coupon Sites Groupon or MySavings 

Websites like MySavings and Groupon specialize in finding and providing the best deals and promotions. For this reason, browsing sites like these first for a discounted or free movie ticket is a great place to start.  

Browse Groupon 

Browse MySavings 

2. Join the Regal Crown Club 

Regal Cinemas’ Regal Crown Club offers its monthly movie members the opportunity to redeem points for dozens of different perks. From advance screening opportunities and discounts on movies and concessions to exclusive birthday rewards and more, Regal Crown Club members can rack up points with their purchases and turn them into fun rewards. Plus, it’s free to join! 

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3. Join AMC Stubs

Similar to Regal Cinema’s Regal Crown Club, AMC Theatre’s AMC Stubs loyalty programs are a great way to see movies for less. AMC Stubs offers three different membership plans—A-List, Premiere, and Insider—that each offer its own points system and perks. The AMC Stubs Insider program is free to join and includes a free refill on every large popcorn purchased, plus discounts on Tuesday showings.  

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4. Join the Fandango FanRewards 

With the Fandango VIP Rewards program, you earn points with each ticket that you purchase through Fandango. Each ticket purchased earns you 125 points, and a $5 rewards voucher is provided once 500 points are reached. That’s about one free full ticket for every 1,500 points (or 12 purchased tickets), accumulated. Plus, if you're a Disney Movie Insiders member, you can link your membership to your Fandango account to earn points that can be cashed in for awesome rewards. 

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5. Join the Cinemark Rewards Program 

Cinemark offers two movie membership plans that both offer attractive perks and opportunities to earn a free movie ticket. The Cinemark Movie Fan membership is free to join and includes an easy-to-follow points-earning system, Tuesday discounts, and advance screenings. It also includes 1 free ticket per month, 20% off concessions, waived online fees, and more.  

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6. Join the Magical Movie Rewards Program from Marcus Theaters 

With the Marcus Theaters Magical Movie Rewards Program, members earn 1 point for every $1 spent on both box office tickets and concessions. Each time you hit 100 points, a $5 reward is given which can be redeemed whenever and however you want. Not to mention, Magical Movie members also get free invitations to early screenings and all online and mobile ticket fees are waived.  

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7. Go to a Matinée 

The ticket price for a matinee may not be $0, but it is less. For example, a 9 p.m. movie showing through Fandango is $14.93 with the convenience fee. That same movie at 1pm is $12.63. 

Browse Fandango Matinee Showtimes 

8. Join a Movie-Focused Group on Meetup 

If you love movies, there’s likely a group of like-minded movie fans near you with exclusive meetups for advance screenings or with theater partnerships. To see what’s around you, simply join the Meetup app, enter your zip code, and browse available categories under film and media. 

Get the Meetup App 

9. Download the Free MoviePass App 

With a MoviePass membership, moviegoers can redeem plan credits for movies from any participating theater. MoviePass offers three separate plans: a Basic plan for $10 that gets you up to 3 movies per month; a Standard plan for $20 that gets you up to 7 movies per month; and a Premium plan for $30 that gives you up to 11 free movies per month.  Simply download today to pick a plan!

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10. Skip 3D and IMAX and Opt for 2D Instead 

Another good way to cash in on some discounts is to see movies in 2D instead of 3D or IMAX.  

The visual effects of 3D and IMAX movies can be impressive, but they usually aren’t worth the ticket price. For example, Regal Cinema’s “RPX” premium movies will be about $18 for an adult evening ticket with the convenience fee, while that same showtime in a Standard theater will be less than $15.  

11. Join a Movie Company for Free Screening Opportunities 

Movie companies like to offer advanced movie screenings because it helps build hype and drive sales when the box office actually opens. Fortunately for moviegoers, there are several movie companies out there that will send emails and alerts of these opportunities to those who sign up. 

Companies to check out: 

12. Go to a Drive-In Theater 

Drive-in theaters may not be the go-to for free movie tickets, but it’s a great option for discounted tickets. For example, the price for an adult ticket for a drive-in theater in Florida is $7, and that’s for two movies. A MA drive-in charges $33 per vehicle for up to 6 people; so if you and 5 friends go, that’s just $6 per person. If value is what you’re after, drive-in movie theaters won’t disappoint. 

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13. Scout Cheap Ticket Promotions 

Many theaters offer deals like a summer promotion for $5, $4, and even $3 movie tickets on certain days and times. Regal Cinema’s Regal Summer Movie Express even allows kids to see movies on Tuesdays and Wednesdays all summer for just $2. To find out about promotions in your area, simply visit the websites of local theaters and see if they offer any summer discounts.  


14. Redeem Points Earned on Swagbucks 

With a Swagbucks account, you can earn points by simply taking surveys, playing games, and shopping online, all within the platform. Every 100 Swagbucks earned equals $1 in redeemable US dollars. These dollars can then be redeemed for countless products, including free movie tickets.  

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15. Buy Movie Gift Cards for Less at Sam’s Club, Costco, or BJ's

If you’re a Costco, Sam’s Club, or BJ's Wholesale Club member, you may have had access to discounted tickets all along without knowing. These wholesalers usually carry bundle packs of movie theater gift cards for a particular movie group (like Regal Cinemas). For example, a $45 multi-pack of gift cards at Sam’s Club is $42.98. So if your local theater charges $15+ with the convenience fee for an adult ticket, this deal saves you a few dollars. 

Shop Costco 

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16. Create an Eventbrite Account to Browse Free or Discounted Movie Events 

Eventbrite is an event platform that lists and promotes dozens of different ticketed events in your area, from concerts and comedy shows to art fairs and even film screenings. If you’re looking for a discounted or free movie ticket, consider making an Eventbrite account and browsing events in your area. There just might be free showings for seniors at a certain day and time; a movie night at a local brewery; or free showings for older movies.

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And there you have it - 16 fantastic ways to get free (or cheap) movie tickets. We hope you found this helpful! Be sure to share this insight with your friends and family; who knows, maybe they'll treat you to a free movie for doing so! (A MySavings secret 17th way.)


- Vanessa