Get Free or Discounted Greyhound Bus Tickets for Homeless Youth & Individuals In Need

Discover how to get free Greyhound bus tickets for the homeless and other individuals in need through one of its national assistance programs. Learn about programs for the homeless, veterans, and medical patients, plus how to apply.

free greyhound bus tickets for homeless

Annually, Greyhound contributes to initiatives such as reuniting runaway children with their families and ensuring free or discounted Greyhound bus tickets for veterans to reach hospitals, among other impactful efforts. The company is dedicated to supporting programs that deserve recognition for their positive contributions.

Free Greyhound Bus Tickets for Homeless and At-Risk Youth

Greyhound’s Home Free Program, in partnership with the National Runaway Safeline, provides free tickets to under-21s in need, focusing on family reunification and supporting human trafficking victims. Annually, around 400 tickets are issued, reflecting Greyhound's commitment to aiding vulnerable youth. For more information on this incredible program, visit or call toll-free 1-800-RUNAWAY (1-800-786-2929).

Eligibility for the Home Free Program

Youth aged 12 to 21 who are homeless, runaways, or human trafficking victims are eligible for the Home Free Program. Those under 18 must return to family, and 18-21 year-olds may choose an approved living situation. The process starts with contacting the National Runaway Safeline, which screens and directs applicants to local safe spaces. Greyhound and NRS then provide essentials and support for a smooth transition.

Free Greyhound Bus Tickets for Organ Donors

Access to healthcare is an essential right that can be impeded by challenges in transportation. Greyhound acknowledges this issue and has collaborated with the American Organ Transplant Association (AOTA) to distribute complimentary travel vouchers to organ transplant recipients and their caregivers, thereby eliminating economic burdens associated with getting to medical appointments. This partnership underscores Greyhound’s dedication to supporting community well-being.

If you know an organ transplant patient in need of free Greyhound bus tickets, their social worker or transplant coordinator can visit the AOTA website to submit a request.

Free Greyhound Bus Tickets for Caregivers

Greyhound also offers free round-trip vouchers to these individuals. Caregivers are required to obtain these vouchers by having the patient’s social worker or coordinator submit a request on their behalf to AOTA, detailing why the caregiver needs to travel.

Free Greyhound Bus Tickets for Those in Hardship

Recognizing the unforeseen challenges and obstacles life can present, Greyhound partners with Travelers Aid International to provide Greyhound bus ticket assistance in the form of discounted bus tickets.

This effort aims to support individuals who find themselves in tough situations—be it youth enduring hardships, senior citizens, or others struck by adversity—ensuring that aid is accessible for those most in need when it comes to obtaining a bus ticket on the Greyhound bus.

Assistance provided by this organization includes:

  • Help with navigation
  • Discounted or free bus tickets
  • Assistance in obtaining essential medications
  • Resources for communication for individuals requiring aid

The WeSalute+ Card enhances this support network by offering reduced prices on a range of products and services, encompassing both travel insurance and pharmaceutical prescriptions.

Free Greyhound Bus Tickets for Veterans

Through the Veterans Transportation Program, Greyhound honors the valiant and devoted service of military members by offering discounted bus tickets to both active duty and retired personnel. These discounts facilitate travel for medical appointments at Veterans Affairs Hospitals.

Greyhound collaborates with VA Hospitals to provide veterans with crucial medical transportation, enabling them to surmount the transportation barriers they face due to factors such as living in remote areas, having visual impairments, being of advanced age, and coping with illness or disabilities.

Veterans' Eligibility and Benefits

Members of the U.S. Armed Forces, including active duty, retirees, and veterans from all branches, are eligible for the WeSalute discount program. This initiative offers a 10% discount on select Greyhound fares and extends to immediate family members.

How Veterans Can Apply for a Discounted or Free Bus Ticket:

  1. Engage with their array of support venues or networks, comprising social service entities, as well as airport and train station facilities.
  2. Should you receive approval for the program, note that these Greyhound bus tickets are exclusively non-transferrable.
  3. To confirm identities during this process, it may be necessary to present official documents such as identification cards or birth certificates.

Churches That Offer Free Greyhound Bus Tickets

By offering free Greyhound bus tickets for homeless individuals, community organizations and non-profit groups—including those based in faith—help by ensuring access to crucial services, the chance for family reconnection and employment opportunities.

Various faith-based organizations assist individuals in need by providing a free bus ticket, such as:

Non-Profits That Offer Free Greyhound Bus Tickets

These entities work in partnership with a range of churches, demonstrating the profound influence that community engagement has on improving lives.

Non-Profit Initiatives

Organizations like the Salvation Army collaborate with faith-based groups to provide essential travel support for the homeless, showcasing community commitment to meeting travel needs.

Federal Programs That Offer Free Bus Tickets

Government programs significantly contribute to affordable public transit. Initiatives like Ride United, in collaboration with United Way and 211, offer eligible individuals a discounted or free greyhound bus ticket, improving transportation access for underserved communities.

National and Local Government Initiatives That Offer Free Bus Tickets

National and local government entities, in partnership with transportation authorities, are making public transit more accessible by offering free bus tickets or complimentary transit passes.

Encourage the use of public transport and alleviate city traffic problems by implementing programs that allow all residents to enjoy free bus travel through the provision of cost-free bus tickets. To find out where to get free bus passes in your local community, you can visit

Other Transportation Assistance Options for Those in Need

Greyhound bus tickets for homeless and other individuals is just one thing those in need can get for free. From other local community assistance programs to faith-based transportation services, there are many other ways homeless and other individuals can safely get the travel assistance that they need.

These services aim to provide safe and reliable transportation options to help individuals access essential services, attend job interviews, or reach healthcare providers. Here are some notable examples:

Local Public Transit Systems

Many cities offer reduced-fare programs for their local bus and subway systems to serve low-income residents, the elderly, and the disabled. These programs may include a discounted or free ticket or pass to help individuals maintain mobility without financial strain.

Non-Profit and Community-Based Transportation

Organizations such as Catholic Charities and the YMCA often have programs that offer transportation services or vouchers. These can be especially helpful for getting to job interviews, medical appointments, and social service appointments.

Rideshare Partnerships

Some non-profit organizations partner with rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft to provide free or discounted rides for those in need. These partnerships are typically aimed at specific needs, such as getting to polling places, shelters, or food banks.

Volunteer Driver Programs

Volunteer driver programs are often run by community groups and churches. These programs match volunteers with individuals who need transportation to important appointments or errands.

Bicycle Sharing and Donation Programs

Bike sharing programs in urban areas sometimes offer free or reduced-cost memberships for low-income residents. Additionally, there are charities that donate refurbished bicycles to those in need, providing a cost-effective and healthy transportation option.

Intercity Bus Programs

Other intercity bus companies may offer similar programs to Greyhound, providing discounted travel options for long-distance travel to those facing financial hardships.

Train Travel Assistance

Amtrak and other rail services may have discount programs for veterans, seniors, and others. Some non-profit organizations also work to provide train travel vouchers for long-distance transportation needs.

Each of these programs has its own eligibility requirements and application processes. For those seeking assistance, it's recommended to reach out to local social service agencies or the transportation providers directly to learn more about the available options and how to apply.

Free Greyhound Bus Tickets: FAQs

Who can apply for Greyhound's Home Free Program?
The Home Free Program caters to individuals between the ages of 12-21 who find themselves in situations such as homelessness, having run away or being subjected to human trafficking.

How does Greyhound assist during emergencies?
In times of emergencies, Greyhound provides free bus transportation for evacuation in partnership with the American Red Cross. This service helps ensure the safety and well-being of individuals during crises.

Who is eligible for free ride vouchers for medical procedures?
As a patient receiving an organ transplant or as someone caring for them, you are eligible to receive complimentary vouchers for rides from the American Organ Transplant Association. These vouchers can be used for travel to medical appointments and procedures, offering relief from the financial strain of transportation expenses while undergoing treatment.

What assistance does Travelers Aid International offer?
Travelers Aid International provides travelers with assistance in navigating, accessing prescription support, and utilizing communication tools when they are in need of help. Their suite of supportive services is designed to aid individuals during their travels.

How can one access government-sponsored transportation aid?
To take advantage of transportation assistance funded by the government, first assess whether you meet the required criteria. Once eligibility is confirmed, compile all relevant paperwork that will be needed for the process. Then proceed with completing your application according to the provided guidelines.


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