Save on Smokeless Tobacco with Red Seal Coupons

Looking for Red Seal coupons? Here are 5 solid strategies for hunting down coupons for Red Seal and other tobacco products.

red seal coupons

With the average can of smokeless tobacco costing $7 or more, coupons for smokeless tobacco products can be highly sought after. Unfortunately, due to tight regulations on tobacco marketing, brands like Red Seal can have a tough time reaching their consumers with special promotions. For this reason, finding Red Seal coupons and other tobacco deals can be challenging.

However, we've done some homework and we've narrowed down on 5 solid strategies for saving on Red Seal tobacco. Here's how to 'Go Red' while staying in the green.


5 Ways to Find Red Seal Coupons

If you're not seeing Red Seal coupons listed where you might look for other coupons, there are other, less common, strategies for finding them. 

1. Check the Product Packaging

Since Red Seal and other tobacco brands have limited marketing options, they often offer deals right on or inside the label of one of their products. Therefore, if you're looking for Red Seal coupons, check for hidden deals and coupons right on the product.

2. Create an Account on

Creating a membership account right on the Go Red website gets you access to exclusive news, deals, and even coupons. You'll likely even receive deals and other promotions right to your email inbox. 

3. Keep an Eye Out at Bars and Cigar Stores

While you likely won't see any Red Seal coupons displayed at Target or CVS, you just may see signage for the brand at your local bar or cigar store. Since these types of locations usually serve similar consumers, it's more likely that they'll receive any promotions or even free samples straight from the manufacturer for their customers to use and try. 


4. Shop Bulk Warehouse Stores

Believe it or not, some bulk warehouse stores, like Sam's Club and BJ's Wholesale, carry smokeless tobacco brands. If you're a member, you may be able to score Red Seal mobile coupons right from your online account to apply at check-out or in-store. Right now at Sam's Club, for example, you can get a 10-can roll of Red Seal tobacco for $7.50 off the usual price.


5. Follow

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About Red Seal

Red Seal, a brand of smokeless tobacco produced by the U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company, is known for its larger can size, offering 1.5oz of tobacco that's made with 100% American-grown tobacco. Red Seal Tobacco comes in both long-cut and fine-cut smokeless tobacco options, making it a popular smokeless tobacco brand among consumers.

Red Seal offers four distinct flavors:

  • Wintergreen
  • Mint
  • Natural (non-flavored)
  • Straight (non-flavored)


Red Seal Tobacco vs. Other Smokeless Tobacco Brands

There are many smokeless tobacco brands available. From Copenhagen and Skoal to Grizzly, Longhorn, and Stoker's, Red Seal is just one of several varieties. However, there are a few key things that separate Red Seal tobacco from the other brands. 

How Red Seal differentiates itself from other smokeless tobacco brands:

  1. Larger Can Size: Red Seal is known for its larger can size, offering 1.5oz of tobacco, which is about 25% more tobacco than leading competitors.
  2. American-Grown Tobacco: The brand uses 100% American-grown tobacco in its products, emphasizing its commitment to supporting local farmers and providing high-quality tobacco.
  3. Variety of Cuts and Flavors: The brand offers both long-cut and fine-cut smokeless tobacco options, catering to different consumer preferences. It also provides four flavor varieties: Wintergreen, Mint, Natural (non-flavored), and Straight (non-flavored).

These factors contribute to Red Seal's unique position in the smokeless tobacco market, offering a combination of value, quality, and variety that sets it apart from competitors. This, in turn, makes Red Seal coupons even more sought after. 

Important Note About Red Seal Tobacco Coupons

If you start looking for Red Seal coupons but come up short, it's likely because of strict tobacco advertising regulations and restrictions. Many jurisdictions put tighter controls in place to limit the use and display of tobacco promotions and coupons. This is to help reduce the appeal of tobacco products, particularly among young people, which also results in tobacco companies having fewer marketing options. 


- Vanessa