Maximize Your Benefits with Copenhagen Rewards: Cope Rewards 2024

Join Cope Rewards and start earning gear, coupons & more!

Join the Copenhagen Rewards program “Cope Rewards” to gain access to special deals, unique offers, and exclusive events designed for dedicated members. Read on to find out how you can begin accumulating rewards right away.


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The Cope Rewards program is dedicated to its loyal users by offering them an opportunity to enjoy ongoing benefits.

The advantages offered by Cope Rewards:

  • Exclusive savings on their products
  • Surprise special offers that enhance your experience
  • Invitation-only events and unique happenings that elevate everyday life


Eligibility Requirements

The Cope Rewards program is accessible only to individuals who are at least 21 years old and legal residents within any of the 50 states that make up the U.S.A., as well as those residing in Washington D.C.

How to Join Cope Rewards

Eager to be rewarded? Joining Cope Rewards is a simple process. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to the Copenhagen official site.
  2. Sign up with your full name, email address, and birth date.
  3. Select "Cope Rewards" from the drop down and access the reward program.

An email will follow that you will need to confirm. Once verified, you'll be good to go.

There is a limit of one account per person.

If you should encounter issues enrolling, they have a Customer Service helpline (1-866-404-1822) available to assist you.

Earning Punches on Your Punch Card

With Cope Rewards, every punch acquired leads you toward redeeming well-deserved rewards. How can one acquire these sought-after punches? Read on!

  • Look to specially marked Copenhagen cans. Hidden within each is a unique code that earns you punches toward prizes. Simply enter that code. (If you cannot read a code, please contact 1-866-404-1822.) You can enter up to 30 of these codes each month to maximize your earnings.
  • Participation in brand engagement, completing surveys, and staying alert for exclusive promotional endeavors also earns you punches. Seize every chance — each interaction represents a step closer to eminent rewards. Here are the current opportunities available:
    • Earn 1 punch by signing up for email reminders
    • Earn 1 punch by signing up to receive text alerts
    • Earn 2 punches for taking a survey (It's initially a quick 2 question survey, but may lead to other survey questions earning you even more punches.)

Completing Punch Cards

The key to succeeding with punch cards is the completion of your card. Securing a fully punched card in the Cope Rewards program also symbolizes an essential milestone, opening yourself up to more rewards and benchmarks.

To complete a card and earn a rewards, you will need to earn 10 punches. When you complete a punch card, you will have 30 days to redeem your prize. You can complete 3 punch cards every month.

Milestone Cards

Within the Cope Rewards program, Milestone Cards stand as markers of achievement and will earn you a bonus reward. Here are the marked milestones and the value of the prize associated with achieving it:

  • 2 Completed Cards: Milestone Bonus valued at $15
  • 7 Completed Cards: Milestone Bonus valued at $19.99
  • 12 Completed Cards: Milestone Bonus valued at $19
  • 20 Completed Cards: Milestone Bonus valued at $30
  • 28 Completed Cards: Milestone Bonus valued at $39.99
  • 36 Completed Cards: Milestone Bonus valued at $21.99
  • 44 Completed Cards: Milestone Bonus valued at $35
  • 52 Completed Cards: Milestone Bonus valued at $23
  • 60 Completed Cards: Milestone Bonus valued at $24.99

With each milestone reached, you’re met with an ever-increasing array of rewards that serve to entice your dedication even further.

Do note, the Milestone Bonuses expire seventy-five (75) days after they are earned.

Choosing Your Rewards

Every completed punch card reaches leads to a decision of how you would like to be rewarded. Will you save on your subsequent Copenhagen snuff purchases or will you treat yourself to something else?

Current rewards choices include:

  • Can coupons
  • Roll coupons
  • Tough Gear
  • $5 Venmo Cash

Do note that once you complete a punch card, you have only 30 days to redeem your prize. All selections are also final. No refunds will be provided on any reward item. Any physical reward items will be delivered within 8 to 12 weeks from time of selection to the residential address listed in on your account. Digital reward items will be delivered by email within 1-2 days.

End Date of Cope Rewards Program

There currently is no predetermined termination date noted for the Cope Rewards program. They do revamp it every few years and start anew, but give members ample notice as to when it will conclude. When and if it should conclude, you'll have a period of thirty (30) days after the termination date to claim rewards on completed punch cards remaining in your account.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to join the Cope Rewards program?
In order to participate in the Cope Rewards program, it is essential that you are a legal resident of one of the 50 U.S. states or Washington D.C., and at least 21 years old.

How can I earn punches for my Cope Rewards punch card?
By participating in promotional activities, completing surveys, and entering codes from Copenhagen cans, you can accumulate punches on your Cope Rewards punch card to earn rewards.

Is there a limit to how many punch cards I can fill each month?
Indeed, within the Cope Rewards program, you have the opportunity to complete a maximum of three punch cards every month.

What rewards can I choose from when I complete a punch card?
Upon filling out your punch card, you are presented with the option to select coupons or a reward, all of which are designed to reward consumer loyalty.

When does the Cope Rewards program end?
The Cope Rewards program does not have a noted end date. Should the time come that it were to conclude, ample notice will be given.

- Jessica