Get $3 Off, Merch, and More with KoolCoin Rewards

Head's up to Kool Rewards members! You can score new coupons and KoolCoin Rewards, simply by buying Kool products and participating in rewards activities.

kool rewards

About Kool Rewards

Kool Rewards is a loyalty program offered by Koolkrew, the company that sells Kool cigarettes. For Kool customers, Kool makes it easy to earn points and coupons, simply by becoming a Kool Rewards member.

PRO TIP: If you're not a Kool customer, you can earn free gifts with Winston Rewards through the Winston Rewards ProgramMarlboro Rewards, and Copenhagen Rewards too. 

How to Join Kool Rewards

To get started with Kool Rewards, simply:

  1. Create an account on
  2. Join the Kool Rewards program
  3. Begin making purchases using your Kool Rewards account
  4. Participate in double-point reward days, promotions, and other point-earning activities
  5. Keep an eye out for point opportunities in Kool communications

What You Can Earn

Curious about what you could earn? We've got you covered. Here are some of the earning opportunities active in Kool Rewards right now:
  • $3.00 off one carton OR $2.00 off one pack via monthly coupons in the mail
  • 200 KoolCoin Rewards per pack, which can be redeemed for the latest merch and more money-saving coupons
  • 150 KoolCoin Rewards for watching the latest video under the Mardi Gras tab within your Kool account

How to Find Bonus Points

Not sure where to find points? Kool makes it easy to earn points, even if you're not necessarily trying to! Here's how you can get them:
  • Shop on using your Kool Rewards account
  • Receive Kool communications
  • Shop Kool exclusive retailers
  • Watch videos and complete any other Rewards activities available

Kool Program Terms & Conditions

Don't get tripped up by program rules - read the complete Kool Rewards program terms and conditions first. 


- Vanessa