Where Can I Change My Coins for Cash for Free? 8 Top Places to Exchange Coins

Discover the best places to exchange your coins for cash without fees. Learn about banks, credit unions, and retail options, as well as tips and alternatives for managing your spare change effectively.

where can i change my coins for cash for free

Looking to cash coins without paying a fee? No problem. Whether you've got some coins sitting in the couch or collecting in a piggy bank, we've got the top places where you can cash coins for free (or cheap!)

From local banks and credit unions to retail outlets, we outline the most convenient places to find Coinstar kiosks and other coin exchange services. So grab those coin wrappers and let's get cashing!


Banks and Credit Unions: Your Go-To for Free Coin Exchanges

Many financial institutions, including a bank or credit union, historically offer services to convert coins for free. Whether it’s major banking organizations like Chase or Wells Fargo, or smaller local credit unions, plenty of places exist where you can turn your coins into cash on your debit card without any cost.

1. Chase Bank

At Chase Bank, an account holder can deposit coins at no extra charge as long as they are pre-wrapped in paper rolls or coin wrappers. Although this means that the responsibility of coin counting falls on the customer before visiting the bank, it is noteworthy to mention that Chase Bank does not provide coin counting machines within its branches for this purpose.

2. Wells Fargo

Another major financial institution, Wells Fargo, provides complimentary services to cash coins. Similar to Chase Bank, these coins must be rolled before being exchanged for cash.

So if you have a bank account with Wells Fargo and possess loose change that needs depositing – turn those rolled coins into cash for free!

3. US Bank

Unlike Chase Bank and Wells Fargo, US Bank welcomes customers to bring in unrolled coins instead of rolled ones. At certain branches, they provide free coin counting services and are equipped with coin counters for their patrons’ convenience.

4. Bank of America

Another viable choice for trading in your rolled coins is Bank of America. Customers can take advantage of their complimentary coin deposit service. The maximum cash amounts that can be deposited in coins are determined by the Financial Centers of the bank.

5. Credit Unions

Across the nation, credit unions offer their members complimentary coin exchange services. Institutions such as Connexus Credit Union and Westerra Credit Union provide free use of coin counters at select locations or accept deposits of rolled coins from members.

Retail Outlets: A Convenient Option for Free Coin Counting (or Cheap)

Locations like grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations—QuikTrip being one example—are also options to cash coins. Kroger, for example, has Coinstar kiosks. Publix doesn't have Coinstar but they do have their own coin machines. Yet, it’s important to stay alert regarding the fees that might accompany the use of some coin-counting machines. These devices may claim a portion of your coins in exchange for their service through service fees.

6. QuikTrip

Amid a national shortage of coins, QuikTrip gas stations are providing a service where you can exchange cash for coins at no cost. They allow you to receive coinage in exact dollar values and do so without charging any service fees, aiding in ensuring an adequate supply of coins for cash-based exchanges.

7. Coinstar Kiosks

Even though Coinstar imposes a fee for converting coins into cash, it’s widely used for coin exchanges. However, the additional charges for the Coinstar kiosk are waived if you choose to receive an e-gift card option or make a charitable donation (like to Feeding America) instead of receiving physical currency.

8. Target

Target stores are also equipped with Coinstar machines, which offer a service to convert your coins into cash. The convenience of finding a Coinstar machine in numerous locations comes with a service fee, typically around 11.9% of your total coin value. Despite the fee, many customers find the service useful for cashing in their change.

What's Coinstar and How Do I Find One?

Coinstar is a convenient coin-counting service that operates through kiosks in various retail locations such as supermarkets, drug stores, and large retail chains. These machines allow individuals to deposit their loose change and receive cash, an e-gift card, or make a charitable donation in return. Although Coinstar typically charges a service fee (around 11.9% of the total coin value) for cash transactions, this fee is waived if you opt for an egift card or donate the amount to a charity.

To locate a Coinstar machine near you, simply visit the Coinstar website and use their kiosk locator feature. By entering your zip code or city and state, you can quickly find a list of nearby locations with Coinstar services.

Coin Counting Alternatives: Other Ways to Cash in Your Coins

Should conventional coin counting techniques fall short of your expectations, there are various other avenues to consider. These include acquiring a personal coin sorter or utilizing online platforms that automatically allocate your spare change towards savings or paying down debts.

Buying a Coin Sorting Machines

Should you opt to tally your coins within the comfort of your own home, purchasing a coin counting machine might be worth considering. Available in multiple dimensions with diverse functionalities, these devices can automatically feed, sort, and batch coins for streamlined coin counting. You may even find a used one for free on a free stuff app!

Online Services

Services such as Chime Bank and Qoins streamline the process of accumulating savings or reducing debts by automatically moving small, rounded-up amounts from each transaction. This method allows for an easy and efficient way to set aside spare change without any hassle.


Cash App Borrow: FAQs

Do all banks offer free to exchange coins for cash?
Not every bank provides coin exchange services at no cost. It is advisable to inquire with your own financial institution regarding their particular rules on exchanging coins.

Are there retail outlets that offer free coin exchange services?
Certainly, establishments such as QuikTrip gas stations provide coin exchange services at no additional cost. They allow you to swap your coins for paper currency free of charge.

What are some effective ways to manage loose change?
Effectively handling your loose change can be achieved through the process of rolling coins, utilizing them for transactions, and allocating spare change as an investment. Employing these strategies will assist in maintaining order among your coins while ensuring they serve a practical purpose.

What are some alternatives to traditional coin counting methods?
Alternatives to conventional coin counting methods include utilizing machines designed for sorting coins or employing online services that seamlessly move your spare change into savings accounts or towards paying off debts. These alternatives can simplify and enhance the convenience of managing your coin accumulation.

Are there any online services that help manage spare change?
Indeed, it is possible to utilize internet platforms such as Chime Bank and Qoins to automatically redirect your leftover coins from financial transactions into savings or towards paying off debts.


- Vanessa