Claim Cash in the Macy's CVC Sheets Class Action Settlement!

If you purchased select CVC Sheets you may be owed part of the $10.5 million settlement - even without proof!

Claim Money in a New 10.5 Million Class Action Settlement for Macy's CVC Sheets Products. This lawsuit alleges that CVC sheets were falsely advertised with an inflated thread count. Read below on how you can claim your cash before the deadline. Scroll down to see all the details.




Do I Qualify?
If you purchased certain CVC Sheets supplied by AQ Textiles LLC from a Macy’s store between Nov. 8, 2013, and March 24, 2023

How Much will I Receive?
With proof of purchase, class members will receive $7.50 per unit of CVC Sheets. Without proof of purchase, class members will receive $2.50 per household

How Do I Submit a Claim?
Reminder: The deadline to file a claim is fast approaching. Go here to submit your claims online by 4/17/2024 date.

Remember to only submit honest claims.

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