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Sign up Now for Daily Goodie Box for a chance to be sent a Box in October then enter their FREE sample box Facebook Giveaway! They are giving away up to 300 boxes in Facebook posts! They will send you a box of free goodies both full size and samples! November boxes will be shipping very soon and shipping is free. and they'll never ask you for a credit card! There are new boxes filled with products being send out every month to members. 

*Update: Daily Goodie Box is giving away 10-500 Goodie Boxes on EVERY Facebook post they do - every day - they just posted again today that they are giving away free boxes in their comments! You must create an Account and be a Member to be eligible. 


Here's how to get Started:

  1. Sign up With Daily Goodie Box, It's 100% FREE - be sure to fill out your entire profile.
  2. Request your FREE Goodie Box - Did they run out of boxes? No worries, more will be stocked soon.
  3. Give Your Opinions on the products in your box.

    Some tips for ensuring you get a box:

  1. Make sure your address information is updated
  2. Interact with the brands social media pages - they give away 50-100 boxes every day on their Facebook page.
  3. log in often!
No one is guaranteed a box, products are matched with members, but interacting on social and having your ENTIRE profile filled out helps!

Check out our Visual Story on how to score more free sample boxes.

- Melissa