The Top 7 BJ's Hacks to Maximize Your Savings

Coupons can save you some money, but employing multiple hacks can save you even more. Here are the top 7 hacks to use to maximize your savings at BJ's.

top BJ's hacks

Shopping hacks are a great way to boost your savings and keep you within a budget significantly. For BJ's Wholesale members, these hacks, such as leveraging miscellaneous coupons, understanding price breakdowns, and taking advantage of membership benefits, can lead to substantial cost reductions on everyday essentials and other products. 

To help you get the most savings at BJ's, we've compiled a list of the 7 top hacks you can employ for an overall more efficient and cost-effective shopping trip. 


The Top 7 BJ's Hacks to Maximize Savings

Some shopping hacks might be more obvious than others. The trick, however, is to employ a combination of these hacks, rather than just one, as this will enable you to achieve some of the steepest discounts possible during your shopping trip. 

Here are some of the most effective shopping hacks for BJ's Wholesale Club.

1. Take Full Advantage of Membership Benefits

A BJ's Club Card Membership gives you access to exclusive discounts, rewards, and even additional services like the gas station and online order pickup. Maximize your savings by knowing your benefits ahead of time and using your BJ's membership to get the best price.

Here's what a BJ's Club Card membership includes: 

  • 25% Off Grocery Store Prices: We beat supermarket prices on national brands every day so you can stock up for less. 
  • Coupon-Friendly: We’re the only club that accepts all manufacturers’ coupons. Plus, Members receive coupon books to save more. 
  • Fresh Choices: A delicious variety of produce, meats, deli, and bakery items includes everything you need for weekly shopping. 
  • Big Gas Savings: BJ’s Gas® has super-low gas prices every day. In addition, my BJ’s Perks®MasterCard1®Members save an additional 10¢ off/gallon. 
  • Surprising Finds: We carry Apple®, Beats, Cuisinart, Samsung, and other leading brands at exceptional savings. 
  • Exclusive Club Brands: Save on our high-quality Wellesley Farms® and Berkley Jensen® brands that offer an even greater value. 

2. Score Deals for Specific Products with the BJ's One-Day Online Pass

With BJ's One-Day Online Pass, you can explore all the member benefits and discounted services for a whole day before committing to an annual membership. This is a great option for those who have never been a BJ's member before OR for those who want to take advantage of BJ's discounts just for a particular product. This is just one of the many tips we share in our BJ's Membership Deals and Discounts 2024 guide.


3. Double-Down by Combining Coupons

BJ's is known for accepting various types of coupons, which can lead to significant discounts on a wide range of products. Therefore, you can maximize your savings by using a combination of digital coupons, manufacturer's coupons, and BJ's-issued coupons all in one transaction to get the absolute best price on your purchase. 

Be sure to check out BJ's Wholesale Coupon Policy for full details and restrictions. 


4. Add Clipless Digital Coupons to Your Member Card

Within your BJ's membership account at or BJ's mobile app, you can add clipless digital coupons right to your card to be applied automatically at check-out. Adding these coupons to your card before you shop is one of the easiest hacks for always getting the best price on your favorite items. 


5. Split Costs with Friends or Family

Like any bulk-item wholesale store, shopping at BJ's means getting larger quantities of nearly every product, from household items to even groceries. This is good for large families, but not always convenient for others. If your household is smaller, consider sharing the cost of a BJ's membership or bulk items with family or friends to make the most of the savings, especially for products that are beneficial to buy in bulk.


6. Take Advantage of Free In-Store Pickup

BJ's "Free In-Club Pickup" feature may not save you money, but it will save you time. When you shop online, select "Free Pick-Up Today," then just use the BJ's mobile app to coordinate your free pickup once you've arrived. 


7. Avoid Impulse Buys in the Middle Aisles

Similar to most grocery stores, the middle aisles are where most of the impulse buys—that is, things we want but perhaps don't need—live. To get the most bang for your buck at BJ's (and stay within budget), try to shop only the end caps of the aisles. The end caps and general perimeter of the store are where the steepest discounts can be found.


Hacks to Maximize Your Savings Elsewhere

While these are some excellent hacks for shopping at BJ's, most people don't just shop at one store. Therefore, here are some good general hacks and tips that you can employ to maximize your savings anywhere you go. Are you a Sam's Club member, not a BJ's one? No worries. We've got the Top 15 Sam's Club Hacks for you too. 

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- Vanessa