BJ's Wholesale Coupon Policy + Digital Coupons

Coupons can be an excellent way to save money, but only if your store accepts them. If you shop at BJ's, here's a quick guide on BJ's Wholesale coupon policy so you can make the most of any coupon.

bj's wholesale coupon policy

Companies and brands enforce coupon policies for several reasons. From legal compliance and financial control to general customer experience, coupon policies help ensure that coupons are consistent with applicable laws and regulations.

Still, as consumers, coupon policies are never fun to abide by. Nearly everyone has clipped a coupon at one time only to learn it had expired at check-out or didn't qualify for a particular item.

Fortunately, a membership with BJ's gives you access to exclusive BJ's Membership Dealsunrivaled coupons, and additional service benefits not found anywhere else. If you're not yet taking advantage of these discounts, here's what you need to know about BJ's Wholesale coupon policy so you can sign right in and starting clipping digital coupons today. 


What's BJ's Wholesale Coupon Policy?

Similar to most retailers, BJ's Wholesale Club accepts both BJ's-issued and manufacturers' coupons. One BJ's coupon per offer can be combined with one national coupon on a single selling unit, and the total value of all coupons redeemed against a single selling unit may not exceed the BJ's price. Also, BJ's reserves the right to limit the number of coupons redeemed per item and per transaction. So whether you're buying BJ's laundry detergent or prepared food, go ahead and use those coupons!

Here is BJ's Wholesale coupon policy when it comes to stacking multiple coupons:

  • Clipless Coupons from BJ's website or mobile app are applied automatically at check-out!
  • In-store coupons and manufacturer's coupons can be combined with BJ's Clipless Coupons.
  • Each BJ’s Digital Coupon may only be redeemed once per transaction (however, it will reload in the Member’s Digital Coupon gallery to be clipped again during a later transaction.)
  • For BJ's Paper, BJ's Digital, National Paper, National Digital, and Basket Level coupons:
    • One coupon type is allowed per offer.
    • A BJ's Paper Coupon and a BJ's Digital Coupon cannot be combined for the same offer for a BJ's product.
    • BJ's Coupons must match eligible items and quantities on the offer.
    • Multiple BJ's Coupons (Paper or Digital) for unique offers can be combined.
    • There is no limit to the total number of unique BJ's offers that may be applied against a single selling unit, so long as the total value of all Coupons applied against a single selling unit does not exceed the BJ's retail price of the selling unit.
    • National Coupons must match the items and quantities on the offer.
    • A National Paper Coupon cannot be combined with a National Digital Coupon for the same offer.
    • Multiple National Coupons may not be redeemed against a single BJ's selling unit.

How Can Members Find and Collect BJ's Coupons?

Both digital in-store coupons and national manufacturer's coupons can be "clipped" from their membership account at or through the BJ's mobile app and added automatically to their BJ's membership card. Coupons for BJ's products and other services may also be found on Groupon

Just note — BJ's will not accept coupons that are deemed "online only" or are offered in partnership with other retailers or grocery stores.

What About Non-Members?

Non-BJ's club card members can also use national paper coupons and any BJ's paper coupons when shopping in-club, but a 20% non-member surcharge will be applied to the purchase total. BJ's does not accept coupons for items it does not carry and does not accept coupons that are to be scanned directly from a mobile device. There is no limit to the number of BJ's coupons that may be applied against a single selling unit. Both primary and household members can use the same coupons.



Start Using BJ's Wholesale Coupons Today

Ready to browse digital coupons but you're not yet a BJ's member? No problem. There are many reasons some haven't yet joined. Maybe there isn't a BJ's in your area, you've just moved, or you've had a membership at another wholesale club. Regardless of the reason, BJ's makes it easy for potential members to peek at their wholesale membership deals before committing to their 1-day online pass.

Essentially, BJ's Wholesale Club offers a 1-Day Online Pass program that allows non-members to experience BJ's Club shopping online for a full day and can be used both for local pick-up and delivery. Unless otherwise specified, all 1-Day Shopping Passes carry a 15% non-member surcharge over and above BJ's listed prices on all merchandise except alcohol. 

To try the 1-day Online Pass, simply create an account on BJ's website. And for more money-saving tips, check out the top 7 BJ's hacks and follow MySavings on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


- Vanessa