The Top 15 Sam's Club Hacks To Save More in 2024

Discover the ultimate Sam's Club hacks for 2024 with our comprehensive guide. Learn how to save on memberships, find the best in-store deals, utilize instant savings, and enjoy exclusive perks like travel discounts and free generic medications.

sams club hacks

I’ve gathered tips to help you maximize your membership, including savvy spending strategies and finding the best deals every time you shop. While Sam’s Club doesn’t accept coupons, there are still plenty of ways to save when you have a Sam's Club membership. Explore everything about shopping at Sam’s Club, online and in-store, along with our top Sam's Club hacks to save you even more!

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1. Don’t Pay Full Price For A Sam’s Club Membership

Right now get a Sam's Club membership for ONLY $14!  Sam's Club is giving $36 off the regular membership cost of $50. This is a no-brainer deal to take advantage of all of their awesome sales both in-store and online. 

This membership gets you access to all of the best Sam's Club sales with this amazing deal like big money off groceries, home goods, toys, electronics, and more. You can also order online for curbside pickup, and delivery or scan and go in-store!

Get the Sam's Club Membership for Only $14!

2. Coupons Aren't Permitted: BUT Look For Instant Savings With Your Membership Card

Are you familiar with Sam’s Club's Instant Savings program? It’s highly popular among members who frequent this shopping club. Here are some key advantages of this program:

  • Special discounts are applied directly to your membership card.
  • Exclusive deals on a wide range of products.
  • Convenient savings tracking through the Sam’s Club app or email notifications.

Instant Savings are automatically deducted from your total bill whenever you make a purchase, whether in-store or online. These discounts come in both fixed dollar amounts and percentages, giving you a better price on a vast selection of items from groceries to tech products.

Access these discounts through, the Sam’s Club app, or by picking up an Instant Savings Book at your local warehouse.

PRO Tip: Although coupons aren't accepted, you can also save with Ibotta and other free coupon apps. Just upload your Sam’s Club receipt to the app to earn cash back on select products.

Sign up for Ibotta Cash Back

3. Skip the Checkout Line with Scan & Go

The Sam’s Club app includes a convenient Scan & Go function that allows you to:

  • Effortlessly skip the checkout queue, conserving both time and effort
  • Instantly scan a product's barcode and execute payment using the app
  • Keep track of your expenses with a dynamic total of your selections

After paying, the application produces a QR code as your digital receipt for departing from the store. The entire process is incredibly straightforward!

4. Prices Are The Same Online or In-Store BUT Markdowns Are Better In-Store

You'll receive the same member's price whether you shop through the app, online, or in-store. However, in-store markdowns usually get you a better price because they're dependent on what's in stock.

Of course, markdowns vary by location and depend on how much inventory a particular location has to move, so be sure to check with your local Sam's Club for specific details.

5. Pay Less for Groceries and Household Goods with Member's Mark

The Member’s Mark brand is Sam’s Club's very own private label. These products are comparable in terms of quality to their more expensive counterparts, and the value is unbeatable. Find everything from frozen meat and meals to household goods and baby care items for less.

6. Check out Sam’s Club Travel Deals

Sam’s Club offers a variety of travel deals and services to its members, providing opportunities for discounted vacations and experiences. Some of the travel deals and services available through Sam’s Club include:

  • Vacation Packages: Sam’s Club offers vacation packages to popular destinations, including beach resorts, theme parks, and international destinations. These packages often include hotel accommodations, transportation, and sometimes additional perks like dining credits or attraction tickets.
  • Attractions, Zoos & Museums: Members can find discounts of up to 65% off certain attractions.
  • Rental Cars: Sam’s Club offers 25% discounts nationwide on rental cars from major car rental companies.
  • Hotels: Members can access discounted hotel rates through Sam’s Club, allowing them to save on accommodations at various hotels and resorts worldwide.
  • Theme Parks: These offers tend to change frequently however we have seen discounts of up to $100 off Disney World tickets and 40% off Legoland tickets.
  • Ski resorts: Get up to 50% off ski resorts in Colorado, Massachusetts, Utah, and more.

7. Get Affordable Eyewear At The Optical Center

Sam’s Club members can also enjoy significant savings on eyewear at the Optical Center. Here are some of the benefits and services offered:

  • Competitive Pricing: Members can find a wide selection of eyeglass frames and lenses at competitive prices, including designer brands and the latest styles.
  • Complimentary Services: Free adjustments and cleanings for your glasses are available, ensuring they fit comfortably and remain in top condition.
  • Exclusive Member Discounts: Additional discounts on eyewear and accessories are often available exclusively for Sam’s Club members.
  • Professional Eye Exams: Licensed optometrists provide comprehensive eye exams to check your vision and eye health. While there is a fee for the exam, members may find the rates more affordable compared to other providers.
  • Specialty Lenses: Whether you need single-vision lenses, progressives, or task-specific lenses, the Optical Center can accommodate your specific vision needs.

8. Get Exclusive Access to Pharmacy Services & Free Generic Medication

One of the best features of having a Plus membership is being able to get these 10 generic medications for completely free:

  • Amlodipine
  • Donepezil
  • Escitalopram
  • Finasteride
  • Lisinopril
  • Metformin
  • Montelukast
  • Pioglitazone
  • Sertraline
  • Vitamin D2 50,000 IU

Plus Members at Sam’s Club can enjoy substantial savings on prescriptions, offering more than 600 generic medications for a supply of up to 30 days at $10 or less, along with an additional saving of 8% on pet prescriptions.

9. Birthday Coming Up? Sam’s Club Custom Birthday Cakes Are LEGIT & Affordable

When a birthday is on the horizon, Sam’s Club is your go-to for an impressive and cost-effective custom cake. Here’s why their custom birthday cakes are a hit:

  • Designs for Everyone: Sam’s Club has a wide range of cake designs, whether it's for kids, teens, or adults.
  • Make It Your Own: Choose your favorite flavors, fillings, and icings, and add a personal message.
  • Great Taste, Quality Ingredients: Their cakes are as tasty as they are beautiful.
  • Sizes for Any Party: No matter the size of your event, they have a cake for you.
  • Easy Ordering: Just go to the bakery in-store to place your order.
  • Affordable: Get a custom cake without the high cost.

10. Learn How to Read Sam's Club Price Tags Codes

If you look at Sam's Club price tags, there's a code in the lower left corner. It's a letter near the serial number and barcode. Here's how the code works:

  • "N" indicates that the item is a permanent fixture in the store's inventory. You needn't rush to purchase it, as it will consistently be available on shelves.
  • "A" signifies an active item, suggesting it won't be discontinued or discounted in the near future. If you require or desire it, feel free to buy.
  • "S" designates a seasonal item. It's advisable to purchase before the current holiday ends or before the season changes and the item is withdrawn from shelves.
  • "O" denotes a one-time purchase item. Available stock is limited and future availability isn't guaranteed.
  • "C" stands for “canceled,” so the item isn’t going to be restocked, and the store wants it off the shelves.

11. Score Free Samples Without the Wait at The Freeosk Machine

Access free samples anytime with the Freeosk machine by scanning your membership card, no waiting necessary. The machines are available daily, but for a wider variety of samples, visit on weekends between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.

12. The Sam’s Club Credit MAY Not Be Worth It... You Decide

Not sure if you should skip the Sam's Club credit card? Here are some details to consider to help you decide:

  • There's No Annual Fee: The card does not have an annual fee, providing cost savings for cardholders.
  • Standard Club Members Get 1%: Earn 1% cashback on purchases made with the card.
  • Plus Members Get 3%: Receive 3% cash back on eligible purchases at Sam’s Club and Walmart, in addition to the 1% cash back on all other purchases.
  • Everyone Gets 5% with Gas Rewards: All cardholders earn 5% cash back on gas purchases at Sam’s Club fuel stations.

13. Shop In October to Save Even More

October is member appreciation month, so for Sam's Club members, this means exclusive discounts, special offers, and bonus cash back. Be sure to plan your shopping trips around this time to maximize savings!

14. Save up to 25% on Discounted Gift Cards

You can purchase gift cards at a discount of up to 25% off the usual price and are available for restaurants, movies, and more.

15. Non-members Can Shop with a 24-hour Guest Pass

If you're hesitant to commit to the annual membership fee, consider the free 24-hour Guest Membership for online shopping. Keep in mind, though, that purchases will incur a 10% service fee, and this trial membership does not grant in-store shopping privileges.


Sam's Club Hacks: FAQs

What Items Are Must Buys At Sam’s Club?
Frozen salmon, frozen berries, maxi pads, inflatable pools, candy, and dog food are always among the best deals at Sam’s Club.

Should I Consider the Plus Membership for $110 a Year?
If you shop frequently, the Plus membership may offer more savings with additional perks like free shipping, extra pharmacy and optical discounts, cash rewards, and Sam’s Club early hours for shopping.

Do Student & Military Get Membership Discounts?
Sam’s Club extends exclusive benefits to both military personnel and students upon joining as new members. Former or active duty military members can validate their status online to enjoy a 60% discount on a new Club membership, along with a $5 reduction on their inaugural in-club purchase. Similarly, students are entitled to a 30% discount on a new Club membership or a $40 deduction on a new Plus membership.

Do you save money shopping at Sam's Club?
Certainly, making your purchases at Sam’s Club could result in considerable savings. By buying in bulk strategically at this store, you can expect to save approximately 20% to 40% compared with the prices found at regular grocery stores.

What does .91 mean at Sam's Club?
Keep an eye out for items with prices ending in.91 at Sam’s Club, as this signifies that the product is a final sale offer and once it sells out, it will not be replenished. These deals are time-sensitive and won’t last indefinitely.

Are Sam's Club prices cheaper than Walmart?
While both Sam's Club and Walmart offer competitive pricing, Sam's Club prices can be cheaper on a per-unit basis, especially when you buy in bulk. However, Walmart might offer lower prices for smaller quantities or individual items. It's always a good idea to compare prices and consider how much of a product you really need before making a purchase.


- Vanessa