18 of the Best Things to Buy at Sam's Club Right Now (2024)

Discover the best things to buy at Sam's Club in 2024 for instant savings. From rotisserie chicken to bulk nuts and cleaning supplies, find out what to buy and why Sam's Club offers unbeatable value on these products.

best things to buy at sams club

Sam’s Club offers great value for its membership cost, with savings on bulk purchases and convenient pickup or delivery options. A Sam's Club Membership is also cheaper than Costco’s, and Sam’s Club often beats most grocery stores and warehouse store competitors like Kroger, Amazon, Target, and even Walmart.

While not everything in the warehouse offers unbeatable value, a significant portion of my shopping list for my family benefits from Sam’s Club instant savings. From paper products and trash bags to Kerrygold butter, buying things in large quantities can earn you some great deals. Even the Sam's Club food court offers some amazing (and tasty) and deals that can't be found anywhere else.

If you're wondering where to find the best price on certain household items, here's what you'll want to shop exclusively at Sam's Club.

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1. Member’s Mark Rotisserie Chicken

Enjoy a juicy and flavorful Member’s Mark rotisserie chicken at Sam’s Club for only $4.98. Seasoned with Lawry’s seasoning, this 3-pound chicken costs just $1.66 per pound, making it a tasty and budget-friendly choice.

2. Member’s Mark Paper Towels

Get the most affordable high-quality paper towels at Sam’s Club with Member’s Mark brand, priced at just $0.02 per square foot. These towels are remarkably absorbent and are a cost-effective alternative to name-brand competitors like Bounty.

3. Member’s Mark Toilet Paper

With Member's Mark toilet paper priced at just around $0.50 per roll, this may be one of the best deals you can find on paper goods at Sam's Club. Right now, you can get a 45-pack Member's Mark toilet paper for just $22.98.

4. Canned Soup

Sam’s Club consistently offers the lowest prices on canned soups compared to other grocery stores. For instance, a basic can of Campbell’s condensed chicken noodle soup is priced at $0.09 per ounce at Sam’s Club, providing significant savings compared to competitors.

5. Soda

Quench your thirst affordably with Coca-Cola at Sam’s Club, where a 35-pack is priced at $18.68, equating to just $0.53 per can. While Costco currently offers a slightly lower price, Sam’s Club provides a competitive deal.

6. Heinz Ketchup

Indulge in the iconic Heinz Ketchup for just $0.08 per ounce at Sam’s Club. Opt for the three-pack of 44 oz bottles for the best value, as it beats the price per ounce at competitors, including Costco.

7. Pistachios and Whole Nuts

Believe it or not, Sam's Club is a great place to score bulk pistachios and whole nuts. In fact, most bulk bags of nuts round out to just about $0.31 per ounce.

8. Snack Foods and Candy

Explore the extensive and competitively priced snack aisle at Sam’s Club. For example, Ritz Crackers and Cheez-It crackers are priced at $0.16 per ounce, tying with Costco and beating Walmart's prices.

9. Smucker’s Jam

Sam’s Club offers budget-friendly Smucker’s jam at $0.11 per ounce. Purchase a two-pack of 32-ounce jars for $6.98 to enjoy this economical option, with a lower price per ounce compared to Costco.

10. Butter

Sam’s Club is a reliable source for reasonably priced butter, especially during holiday sales. A 4lb pack of Member's Mark Salted Sweet Cream Butter, for example, is just $12.94.

11. Sugar

Consider purchasing granulated sugar at Sam’s Club, where a 10-pound bag is priced at $7.28, making it a cost-effective option compared to Walmart or Aldi.

12. Flour

Flour may be a smart buy at Sam’s Club, particularly for avid bakers. A 25-pound bag is priced at $9.98, making it $0.40 per pound.

13. Baby Wipes

Got a new little one in the family? No worries. Pay less for staples like baby wipes for kids and moms at Sam's Club. Right now in fact, you can get a 12-pack of Member's Mark Premium Fragrance-Free Baby Wipes for just $21.74. That comes out to just $0.02 per wipe!

14. Member's Mark Disposable Plates

Got a big party coming up? Save money on paper plates with Member's Mark disposable plates, which are just a few cents each when you buy in bulk. In fact, right now, you can get a 204ct pack of paper plates for just $19.98. That's a good deal!

15. Honey

Sam’s Club offers honey at an economical price of $9.98 for a 48-ounce bottle, costing just $0.21 per ounce. Though you now need to buy more bottles, the price per ounce is lower than before.

16. Lindsay Black Olives

Indulge in black olives at Sam’s Club, where a 6-pack of large olives is priced at $11.58 or $1.93 per can. With a shelf life of over 3 years, this is a great deal for olive lovers.

17. Bottled Water

Sam’s Club is the go-to place for reasonably priced bottled water. A 40-pack of Member’s Mark water (16.9 oz bottles) is just $3.98, or $0.10 per bottle.

18. Generic Prescriptions

With a Sam's Club Plus membership, you can get generic prescriptions, like donepezil, metformin, and Vitamin D2, for completely free. Just be sure to check if your prescribed medications are included in the list of free drugs available at the Sam’s Club pharmacy.

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More No-Brainer Items to Buy in Bulk

If buying name brands isn't a big deal for you, then you can score some really good deals on basic household items. These are some of the best-bet generic you don't want to miss at Sam's Club.

  • Non-perishable food items like canned goods, pasta, rice, and snacks.
  • Household essentials such as toilet paper, paper towels, and cleaning supplies.
  • Office supplies including printer paper, pens, and notebooks.
  • Beverages like bottled water, soda, and coffee.
  • Personal care products such as shampoo, soap, and toothpaste.

Electronics Savings at Sam's Club

Members at Sam's Club enjoy significant discounts on electronics, from the latest 4K TVs and gaming consoles to laptops and smartphones. Exclusive member pricing often undercuts other retail offers, providing a cost-effective way to stay current with technology. Special promotions and extended warranties further enhance the value of electronics purchases, making Sam's Club a smart choice for tech savings.

Here are some good prices on electronics you can find right now:

Sam's Club vs. Most Other Grocery Stores

When it comes to grocery shopping, price comparison is crucial for budget-conscious consumers. Sam's Club is known for its competitive pricing, especially when compared to even some of the cheapest grocery stores. For instance, the Member’s Mark brand consistently offers lower prices on pantry staples like olive oil and spices, often undercutting prices at stores like Publix and Safeway.

A 5-pound bag of shredded cheese, for example, can cost up to 20% less per pound than buying smaller packages at a local grocery chain. Plus, organic products such as spinach and mixed greens usually also offer instant savings with a Sam's Club membership.

Sam's Club's meat and poultry prices are also hard to beat. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are often available at prices that can be 30% less per pound than at supermarkets like Whole Foods or Wegmans. For seafood lovers, frozen shrimp and wild-caught salmon are not only competitively priced but also come in larger quantities, offering better value for money. There are a ton of awesome Sam's Club savings hacks you can score to save money.

Sam's Club vs. Costco vs. BJ's Wholesale Club

When deciding where to shop for bulk items, it's important to understand the differences between the three major wholesale clubs: Sam's Club, Costco, and BJ's Wholesale Club.

Sam's Club is known for its value membership pricing and frequent instant savings on bulk purchases. Their private label, Member's Mark, offers an extensive range of products at competitive prices. Sam's Club also provides a variety of services, including tire installation and pharmacy services, often with extra perks for Plus members.

Costco is renowned for its Kirkland Signature brand and a slightly higher membership fee that comes with a reputation for high-quality goods. Costco's product selection, especially in organic foods, is vast and caters to a health-conscious demographic. They also offer services such as travel booking and optical care, adding value to their membership.

BJ's Wholesale Club stands out with its policy allowing the use of manufacturer's coupons on top of their discounts, which can lead to significant savings. BJ's also offers a more extensive selection of sizes and brands on many items, including fresh food and produce, giving shoppers more variety in their choices.

Each club has its own set of benefits and it ultimately comes down to personal preference, shopping habits, and proximity to the stores. To learn more, read our comparison post on Costco vs. Sam's Club vs. BJ's.


- Vanessa