Shop at Lowe's Outlet Stores for Top Deals on Home Essentials

If you're eyeing discounts on home essentials, Lowe's Outlet Stores offer unbeatable deals. Their inventory includes discounted appliances and patio furniture, exclusive to in-store shoppers.

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Seeking substantial savings on home improvement essentials? Lowe’s Outlet Stores, sometimes referred to as Lowe's Outlets, provide significant deals and discounts—up to 75% off. Their inventory covers a broad spectrum of household necessities including appliances and patio furniture, but these exceptional bargains are only attainable through in-store purchases.

This guide offers insight into utilizing these outlet stores to renovate, revitalize, and refresh your home for less.

How Are Lowe's Outlet Stores Different From a Regular Lowe's Retail Store?

Lowe’s Outlet Stores offer something other than just the regular Lowe's retail store, they offer a distinctive shopping experience filled with budget-friendly home necessities. These outlets first appeared in California in 2019 and have quickly become treasure troves for cost-conscious consumers nationwide. The best part? You can only purchase these items directly at the store – that’s right, no online transactions are allowed. This means you get to immerse yourself fully in the excitement of spotting top deals face-to-face.

The product selection at a Lowe’s Outlet store is broad and eclectic, giving shoppers access to an array of discounted merchandise from various categories. Some items eligible are:

  • Home appliances
  • Outdoor furniture/ Patio Furniture
  • Refrigerators
  • Stoves
  • Dryers
  • Lawn equipment
  • Garden tools
  • Barbecue grills

When we talk about discounts here, think of substantial markdowns — up to 75% off original prices! Whether it’s goods with minor cosmetic damage, canceled orders, or those that are slightly pre-owned, each item purchased represents an extraordinary opportunity for bargain seekers looking to score big savings.


Discount Products You Can Find at a Lowe's Outlet Store

Whether you're looking for stoves, refrigerators, patio furniture, lawn equipment, or other discount inventory, a Lowe's outlet store will likely have it. And if you don't mind a minor scratch or dent, you could score a new home appliance at as much as 75% off retail value. Here's a closer look at what you can find at a Lowe's outlet store.

1. Lowe's Scratch-and-Dent Appliances

Have you heard about Lowe's Scratch and Dent appliances? These appliances are still in perfect working condition, even though they may have a small blemish. Imagine getting up to 75% off the regular price for a fridge that just has an inconspicuous mark or dent that doesn’t hinder its performance at all—that’s quite the bargain!

You’ll discover plenty of these kinds of deals on scratch-and-dent products at a Lowe’s outlet. They might not come out of the box looking flawless, but their appeal lies in their excellent functionality coupled with incredibly low prices. Why pass up such opportunities? A negligible imperfection is hardly an issue when it translates into major savings!

2. Discontinued Items: Last Chance to Grab Your Favorites

Have you ever been frustrated when a favorite item gets discontinued? It’s an all-too-common scenario. There’s good news! A Lowe's outlet provides access to these cherished but discontinued products, allowing you one final opportunity to purchase them before they disappear forever or go to other outlet stores.

To sweeten the deal many of these items are discounted up to 70% off at the outlet. This means you not only get the chance to shop your preferred products, but also benefit from significant savings in the process—a truly advantageous situation for shoppers! They continuously get a new shipment weekly.

3. Slightly Used Products: Pre-Loved Deals Waiting for a New Home

Pivoting to the topic of ‘slightly used’ merchandise, these are goods that customers have previously returned, which can be found at Lowe’s outlet stores for a reduced cost. Even though they’ve been owned before, these items remain in excellent shape and await rehoming.

Securing one of these lightly pre-owned products from a Lowe’s outlet store is comparable to rescuing an animal—it may not arrive pristine and untouched, but it certainly offers abundant usefulness (and affection). You’ll benefit from financial savings when making such purchases.

How to Score the Best Deals at a Lowe's Outlet

Once you’re familiar with the types of sales available at Lowe’s Outlet Stores, it’s time to learn how to navigate their inventory and discover your ideal savings. Think of it as a scavenger hunt where staying up-to-date and practicing patience is crucial.

Throughout the year, Lowe’s rolls out a variety of sale events that can amplify your potential for snagging great deals. It pays off to be proactive—arriving early on days when sales commence gives you prime access to grab hold of exceptional offers before anyone else!

Shop Fresh Discounts on Weekly New Arrivals

One attractive feature of Lowe’s Outlet Stores is the constant replenishment of their inventory with new items. This ensures that each visit could reveal a different and enticing selection. Thus, regular visits become crucial to stay abreast of the most recent offerings.

Although precise information regarding how often new stock arrives and when discounts are applied may not be easily accessible, it’s clear that the merchandise at Lowe’s Outlet Stores continually evolves. If your initial trip doesn’t yield what you’re after, persistence is key—your ideal item might just be part of the next batch to hit the store shelves!

Time Your Visit for Maximum Savings During Sales Events

Lowe’s Outlet Stores are celebrated for hosting a plethora of sales events throughout the year. Among these notable occasions are:

  • Presidents’ Day Sale
  • Memorial Day Sale
  • Fourth of July Sale
  • Labor Day Sale
  • Black Friday Sale

These promotional periods offer deep discounts across a diverse array of products. But that’s not all! To these event-specific savings, Lowe’s Outlets provide seasonal bargains and promotions at the end of the month. Noteworthy examples include their 5 for $10 Mulch sale during the Lowe's SpringFest sale occurring in both March and September, along with slashed prices on significant appliances during September and October.

Preview Some of Lowe's SpringFest Sales Here  

Outlet Store Locations: Where to Find Them Across the Country

Finding a Lowe's outlet can be straightforward, especially since the network has expanded with a new store in Greensboro, N.C. With this addition, the total number of Lowe’s Outlet locations nationwide has reached 11, offering more opportunities for consumers to enjoy savings.

As of now, the locations include:

  • Monrovia, California
  • Palmdale, California
  • Escondido, California
  • Perris, California
  • West Sacramento, California
  • Texas City, Texas
  • Irving, Texas
  • Greensboro, North Carolina
  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • Naperville, Illinois
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Potential Drawbacks of Lowe's Outlet Shopping

Shopping at a Lowe's outlet can mean great discounts, but there are some downsides. One issue is that products might not come with a full warranty like they do at a regular Lowe's. The items are often sold "as-is," which can be a risk.

The variety of items at an outlet can also be less than at a regular store. The stock is made up of items that are scratched, discontinued, or returned, so you might not find exactly what you're looking for. Plus, you have to go to the store in person since these deals aren't available online.

Another thing to keep in mind is that popular items can sell out fast, and there's no guarantee they'll be back in stock. So while the prices are lower, shopping at Lowe's Outlet Stores might require more time and effort to find what you need.


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