Maximize Your Savings with the Dick's Military Discount

Salute heroes with savings with Dick's Sporting Goods Military Discount. Unsure about eligibility? We break down everything – claim your in-store discount & conquer your goals. No fluff, just clear details for veterans & active military. Shop smarter, train harder – Dick's has your back!

dicks military discount

As a military member or veteran, you may be eligible for a Dick’s military discount at participating Dick’s Sporting Goods stores. Learn straight away about eligibility criteria, how military veterans can claim your in-store discount, make the most of the dick's scorecard, and learning what limitations and price match opportunities exist. Be sure to also explore your eligibility for the Lululemon Military Discount, too!

So, let's dive in!

Understanding the Dick's Military Discount

At Dick’s Sporting Goods, they go beyond simply expressing gratitude to military members, military veterans and other service members. They provide real benefits. While it is not an official policy across all branches, numerous physical stores offer a 10% discount on sporting goods for our service personnel as a token of appreciation. This promotion operates under the radar—its availability hinges on the decision of each store manager, which can vary by location, of course.

Never hesitate to ask about potential savings when you’re at the register with your chosen items. Asking about a military discount can be likened to seeking out an exclusive advantage that could enhance your shopping experience—a delightful surprise when you encounter stores willing to extend these discounts.


How to Apply for the Military Discount

Securing your military discount, which includes the veteran discount as well, involves an uncomplicated but respectful process. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Verify your status—whether you are active duty, a military veteran, retired service member, or a certified dependent.
  2. Present your symbol of service—that could be your Military ID card, VA health care identification or any other officially sanctioned proof of military affiliation.
  3. Then simply request for the discount at checkout in any store that recognizes and participates in offering these savings.

Bypassing any requirements for filling out an email sign-up form or going through account creation steps is possible—it’s straightforward benefits dedicated to honoring those who serve and have served. Always make sure to select "create account" for the best offers!

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Can Family of Military Members Get the Dick's Military Discount?

While you're not able to transfer any part of the military discount to another member of your family or any friends, you can receive exclusive offers to stock up on special gifts for them, and they can still be one of Dick's customers of course!

How Often Can I Use the Dick's Military Discount?

Dick's Sporting Goods offers a wide range of days where you're easily able to see the discounts and save money on the items you need. They promise to be your one-stop shop for all of your active wear essentials, and it is worth noting that this is price offered that really cannot be beat, especially when viewing their weekly ads to see what you can already save on.

Special Discounts and Offers for Military Members

Hold on, there’s additional good news! Beyond the usual chance to receive a 10% discount every day, certain periods—specifically Veterans Day and Memorial Day—usher in exclusive discounts dedicated to honoring our country’s servicemen and women who are either active duty or veterans. Imagine entering Dick’s Sporting Goods with your military ID only to be welcomed warmly with price cuts that add an extra layer of appreciation during these notable days.

Just like you would for the everyday military discount, ensure you have your identification ready so you can prove your status as a service member or veteran when it comes time to make a purchase.

Saving More with the ScoreCard Rewards Program

Let’s delve into the ScoreCard Rewards Program. For every dollar you spend, you inch towards your next reward, accruing at a steady pace of one point for each dollar. Think of it as obtaining a merit for every transaction and when the total reaches 300 points, you unlock rewards cash that makes heading to the checkout all the more joyful. This grants you not only unique offers and price reductions, but also access to your purchase history for easy reordering.

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Redeeming Rewards Cash

When you collect points for every dollar spent, they eventually transform into a potent means for making purchases. When you reach the benchmark of 300 points, your rewards cash becomes primed and available to be utilized towards achieving additional discounts on upcoming Dick’s Sporting Goods special promotions and price reduction. This is an opportunity to either restock your existing equipment or explore new options—use your rewards cash judiciously as it’s a valuable asset in hand.

Remember that these points expire if they're not redeemed for rewards cash within one year from when they were earned.

Price Match Guarantee at Dick's Sporting Goods

Concerned that you may have overlooked a more advantageous offer at another retailer? Worry no longer, as Dick’s Sporting Goods has got your back with their steadfast price match guarantee. Discover the same item being sold for less at a different store or perhaps at an alternative Dick’s location?

Their straightforward price match policy comes into play: “We’ll match it!” Remember to factor this in alongside your military discount when planning purchases, ensuring a formidable combination of savings.

Leveraging Promo Codes and Coupons

Coupons and promo codes act as a clandestine arsenal for discount hunters. Subscribe to Dick’s newsletter and keep an eye on their social media accounts, you’ll gain access to unique deals that enhance your savings potential. Look out for special promo codes delivered directly to your email or coupons appearing in your social media feeds. These small slices of discounts can accumulate into substantial financial wins.

Don’t forget to capitalize on free shipping promotions—they frequently provide additional cost reductions atop already attractive offers.

Earning Dick's Cash

During select promotional events, Dick’s Sporting Goods presents a valuable benefit called Dick’s Cash. With each purchase during these events, shoppers accumulate Dick’s Cash that can be used to obtain additional discounts on multiple visits to the store. What makes this offer especially appealing is the ability for customers to combine their earned Dick’s Cash with other promotions, maximizing savings even further - every dollar just increases your value of the Dick's cash!

Stay vigilant for Dick’s Sporting Goods promotional events to accrue Dick’s Cash: reach the designated spending thresholds, and you’ll secure your prized Dick’s Cash coupon. This will arrive directly in your inbox, providing strategic reinforcements for your budget. This initiative allows you to amplify the purchasing power of each dollar spent, bolstering your capacity for subsequent acquisitions.

Remember to inspect your email within ten days following a transaction. This is when you can expect the arrival of that essential coupon. It serves as a passcode granting admission into a realm of additional discounts.

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Limitations and Exclusions

Hold your horses and pay attention to the details before you dive in. This military discount isn’t without restrictions and a promotion exclusion list, which are fully detailed within the policy for military discounts.

To begin with, this particular discount is not available for use on online transactions and can only be redeemed at physical stores. Certain products—such as those already discounted or that have sale prices—also don't qualify for further price reduction through your military discount.

Make sure you’re well-informed by perusing the promotion exclusion list prior to embarking on a shopping journey. By doing so, you’ll ensure that you’re homing in on purchases where your status as a member of the military will yield maximum financial benefits.


Dick's Military Discount: FAQs

How much do you get off for a military discount?
Typically, presenting a military ID can secure you a discount ranging from 10 to 15 percent.

Does Dick's have a nurse discount?
Unfortunately, nurses cannot receive a discount at Dick’s Sporting Goods via the Shop platform. There are still opportunities to find discounts from other brands accessible through the shop.

What forms of military identification are required to receive the discount?
To demonstrate your eligibility for the military discount, you may present any of the following forms of identification: a Military ID card, Veterans or Retired ID card, VA health care system identification card, Leave and Earnings Statement (LES), or DD Form 214. These documents are recognized as valid proofs of military association for accessing discounts.

Can I combine the military discount with other special offers or discounts?
Unfortunately, the military discount is not applicable alongside sale items, clearance merchandise, or certain other promotions. Always keep an eye out for any price matching that they can do, and even if you can save on an online order! To ensure you’re fully informed of any extra limitations, it’s wise to verify with the retailer directly.


- Vanessa