9 Places Where to Fill Up Balloons with Helium for Free (or Cheap!)

Discover where to fill balloons with helium for free or at a low cost. This guide details stores offering helium services with balloon purchases and answers common helium-related FAQs.

where to fill up balloons with helium for free

Searching for where to fill up a few balloons with helium for free often comes with a catch – the cost of the balloons themselves. Before your next event takes flight, our guide will show you where you can get your balloons filled with helium for cheap or even free right at the store. Got a birthday coming up? There are dozens of other places to score other free birthday stuff, too.

9 Stores with Helium Balloons and Helium Filling Services

While completely free helium services are a rarity, there are select stores that offer free balloon filling when you purchase foil balloons or latex balloons directly from them. Here's a list of stores where you can expect this perk:

1. Party City

If you've got a party or birthday coming up, stop by Party City. With a wide variety of pre-filled helium balloons and uninflated balloons available for every occasion, Party City offers free helium filling for balloons purchased in-store.

2. CVS

When you buy balloons at your local CVS store, they often provide a free helium filling service. Just be sure to check with your local CVS as services might vary by location.

3. Dollar Tree

Known for its affordable party supplies, Dollar Tree fills helium balloons for free if you purchase their balloons.

4. Michael's

Michael's is another place you can buy balloons and get them filled with helium. They have many colors and shapes to choose from for any party. If you want, you can also buy a small tank to fill balloons with helium at home.

5. Publix

If you've got a birthday, anniversary, or graduation coming up, Publix (and many other grocery stores) have you covered. Whether you need latex balloons or mylar balloons, you can buy pre-filled balloons right in the floral department.

6. Walmart

Some Walmart locations have a party or floral department where you can buy both pre-filled helium balloons and uninflated balloons. If you're looking to fill balloons purchased, Walmart offers helium services so you can inflate balloons before you even checkout.

7. Safeway

At Safeway, customers can purchase helium balloons for various celebrations. They offer a selection of both latex and mylar balloons that can be filled with helium right in the floral or party supply section.

8. Kroger

Kroger is another place you can get balloons filled with helium. They have latex and foil balloons, both single and sets, available to buy, and they offer helium-filling services.

9. Dollar General

If you're looking for no-frills helium balloons, Dollar General is another great place to consider to get balloons inflated. For pretty cheap, you can get your balloons filled with helium right in the store.


Buying Your Own Helium Tank


If you're looking to have more control over filling balloons, purchasing your own helium tank might be the right choice for you. Here are a few stores where you can buy helium tanks:


Walmart offers small helium tanks that are perfect for parties. These tanks are available in various sizes, depending on how many balloons you need to fill.

Party City

At Party City, you can find helium tanks for sale. They come with easy-to-use nozzles and instructions, making the balloon-filling process a breeze.


Michael's craft stores carry helium tanks as well. They often have tanks in different capacities, suitable for events of all sizes.


Target is another retailer that sells helium tanks. They offer tanks that are simple to use, so you can inflate balloons right at home.


For convenience, you can order large helium tanks online right from Amazon. They have a wide selection of tanks with various helium capacities to suit your needs.

Remember, when handling helium tanks, always follow the safety instructions provided to ensure a fun and safe experience.


Filling Helium Balloons: FAQs

Does Michaels fill helium balloons?
Yes, Michaels now fills helium balloons!

Does Walmart fill helium balloons?
Certainly, Walmart provides a service to inflate helium balloons purchased at their establishment. Alternatively, you can purchase a small helium tank from them and fill the balloons with helium on your own.

Does Dollar General fill balloons with helium?
Yes, Dollar General does fill balloons with helium for a varying cost per balloon.

Can I bring my own balloons to Party City to get helium?
Certainly, you can take your personal balloons to a Party City location, where they will be inflated with helium for you. It’s not necessary to buy the store’s balloons.

Can I get balloons filled with helium at CVS?
Certainly, if you buy balloons in store at CVS, they can be filled with helium at no additional cost. It’s recommended to confirm this service with the particular CVS location prior to your visit.


- Vanessa