Pinecone Research is Open for Enrollment - Survey & Product Test Cash Adds up Fast

Pinecone Research has been around 24 years, this popular company is open for enrollment!

Pinecone Research is accepting new applicants! Pinecone is one of the first survey companies I signed up for almost 16 years ago and are one of the best in the business. They do real research for major companies and pay you to participate and have been around for 24 years, they are one of the more popular survey companies out there. Each survey pays AT LEAST $1 and most are very easy to qualify for and only take a few minutes but can pay up to $25 for your time.  Plus, get paid product tests including taste tests! 

Apply for Pinecone Here

Score Paid Product Tests from Pinecone

Pinecone has paid product tests including taste tests! These pay a lot more than the $1 and you get to keep the free product in addition to getting paid to take a survey about it. Some taste tests are in person so you have to live near the venues, but others we ship to you. Sometimes phone interviews will pay well too. Some product tests will pay $10, $25 or more depending on what you have to do. The official Pinecone Research Reddit account is also promising more opportunities starting in February.

Cash out for Visa & Amazon Gift Cards

100pts pepr survey = $1 cash. If your account shows $10 that's exactly how much you can cash out for a gift card. Really easy and great way to make extra money at home or on the go with your phone or computer. Payout is $10 minimum.

Once signed up and accepted you should receive your login details and next steps within 2 days. If you do not hear back from them in 2 days be sure to contact them (if you apply on a weekend the wait can be longer as a real person manually verifies applicants).


- Melissa