Lowe’s Kids Workshops 2024: Free DIY Projects Available Each Month

Join Lowe's Kids Workshops for free monthly DIY projects perfect for children aged 4-11. Engage in fun, hands-on activities like building bird feeders and a garden cart planter, while fostering creativity and learning new skills. Check out upcoming events and learn how to register your child for an enriching experience!

lowes kids workshops

Looking for an exciting way to ignite your child's creativity and earn badges they'll be proud of? Lowe’s DIY Kids Workshops are the perfect solution! Created for children aged 4-11, this free program offers a monthly rotation of engaging DIY projects.

Whether you prefer the hands-on experience in-store or the convenience of taking home a free kit, Lowe’s has you covered. Bid farewell to messy crafting sessions and say hello to boundless creativity with Lowe’s Kids Workshop! Plus, during Lowe's Spring Sale 2024, you can save big on home and garden products.

Upcoming DIY Workshops for Your Little Builder


March 16th, 10am – 1pm – Flower Bird Feeder

Join us on March 16th from 10am to 1pm for a hands-on workshop where kids can build their very own Flower Bird Feeder. This creative project is perfect for young bird lovers looking to attract feathered friends to their gardens.

With simple instructions and all materials provided, children will have a blooming good time crafting a functional and decorative bird feeder. It's a great way for kids to learn basic building skills and enjoy a sense of accomplishment as they watch birds flock to their handmade creation.

April 20th, 10am – 1pm – Garden Cart Planter

On April 20th, young gardeners and mini-DIYers can join us at Lowe's from 10am to 1pm to construct a charming Garden Cart Planter. This workshop is an excellent opportunity for kids to get their hands dirty and learn valuable woodworking skills. They'll be assembling a miniature garden cart that can be used to display their favorite plants or flowers.

All necessary materials and tools are provided, ensuring a safe and enjoyable crafting experience. It's the perfect springtime project to encourage a love for gardening and the satisfaction of building something from scratch.

May 4th, 10am – 1pm – Butterfly Biome

On May 4th, Lowe's invites young environmentalists and crafters to join us from 10am to 1pm for a workshop dedicated to creating a Butterfly Biome. This engaging DIY project allows children to build a habitat that attracts and supports butterflies, providing a safe space for these beautiful pollinators to thrive.

Kids will learn about the importance of biodiversity and ecosystems while developing their crafting skills. As always, Lowe's provides all the necessary materials and guidance to ensure a fun, educational, and hands-on experience.

Past Lowe's DIY Kids Workshops

There have been many past DIY workshops for kids. To give you an idea of the kind of workshops that may return, here's some of what's already been done:

  • Home Team Football Card Holder
  • Snowman Picture Frame
  • Swan Note Holder (Valentine’s)
  • Cardinal Garden Ornaments
  • Build a Bunny Planter
  • Spring Flower Pop-Up Toy
  • Lawn Mower Photo Holder
  • Tic-Tac-Toe Grill Game
  • Rolling Toy Pick-Up Truck
  • Fun Football Player Card Holder
  • Fire Truck Toy
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Photo Holder

These workshops offer a fun, affordable way to brighten your weekend, as kids learn to build a unique toy! Visit the Lowe’s Events page for the full lineup and plan your family's activities!

About Lowe’s Kids' DIY Workshops

Lowe's DIY Kids Workshops are free, monthly events where kids can build a project on a Saturday. The projects are a blast for kids of all genders (and let's be honest, adults get a kick out of them too!). The kits, suitable for children four years and up, are perfect for hands-on learning and family fun. 

How to Register Online for a Lowe's Kids Workshop

To sign up for a Lowe’s Kids Workshop at your local participating store, follow these steps: pick out the project you’re interested in, which could be options like a unique ornament, a Flower Bird Feeder, or a Garden Cart Planter. After that, decide whether to attend the workshop in-store or if you prefer to pick up a kit to build at home.

Here's a step-by-step on how to register your mini-DIYer online:

  1. Visit the official Lowe’s website.
  2. Click on the tab specifically designated for Kids.
  3. Find and pick a convenient local store from the list provided.
  4. Once a store has been chosen, you’ll be presented with an assortment of available projects that are open for registration.
  5. Complete the registration promptly – ideally by no later than the day preceding the workshop – to secure your child’s place in their preferred project session at Lowe’s Kid Workshop event.

It is important to complete registration by the deadline. For convenience, use the ‘Kids’ section of Lowe’s website where upcoming workshops are listed. It’s advisable to check this page often for new sessions.

A Day at the Workshop: What to Expect

When children enter a Lowe’s Kids Workshop at a local store, they are immediately provided with a craft kit along with the essential tools and space to start their projects. 

For a DIY workshop, each child will receive:

  • A child-sized apron
  • Safety goggles
  • A tailored set of tools and materials necessary for the project

Plus, those who have completed 12 workshops not only become a Senior Builder but will also receive the great gift of a free tool bag.

Beyond the Build: Additional Perks for Young Crafters

Attending Lowe’s Kids Workshops offers rewards that extend beyond the actual construction activity. When children complete six workshops, they are designated as Junior Builders and receive a unique apron badge and certificate, providing them with an additional sense of excitement and accomplishment tied to their workshop participation.

Children who participate in twelve workshops attain Senior Builder status and are honored with a free tool bag for their dedication. This practical tool bag serves not only as an essential item for upcoming building endeavors, but this great gift also signifies their dedication and advancement on their path as builders.

- Vanessa