Are You Owed Money? Class Action Settlements You Need to Know

Every year, the courts award millions of dollars in class-action settlements to consumers. Money you are legally entitled to. We rounded up several that are pending right now. Check with each one because you may be owed a settlement check or store credit. You may not even need to submit proof for many of these. And as always, be honest. Only fill out claims for products you have purchased.

Ending Soon
Claim Cash AmeriGas & Blue Rhino Propane Class Action Settlement - Claim up to $125 without proof (unlimited with proof) - Submit claim by 3/8/21

Cobra Sexual Energy Class Action Settlement  - Claim $100 with proof or $10 without - California only - submit claim by 3/6/21

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Popular Class Actions
Walmart & Sam’s Club Class Action Settlement - Submit claim by 4/1/21

Epic Games Class Action Settlement - Claim $50 or 13500 V-Bucks - Submit Claim by 4/26/21

Maxwell House & Yuban Coffee Class Action Settlement -Claim $25 with proof or $4.80 without - Submit claim by 5/18/21

Keurig K-Cup Class Action Settlement - Claim 100% with proof or .75%  without - Submit claim by 7/15/21

We post all new Class Action Settlments on our page here. Check back often and share with friends.


- Melissa