Save Money with Valvoline Coupons for Oil Change & More Tips

There are new Valvoline coupons that will save you big money on your next oil change.

valvoline coupons for oil change

Car ownership is expensive! When it comes to maintaining our vehicles, routine oil changes are essential, but the costs can add up over time. Fortunately we can save money on oil changes with Valvoline coupons. I've rounded up the latest coupons and tips for ensuring your engine runs smoothly while staying on budget. Plus, learn about some of the Valvoline rewards programs to score some free stickers, shirts, hats and more.


Save Money with Valvoline Oil Change Coupons Up to $20 Off

Valvoline is always releasing new oil change coupons to save you money. Infact you should never get an oil change without checking first for a coupon, it's unnecessary to pay full-price with so many savings offers. Valvoline coupons typically are for $10 and $15 off any full service Valvoline oil change but I have seen coupons for up to $20 off. You can email, text yourself or print the coupon.

Search by your location here for even more Valvoline oil change coupons for locations near you. There are over 1,7000 nationwide locations that have unique coupon offerings. Check out the coupons available right now for the nearest Valvoline location near me.
new valvoline oil change coupons

Use a Groupon Valvoline Oil Change Coupon for 50% Off

Groupon is a great place to find some Valvoline oil change coupon offers near you with coupons that will save you up to 50% off. These coupons typically can not be combined with other coupons and may have other exclusions.  Coupons may include synthetic blend, full synthetic and other car services. These Valvoline coupons are typically only for specific locations only so be sure to read the fine print before buying and check for any additional Groupon coupons to take another 20% off.


About Valvoline Instant Oil Change Services

Valvoline is known for their speedy oil changes that require no appointment and coupon savings. Valvoline oil changes are as quick as 15 minutes and include an 18-point safety check! Plus, Valvoline technicians can perform a ton of other maintenance services on your vehicle's air conditioning, radiator and transmission systems. Plus they can rotate tires, replace the serpentine belt, battery, air filter and more. Even if you just need them to check tire pressure and windshield wipers and fluid level, they can do it all during your oil change.

valvoline oil change coupons

Valvoline VPERKS Program

At select locations that service with Valvoline Motor Oil you can earn rewards and savings with the VPERKS program. When you get an oil change or other service you will receive a unique code that you can redeem to earn loyalty perks. Perks are usually Valvoline coupon offers that are good for the entire year, so no rush is using them.

Save Money on Valvoline Products at Walmart & Amazon

Valvoline offers a variety of automotive products, including engine oils, transmission fluids, gear oils, and other automotive lubricants. Walmart carries Valvoline products with prices that start at just $5.98 per bottle. Amazon has Valvoline products for great prices too and in bigger quantities. You might also be able to score some of these Valvoline products with Amazon's Subscribe & Save 5-15% discount so you never run out.

valvoline products for cheap walmart and amazon

Join the Valvoline Rewards Program & Start Earning Points

Become a member of Team Valvoline Rewards and score exclusive merch, swag and VIP experiences in the Rewards Shop. You’ll earn 500 points just for creating an account and then 250 points each time you upload a receipt of a Valvoline product at participating retailers! For an example Team Valvoline Stickers Two-Pack  ost only 500 pts., Team Valvoline Patch (and many other cool items) are only 1,500 pts. Points add up quickly with this Valvoline rewards program and the cost will be completely free. Be sure to check out our other page filled with more free stuff.

Ways to Earn Free Valvoline Rewards Points:

  • Join - 500 pts
  • Add your Car Info - 500 pts
  • Log In  - 50 pts (can earn weekly)
  • Complete Profile - 150 pts
  • Team Valvoline Quiz - 1,000 pts
  • Read & Rate Article - 25 pts (each)
  • Watch & Rate Video - 25 pts (each)
  • Play Game - 25 pts
  • Connect Facebook - 100 pts
  • Connect Twitter - 100 pts
  • Share on Facebook - 100 pts
  • Share on Twitter - 100 pts
  • Upload Receipt - 250 pts
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Valvoline Coupons Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Valvoline Price Match Other Coupons?
If you find a good oil change coupon that is better than Valvoline's coupon (like a Jiffy Lube coupon) than you should absolutely bring it to your location and ask if they will honor it. Valvoline wants your business and may take it so you don't go somewhere else. There is no written policy about accepting competitor coupons though so this may be a case by case basis and you may need to show them where you found the coupon online.

Can I Use Expired Valvoline Coupons?
Some Valvoline location take expired coupons! I have had an expired Valvoline coupon honored with no problems before. If you are unsure you can always ask before your service if they will honor your coupon. If they won't they may offer you another comparable coupon to save you money.

How Do I Use a Valvoline Coupon?
Save your Valvoline coupon to your phone, send to your email or print the coupon out.  Present the coupon to your attendant before paying for your service. Check the MySavings coupons page for more savings and deals.

How Many Coupons Can You Use at Valvoline?
Valvoline allows one coupon per car/service. However, if you have two coupons for two different services it is always worth asking to be rung up for the services separately so they can apply both coupons to maximize your savings. Whether they will allow this will be up to each individual location but it is always worth asking.

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