How Does GoodRx Work? An Inside Look at the Popular Prescription Savings Tool

Discover how GoodRx can help you save on prescription medications. Learn how it works, what it's best used for, and get tips for maximizing your savings on essential drugs.

how does goodrx work

If you've ever been shocked by the high cost of prescription medications, you're not alone. Millions of Americans struggle with affording their essential drugs, even with insurance coverage. That's where GoodRx comes in – a free service that can help you save big on your prescriptions with health and wellness coupons on prescription drugs. But how does GoodRx work? Let's dive in.


What is GoodRx?

GoodRx is a company that collects pricing data from various pharmacies and negotiates discounted rates for prescription drugs. It provides coupon codes that allow you to access these pre-negotiated low prices when filling your prescriptions at participating pharmacies.

What is GoodRx Best Used For?

GoodRx is particularly helpful for those without insurance, facing high deductibles or co-pays, or taking medications not covered by their plan. GoodRx coupons can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on both brand-name and generic drugs.

Commonly Used Prescription Drugs with GoodRx

GoodRx is frequently used to save on a wide variety of prescription drugs. Some of the most commonly searched and discounted medications include:

  • Antibiotics: Such as amoxicillin, azithromycin, and ciprofloxacin.
  • Cholesterol Medications: Such as atorvastatin (Lipitor), simvastatin (Zocor), and rosuvastatin (Crestor).
  • Blood Pressure Medications: Such as lisinopril, metoprolol, and amlodipine.
  • Diabetes Medications: Such as metformin, insulin, and glipizide.
  • Antidepressants: Such as sertraline (Zoloft), fluoxetine (Prozac), and escitalopram (Lexapro).
  • Pain Relievers: Such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and naproxen.
  • Asthma Inhalers: Such as albuterol (ProAir, Ventolin) and fluticasone (Flovent).
  • Allergy Medications: Such as cetirizine (Zyrtec), loratadine (Claritin), and fexofenadine (Allegra).
  • Gastrointestinal Medications: Such as omeprazole (Prilosec), pantoprazole (Protonix), and ranitidine (Zantac).
  • Thyroid Medications: Such as levothyroxine (Synthroid).

These are just a few examples, and GoodRx can help you lower drug prices on many other types of medications as well.

How Does GoodRx Work with Insurance Plans?

GoodRx can be used alongside your insurance to help you get lower prescription drug prices online and in-store. Here’s how it works:

  1. Compare Prices: When you search for a medication on GoodRx, you can see the prices at various pharmacies. This allows you to compare the GoodRx discount price with your insurance copay or out-of-pocket cost.
  2. Use the Best Option: If the GoodRx price is lower than your insurance copay, you can use the GoodRx coupon instead of your insurance. Simply present the GoodRx coupon at the pharmacy to get the discounted price.
  3. Insurance Deductibles: Using GoodRx instead of your insurance means the purchase will not count toward your insurance deductible. However, you can manually submit the receipt to your insurance company for potential reimbursement as an out-of-network expense.
  4. Medicare Part D: GoodRx can also be used by Medicare Part D beneficiaries if it offers a better price than their plan’s copay. However, it cannot be combined with Medicare Part D for the same prescription; you’ll need to choose one or the other.
  5. Special Cases: Some medications may have lower copays through your insurance, so it’s always a good idea to compare prices. Additionally, GoodRx cannot be used with your insurance for the same prescription, but it can be a valuable tool for finding the best deal.

By using GoodRx, you can ensure that you’re paying the lowest possible price for your medications, whether it’s through your insurance plan or the GoodRx discount.

How to Sign Up and Use a GoodRx Coupon for the Lowest Prescription Cost

If you're looking for lower prescription drug prices and you're wondering how does GoodRx work, the good news is that leveraging this service is a breeze. To start getting the GoodRx price, simply:

  1. Go to or download the free GoodRx mobile app.
  2. Search for your medication—You can search by entering your prescription drug's name or browsing by category.
  3. Enter your zip code to find prices at nearby pharmacies. Prices may vary, so compare to find the lowest prescription cost.
  4. Choose the GoodRx coupon with the best price, then print, email, or display it on your phone at the pharmacy counter.

That's it! No membership fees, subscriptions, or personal information is required. Plus, when you sign up for their free prescription savings card, you get a $5 Visa Prepaid Card!

What is the GoodRx Gold Membership?

GoodRx Gold is a premium membership program offering even greater savings on numerous medications than the standard GoodRx discounts. Members can access exclusive lower prices and GoodRx coupons on thousands of drugs at participating pharmacies for a monthly fee.

The program also includes family plans, allowing you to add additional members such as family members or pets to your account for a small additional fee. GoodRx Gold members can enjoy significant savings on their prescriptions, potentially reducing their medication costs by up to 90% off retail price. It's a valuable option for those who regularly purchase medications and are looking to maximize their savings!

Potential Drawbacks of Using GoodRx Coupons

While GoodRx is an excellent resource for securing lower drug prices online and in-store for many prescription drugs, there are a few potential downsides of the GoodRx coupon to be aware of:

  • Prices can fluctuate, so you'll need to re-check each refill for the best deal.
  • Not all pharmacies participate, though major chains like CVS and Walgreens typically do. Check with your local pharmacy to see if they accept GoodRx.
  • Insurance co-pays may occasionally be lower than GoodRx prices for certain generic alternatives.
  • You cannot use GoodRx along with insurance for the same prescription.

Overall, GoodRx is a useful tool that has helped countless people afford necessary medications. By doing a bit of price homework, you can potentially save a bundle on your prescriptions.

More Tips for Getting Pharmacy Discounts for Lower Drug Prices

While GoodRx is a fantastic tool for saving on your medications, there are other strategies you can use to get a lower prescription price:

  1. Ask About Generic Options: Always ask your doctor or pharmacist if a generic version of your medication is available. Generics are typically much cheaper than brand-name drugs and are just as effective.
  2. Shop Around: Prices can vary significantly between pharmacies, so it’s worth calling around or using online tools to compare prices at different locations.
  3. Look for Manufacturer Coupons: Many pharmaceutical companies offer medication coupons or patient assistance programs. Check the manufacturer’s website or ask your pharmacist for more information.
  4. Buy in Bulk: If you take a medication regularly, ask your doctor if you can get a 90-day supply instead of a 30-day supply. This can sometimes lower the cost per dose.
  5. Check for Pharmacy Discount Programs: Some pharmacies offer their own discount programs or membership cards that can provide significant savings on prescriptions.
  6. Consider Mail-Order Pharmacies: Some insurance plans and pharmacies offer mail-order services that can save you money, especially for long-term medications.
  7. Use a Prescription Savings Card: Besides GoodRx, there are other prescription savings cards available that can help you get discounts at the pharmacy.
  8. Consult Your Insurance Plan: Make sure you know your insurance plan's formulary, which lists covered medications and their co-pays. Sometimes, switching to a different drug within the same class can save you money.
  9. Ask for a Higher Dosage: Sometimes, a higher medication dosage costs the same as a lower dosage. You can ask your doctor if splitting the higher dosage pill is safe to save money.
  10. Check for State Programs: Some states have programs to help residents afford their medications. Look into what’s available in your state.

By combining these tips with the savings you can get from GoodRx, you can maximize your savings and make your medications more affordable.

How Does GoodRx Work?: FAQs

What is the Out-of-Pocket Maximum When Using GoodRx?
GoodRx does not have an out-of-pocket maximum since it is not an insurance plan. Instead, it provides discounted prices on prescription medications. The amount you pay will depend on the specific GoodRx coupon and the pharmacy's pricing.

Can I use GoodRx if I have insurance?
You can use GoodRx alongside your insurance to compare prices and save on your prescriptions. GoodRx may offer better discounts than your insurance.

Does GoodRx work with Medicare Part D?
Yes, GoodRx can be used by Medicare Part D beneficiaries if it provides a better price than their plan's copay, but it cannot be combined with Medicare Part D. It can be used as an alternative.

How often do GoodRx prices change, and why?
GoodRx prices can change frequently due to the dynamic marketplace and ongoing negotiations with PBMs and pharmacies, so it's important to compare prices regularly to ensure you're getting the best deal.

Will using GoodRx count toward my insurance deductible?
No, using GoodRx will not automatically count toward your insurance deductible. You may manually submit receipts to your insurance for credit or reimbursement as an out-of-network expense.

Are there any medications that GoodRx cannot help me save on?
GoodRx can help you save on a wide range of medications, but some independent pharmacies may not accept it for certain drugs, especially if the reimbursement rate is lower than the cost of the drug. Keep this in mind when using GoodRx..


- Vanessa