Big Hobby Lobby News on The 40% Off Coupons

Big changes happening to Hobby Lobby on March 13.

Hobby Lobby, the popular arts, crafts and decor store, will no longer be accepting the very popular 40% off coupons in their stores. The advertising director sent all store managers a memo stating that the popular 40% off coupons will no longer be accepted starting February 28, 2021 - but they will have a 2 weeks grace period through March 13 to allow customers to adjust to the new policy.

While no specifics are given as to why the 40% off coupons will no longer be accepted, the response managers and associates are supposed to give customers is that "we are giving you better values on thousands of items throughout your store". 

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You have a month left to use your 40% off coupons. Let us know below how you feel about this savings loss!

- Melissa