Free Dog Food Samples: 9 Companies that Will Send You Free Dog Samples by Mail

Finding the perfect food for your dog is essential. Read on to find out how to get free dog food samples

Our pets are family and ensuring they have the right food is a priority, so by getting free dog food samples we can conveniently discover what our furry friends loves without committing to a full-sized purchase. Many companies understand the importance of ensuring your dog’s happiness and health, and they offer free pet samples to help you find the perfect fit. Here’s a guide to some of the companies that will send you free dog food samples right to your door.


Pro Tip #1: Be Honest About Your Dog’s Needs: Provide accurate information about your dog’s breed, age, and dietary requirements.


Companies Offering Free Dog Food Samples

1. Eukanuba - Eukanuba offers free samples of their dog food when you fill in their Contact Us form. Simply, select "Coupons or Samples" under the Reason for Contact section. If there is a specific kind from their line you're most interested in, be sure to include that in the comments box. They'll contact you back via email (or phone number if you provide it) to get more info about your dog and to ask for your mailing address.

2. Purina - Join the Purina ProClub to get free Puppy and Kitten Starter Kits. Kits include free pet food samples, shot record forms, and helpful information about puppy and kitten care. You'll also receive free magazines, coupons and have the opportunity to earn points on your Purina purchases. You must be a breeder or personally care for 5 or more dogs or cats to join.

3. Sundays Dog Food - Sundays Dog Food uses high-quality food and have spent 3 years and over 17 formulations improving flavor, texture, and digestibility to create the perect food for your pooch. Right now, you can score 40% off of Sundays Dog Food with the coupon code SHOPHER40. You'll also score free 3-day shipping too.

4. Iams - Reach out to Iams using their Contact Us form to ask for free dog food samples and coupons. Select the "General Question" under the reason for contacting them and then ask for free samples and coupons in the "Comments" box. Make sure to include your mailing information, so they know where to send your free items. There's a spot to upload a photo and I think it would be adorable to include a photo of your four-legged companion.

5. Taste of the Wild - Score free dog food samples from Taste of the Wild by either calling them at 1-800-342-4808 or by visiting your local retailer. Free samples are limited and restocked monthly, so if you miss out this month be sure to try again the following month.

6. BarkBox - BarkBox is a monthly subscription service that provides dog products, services, and experiences. The company offers a variety of products, including monthly subscription boxes with at least 2 toys, 2 treats, and a chew each month, all based on a monthly theme and any personalizations. This makes each Barkbox delivery fun and unique. Right now, those who opt-in for a multi-month subscription get a double first box for free. 

Pro Tip #2:  Stay Updated: Regularly check the websites and social media pages of these companies. Companies often send out sample offers through their newsletters or announce free sample giveaways on their social media pages.

7. Nutro - Request free Nutro dog food samples by filling out their "Contact Us" form. Select the "General Question" option under the reason for contacting them and then ask for free samples and coupons in the comment box. Be sure to include your mailing address and answer the questions about your pet, so they can send you samples that are geared toward your pet.

8. Cesar - Order free dog food samples from Cesar. We've had mixed results with this one - sometimes they send free samples and sometimes they send coupons, so you may get one or the other. Simply, fill out the "Contact Us" form and inquire about receiving free samples and coupons. 

9. Ollie - Ollie is a pet food delivery service that provide freshly cooked, human-grade food for dogs. Ollie is very committed to providing nutrition tailored to the unique needs of individual dogs, with recipes made from simple ingredients in human-grade kitchens. Plus, you can schedule your deliveries based on what works best for you and cancel or change your plan anytime. Right now, you can get 50% off plus free shipping.


Other Ways to Get Free Dog Food Samples, Treats & More

Halo Holistic Dog Food - Apply for the chance to receive a free sample of Halo Holistic Dog Food. Just answer the questions and if you're chosen, they'll send you a free sample of Halo Holistic Cage-Free Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe Dog Food. Limited time only.

PetSmart Treats Loyalty Program - Join the PetSmart Treats Loyalty Program to earn points with every purchase, plus enjoy amazing benefits & personalized offers such as a free Birthday or Gotcha Day gift, free shipping and more.

Purina Perks App - Create an account with the Purina Perks App to get a number of free samples for both dogs and cats. Right now, you can request a free sample of Beggin Dog Treats, EverRoot Soft Chews and Fancy Feast Broths. Download the app, confirm your sign up via email (check your spam) and sign in on your phone. Click the "Perks" icon near the bottom, click "Redeem", select one of the free sample items and then complete the checkout

Pro Tip #3: Share Feedback: Some companies appreciate feedback in exchange for free samples and high-value coupons, which could lead to more opportunities in the future.

Pup Cups - Pup cups are delightful little servings of dog-friendly treats, typically consisting of a small portion of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream, designed to give your four-legged friend a special treat while they're out and about. Check out our list of the top spots to get your furry friend a sweet treat for free!

Wuffes - Apply for the chance to receive a free full-size bottle of Wuffes Chewable Dog Hip and Joint Supplements - a $39 value. Just answer the questions and if you're chosen, they'll send you a free bottle of Wuffes. Limited time only.

Hartz Pet Partners - As a Hartz Pet Insider, you'll receive advanced access to product discounts and promotions. You'll also be able to test new products, from pet treats and toys to flea and tick products, and provide valuable feedback. 

FurBuddies - The Fur Buddies Community offers you full-size products for your pets. Missions are where you are matched with products that will be sent to your home for you to use and review. Simply complete the review on their platform and then share it on your social media platforms as well! They reward good sharers with more missions and free products

PetSafe - PetSafe is looking for dog and cat owners to share their thoughts and opinions about pet products. Your opinion will help them better serve pet families simply by providing feedback through surveys and in-home product tests. You’ll get to keep the products you test.


Product Review Sites - There are a number of product review sites that often time have free dog food samples and other pet products available. You're able to try these products out for free in exchange for your honest review. Some of these companies include Home Tester ClubSocial NaturePINCHme, and Daily Goodie Box


Trying out free dog food samples is an excellent way to find the best food for your dog without the financial risk. By taking advantage of the offers from these companies, you can discover new brands and ensure your dog’s diet is both nutritious and enjoyable. Get More Free Samples Here

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