The Best Places to Get Cheap Haircuts Near Me + Coupons!

Most families pay hundreds each year just for haircuts. "Cut back" and keep some cash in your wallet with our list of the best places to get cheap haircuts.

cheap haircuts near me

According to All Things Hair, men spend an average of $158 per year on haircuts and women spend about $104. This may not be too striking, but when you factor in the price of a kids' haircut ranging as high as $40, suddenly a family of four is spending almost $400 a year or more at the salon. 

If going to the salon is putting a strain on your wallet, we’ve got good news. Simply by searching “cheap haircuts near me,” our coupon experts found several great places to get cheap men's, women's, and kids' haircuts. Here’s our list of best bets that will help keep some of your hard-earned cash in your bank account without sacrificing style.


6 Solid Bets for “Cheap Haircuts Near Me”

With inflation on the rise, people are looking for more ways to save. From shopping at the cheapest grocery stores and learning how to coupon to finding free gift cards, we're committed to presenting you with all the best money-saving advice. 

With that, rather than presenting you with a long list of ways to get cheap haircuts that may or may not work in your area, here are 6 solid ways that will work, no matter where you are. 

1. Salon Coupon Websites

Coupon and discount websites are a great way to discover salon coupons. Whether it’s for a BOGO haircut or 20% off a first visit, many websites are hubs for great deals. Here are some of the best coupon websites to check when searching for “cheap haircuts near me.”

2. Independent Salons (Not Mall Salons)

Because of the cost of mall rental space, salons and barbers located within a mall often charge more than those not within a mall. Therefore, as tempting and convenient as it may be to get a haircut at a mall salon while you’re there, avoiding them is better for your wallet. 

Instead, opt for small or independent salons and barbers in your local area. This might be the small hair shop by your local diner or the barber by the grocery store. These may not be the most luxurious choices, but they often deliver fantastic service at a fraction of the price. 

3. Barbers

The main difference between a barber and a traditional hair salon is that barbers are often well-versed in the different haircuts and beard styles for men. However, that doesn’t mean that both men and women can’t visit barbers for their haircut. 

Any reputable barber shop, particularly those who have been in business for a while, will have trained staff who can cut all styles of hair. And the best part? This no-frills, in-and-out service cuts right to the point, pun intended, without breaking the bank. 

4. Haircut Franchises

Choosing a franchise option over non-franchise nearly always means savings. Consider restaurants, for example. Dining at a burger franchise, like Red Robin or Ruby Tuesday, will likely deliver more (or at least predictable) value than a private restaurant. The same can be said for haircut franchises. When you visit a haircut franchise, like Supercuts, for example, you pay a flat-rate price for a flat-rate service, no extras, mysteries, or hidden fees. For this reason, choosing a popular franchise for your haircuts can save you money in the long run. 

Here are some common haircut franchises:

  • Supercuts Supercuts offers a wide range of hair services for men, women, and children, including haircuts, styling, coloring, and hair treatments. The franchise is known for its no-appointment-needed policy, making it convenient for customers to walk in and get their hair services done on the spot. Prices for salon services vary by location, but some Supercuts locations charge as low as $20 for a simple cut.
  • Great Clips: Great Clips is known for its no-fuss, walk-in-only policy, which means customers can visit the salon without an appointment, making it a convenient choice for many busy individuals. One of the distinctive features of Great Clips is its focus on speed and efficiency. They aim to provide quick and quality haircuts, often with a team of skilled hairstylists who work in a fast-paced environment.  A standard haircut at Great Clips is $20, styling starts at $25, and trims are $10. There are many Great Clips coupons available you can use to cut costs too.
  • Hair CutteryHair Cuttery is another salon chain that provides a variety of affordable hair care services for men, women, and children. Similar as with Great Clips, Hair Cuttery clients can usually walk in at their convenience and receive budget-friendly hair care services without an appointment. Their services includes haircuts, full and partial coloring, highlighting, blowouts, trimming, and other popular hair treatments. Plus, you save 10% when you sign up for their newsletter, and they love to offer seasonal promotions, so be sure to take advantage!
  • Sport ClipsSport Clips is a popular hair salon franchise that specializes in haircuts and grooming services tailored primarily to men and boys. Their salons are designed with a sports motif, featuring televisions showing live sports events at each styling station. One of the distinctive features of Sport Clips is its "MVP Experience," which includes a precision haircut, massaging shampoo, hot steam towel treatment, and a neck and shoulder massage. A standard "Varsity" haircut at Sport Clips is about $25, with an optional "MVP Experience" upgrade available for an additional $5-$8.
  • Fantastic SamsFantastic Sams focuses on a friendly and welcoming atmosphere by creating a comfortable and family-friendly environment in its salons. Many locations have trained stylists who can assist customers in achieving their desired hair looks, whether it's with a haircut, color, style, trim, or other treatment. Fantastic Sams also typically doesn't require appointments, allowing customers to walk in and receive affordable hair services whenever works best for them. A haircut at Fantastic Sams starts at $22; a haircut with blow dry is $29; a kids' cut is $17; and a haircut and style is $35.

5. Work-From-Home or Mobile Stylist

Years ago, the idea of a hairstylist working from home or in a capacity to travel to you may have been unheard of. These days, however, remote and work-from-home hair services, like many industries, have become much more common. As inflation has increased and work-from-home occupations have become more widely accepted, many stylists have chosen to skip high rental costs and salon chair fees to work from their own private space, or yours. 

This is good for those searching cheap haircuts because when stylists aren’t paying extra fees to do their work, they are more able to charge lower, more reasonable rates. Simply search your Facebook marketplace or local networking groups to find any work-from-home or mobile hair stylists. Each area is sure to have a few. 


6. Visit a Hair and Beauty School

Having a student cut your or your kids' hair may not be your go-to, but it's actually a great way to get a quality haircut at a fraction of salon prices. A haircut with a student at Aveda Institute, for example, might only cost you $20.

Therefore, if you're searching for "cheap haircuts near me," consider the local hair and beauty schools. By simply searching "hair and beauty school near me," you can see many options of reputable hair schools to contact to see a student stylist.


Coupons for Men’s, Women’s, and Kid’s Hair Products & Services

This wouldn’t be a very helpful article without providing some active haircut coupons! Here are some active deals our coupon experts tracked down to help you make the most of your hair care budget. 

Top active coupons for haircuts:

  • Save with various coupons available at JC Penney.
  • Sign up for the Great Clips newsletter and get $2 off your next haircut
  • Get 10% off your next service at Hair Cuttery when you become an Insider
  • On Veterans Day, all veterans and active service members get a free haircut at Great Clips

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- Vanessa