Baby Formula Shortage Tips You Need to Know

We have tips for getting your baby formula fast.

The national baby formula shortage has hit critical levels! The formula shortage started during the pandemic and has worsened further during the big recall of Similac formula in February and has really worsened to concerning levels. We have tips for getting your baby formula fast. As a mom of a 4 month old I am navigating the formula shortage along with all of you. Here are my tips:

Check Online at the Right Time
I've had luck checking online for formula early morning hours and late night. Also, early morning is a great time to place a same day delivery order from your local stores so your order will be one of the first ones shopped. If you're still waking up with your little one for a middle of the night feeding it's a good time to take a quick look on your phone.

Utilize Delivery Apps
Check Costco Same Day Delivery, Grocery and Convenience stores on Instacart and even stores in the convenience store/grocery section of UberEats. I was able to find formula from a Grocery story in UberEats! Walmart also has free same day delivery and you can choose the store near you that shows the formula in stock.

Buy the Store Brand Equivalent
Generics at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, Kroger, Giant, Aldi, Rite Aid, Acme, Amazon (Mama Bear), & more are all made by the same company. The Infant, Gentle, Sensitivity, Advantage, Complete Comfort, Soy, AR, Organic, & more are therefore interchangeable. The company Perrigo Pediatrics makes the generic brand formula for many of these stores and just re-labels them to make them "unique" for each store.
Walmart Formula Page
Target Formula Page
Amazon Formula Page

Sign up for Auto Delivery
Major brands offer auto delivery shipments on their website and word on the street is they are prioritizing those shipments even when it shows they are sold out. It's worth a shot signing up or calling Similac and Enfamil to ask. Amazon also has auto-delivery shipments for many formula brands.

Sign up for Free Samples
Sign up for Samples from Enfamil, Similac and Gerber GoodStart. Use the contact forms for other brands and see if they can send you a sample to "try" their formula. We have baby samples here you can sign up for. Don't forget to also sign up for Over $100 worth of baby registry freebies. If you are thinking of breastfeeding or continuing your breastfeeding journey you can also score a free breast pump here.

Check Stores You Wouldn't Normally Shop
Try stores online and in person that you might not normally check for baby formula that are beyond the regular grocery stores.
CVS Formula Page
Walgreens Formula Page
Rite Aid Formula Page 
BuyBuyBaby Formula Page
Bed Bath & Beyond Formula Page

Ask a Manager for Shipment Dates
Stop by stores in your area and ask to speak to the store manager. They can check their system for expected delivery dates and maybe even agree to hold you one or two.

Enlist Friends and Family for Help
It takes a village to raise a child, so use that village to help you find formula!  Share your formula shortage struggle with friends and family. Share this page with them and have them check their stores and online too for formula. Payment apps like zelle and cashapp make it easy to pay them quickly too. One of my friends places a Costco order every week and I have her check for me. My sister works next to a Walmart store and pops in to check if they have my baby's formula in stock. Most people ae happy to help when asked.

Ask Your Doctor for Samples
This may seem like old advice but don't forget to check with your doctors office. They may have small sample cans and bottles of your baby's formula they can give you. Also many doctors have good relationships with formula brand reps and may be able to give them a call to get more.

Talk with your WIC Office
If you have WIC then I highly recommend reaching out to your WIC office and see if they have any recommendations on the current shortage situation and letting them know how hard it has been for you to find your babys formula. Many offices are allowing substitutions due to the recall and even ordering extras. A lot of stores now let you use your EBT card in-store AND online.

Check your Local Buy Nothing Group
Check your local buy nothing groups (usually found on Facebook and apps) for UNOPENED formula. Many moms request samples and are sent several different ones from Similac and Enfamil but never use them after finding the one they need. Be sure to check any Similac cans for the recall codes, just in case. 

**The information above is opinion advice from a fellow mom, always be sure to check with your child's doctor for medical advice.


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- Melissa