When Is Target Car Seat Trade-In? NOW - Get a New Car Seat and Other Baby Gear with this Coupon

Discover the details of Target's Car Seat Trade-In event for 2024. Learn how to participate, what you can trade in, and how to get a 20% discount on new baby gear by recycling old car seats.

when is target car seat trade in

Consider checking out the next Target Car Seat Trade-In event if you're looking for a new car seat. This trending promotion is happening now and runs through April 27th., Target’s popular program invites you to swap your outdated or damaged car seat for a 20% discount on new select baby gear. This is a coupon for kids and moms you don't want to miss!

You can utilize the 20% Target coupon twice this year, with the deadline for redemption set at May 11, 2024.

How to Participate in the Target Car Seat Trade-In Event

Note: You must have a Target Circle account to take advantage of the 20% Circle discount. Sign up for free here.

Participating in Target's Car Seat Trade-In is pretty straightforward and presents a much better waste management opportunity for families. Simply bring your old car seat to a participating Target store, drop it off at the designated area near Guest Services, and scan the nearby sign to receive a coupon directly to your Circle account.

It's a quick, hassle-free process to get a 20% discount on a new car seat and baby gear!

Here's the step-by-step on how to trade in your old car seat for a new car seat:

  1. Drop off an old car seat or base at your local Target in the designated box inside the store. You will find it close to the Guest Services desk.
  2. Scan the QR code on the drop-off box that will take you to the Target App. You will click "Add to Target Circle Bonus."
  3. Find your offer in the Target App where it will remain until it expires.
  4. Save money! Your bonus will be applied to your next qualifying purchase and can be redeemed twice. Click the + to save the offer. You can place an order online or scan the barcode at a cash register in-store.

What Can I Use the 20% April Bonus Coupon On?

You can use the 20% bonus on baby gear purchases such as a new car seat, car seat base, travel system, stroller, or a variety of other car seat materials. This selection also includes playards, high chairs, swings, rockers, bouncers, walkers, carpet padding, and other new products.

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Get Ready to Upgrade: What Kind of Old Car Seats Can I Trade In?

The great thing about Target’s new car seat event is that it welcomes every variety of car seats for trade. So no matter if you have:

  • Infant car seats
  • Convertible car seats
  • Harnessed car seats
  • Or even a booster car seats

You can trade them in and grab a new car seat or other select baby gear in exchange!

Trade-In That Damaged Car Seat

If you have a damaged car seat, you're in luck! Target even accepts car seats with typical wear and tear, such as stains or scratches, for trade-in. However, car seats with significant safety issues, like compromised frames or damaged straps, are not eligible. Safety is our priority, and we ensure that traded-in seats meet Target's standards.

Trade-In Those Car Seat Bases

Wondering if you can trade in car seat bases? Absolutely! Target's trade-in event accepts them, provided they're in working condition and not expired. Trade in your old base and get a discount on a shiny new car seat, stroller, or select baby home gear.

Trade-In Those Old Travel Systems, Too

Trade in your old travel system, like the versatile Baby Jogger City Select 2 stroller available at Target, and receive a discount on a new one. It’s a smart way to refresh your gear while saving.

Can I Trade-In Expired Old Car Seats For New Car Seats?

Yes! Target's car seat trade-in event will accept all types of car seats, including infant car seats, convertible car seats, car seat bases, harness or booster car seats, as well as a damaged car seat.

Other Places to Trade In Old Car Seats

While Target's Car Seat Trade-In event is a popular choice, some other stores and organizations offer similar opportunities to exchange your old car seats for a discount on a new car seat and other select baby gear. Here are a few alternatives to consider:

  • Walmart Car Seat Recycling Event: Walmart occasionally hosts car seat recycling events, offering gift cards in exchange for your used car seats.
  • Babies "R" Us Trade-In Event: Although Babies "R" Us has closed many of its stores, they used to run a well-known "Great Trade-In" event. Keep an eye out for other retailers who might pick up this type of event.
  • Buy Buy Baby: This store sometimes offers trade-in events or discounts on baby gear when you bring in old equipment.
  • Local Baby Stores: Some independent baby stores offer trade-in programs year-round. Check with your local baby boutiques for any trade-in deals.
  • Safe Kids Coalition: Partnering with various organizations, Safe Kids Coalition hosts events that may include car seat trade-ins or recycling programs.
  • Recycling Programs: Certain municipalities and community organizations run recycling programs for car seats. They might not offer a discount on new purchases but provide a responsible way to dispose of your old seat.

Remember always to check the details and terms of each trade-in event or program, as they can differ from Target's Car Seat Trade-In event.


- Vanessa