When Does T.J. Maxx Restock? Score the Best Deals at T.J. Maxx On This Day

Wondering when does TJ Maxx restock? We've got you covered. Learn all the ins and outs of when TJX stores receive fresh shipments and when to shop the best deals on past-season merchandise.

when does tj maxx restock

If you've felt let down by a lackluster selection at T.J. Maxx, you might be shopping your local store on the wrong day. T.J. Maxx's inventory is a constantly changing assortment of high-quality, discounted items from top brands like Karl Lagerfeld and Nike!

By shopping smarter and timing your visits, you can be scoring incredible savings on the best designer brands and new merchandise. Not sure the best day of the week to play bargain-hunter? We've got you covered.

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What is TJ Maxx's Restocking Schedule?

T.J. Maxx store associates replenish inventory frequently throughout the workweek. While weekends may offer good finds, the chances of encountering the latest items and highly coveted goodies at your local store before they're snapped up by others are slimmer.

The ever-changing stock at T.J. Maxx (and most other retailers) means that predicting exactly when new products or brands will appear on the shelves is quite challenging.

When Does T.J. Maxx Stock Shelves of Clearance Items?

TJ Maxx restocks on Mondays, typically. This is true for many discount stores. So if you shop early on Mondays, you're likely to find your favorite brands tucked behind or next to the crowded shelf of new merchandise.

What Is the Best (and Worst) Day to Shop Replenishment Stock at Your Local Store?

Avoid weekends: The optimal day for scoring incredible savings at T.J. Maxx and enjoy in-store deals may differ depending on the store location, but one consistent piece of advice remains: Steer clear of Saturdays and Sundays whenever possible. Since T.J. Maxx restocks only on weekdays, weekends typically offer the smallest and most picked-over selection.

While any weekday presents a good opportunity for a T.J. Maxx shopping spree, Mondays and Wednesdays the best, especially in the morning. This is when you'll find the best deals on past season merchandise as TJX stores make room on store shelves for new merchandise.

In the past, these days have proven to be prime for discovering fresh markdowns and cheap prices on a wide array of items. If feasible, aim to arrive at this flagship retailer right as it opens on these days to secure first dibs on name-brand items and designer fashion.

Online shopping anytime: If the thrill of a midweek shopping trip isn't your cup of tea, you can always explore online inventory under Today’s Arrivals on TJMaxx.com, where new merchandise drops nearly every day.

What Product Categories Have The Absolute Best Deals?

T.J. Maxx is renowned for its deep discounts off retail cost on a variety of product categories. However, certain store sections typically feature sharper markdowns, enticing bargain hunters with the absolute best deals.


The apparel section often boasts significant price reductions, especially on past-season and clearance items. Shoppers can find substantial markdowns on designer labels and everyday wear, making high fashion more accessible to the budget-conscious consumer.

Home Goods

Home goods, including decor, small kitchen appliances, various kitchenware, and bedding, and other household items frequently see aggressive markdowns. This category is ideal for those looking to spruce up their living spaces without breaking the bank.

Beauty Products

Beauty enthusiasts can rejoice as T.J. Maxx offers steep discounts on beauty and makeup, skincare, and hair care products. The beauty aisle is a treasure trove for discounted high-end brands that are otherwise rarely on sale.

Accessories and Handbags

Accessories, particularly handbags and designer sunglasses, are another area where T.J. Maxx shines. Shoppers can snag deals on a variety of styles from top brands like Kate Spade and Coach, often at prices significantly lower than traditional retail.


Footwear is yet another section where markdowns can be quite sharp. From athletic shoes by Nike and Adidas to designer heels, T.J. Maxx allows you to step up your shoe game without spending a fortune.

It's worth noting that markdowns can vary by location and time of year. To make the most of these deals, be sure to visit stores frequently and check the clearance racks for the best discounts.


Where does T.J. Maxx get its stock?

TJ Maxx store associates restock its in-store and online inventory from various channels and other stores, including department store cancellations, manufacturer surplus, and vendor closeout deals. This enables them to offer high-quality fashion and home goods from top brands and emerging designers at 20–60% lower prices elsewhere.

They also develop exclusive products with their own experts when market offerings don't meet their standards. Inventory varies by location, so if you're local store doesn't have the best clearance prices or stocked store shelves, try another TJ Maxx location!

Can I find the same products online as in TJ Maxx stores?

Indeed, TJ Maxx presents a distinct array of products on its online platform and in its physical stores, with certain items available solely on one or the other. To ensure access to the widest variety, be sure to check both!

Does TJ Maxx offer exclusive brands?

T.J. Maxx offers many popular brands at reduced prices. Shoppers can find designer fashion names like Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren and trendy brands like Free People and Kate Spade. The store's inventory changes often, typically including a mix of casual, sporty, and formal wear from well-known labels.

When does TJ Maxx restock makeup?

While there isn't a schedule for makeup restocking, fresh shipments generally arrive a few times a week, and new products are typically shelved shortly after.

The best days to find a refreshed makeup inventory are often Tuesdays and Fridays, though this can vary by location. For those looking for the latest beauty treasures, visiting the store early in the day is advisable, as makeup enthusiasts tend to snap up new arrivals quickly.

When does TJ Maxx restock after Christmas?

T.J. Maxx will stock shelves with new price markdowns immediately after Christmas, with new items appearing as early as December 26th. Shoppers looking for post-holiday deals should check the store early, especially the clearance sections for fresh markdowns. Availability may vary by location.

When does TJ Maxx restock purses?

TJ Maxx replenishes its handbag selection throughout the week, with no specific restock day. Early weekdays are ideal for finding new arrivals. Tuesdays and Thursdays may offer the best variety, and shopping early in the day increases the chance of discovering that coveted purse before others.

When does TJ Maxx restock perfume?

TJ Maxx restocks perfumes sporadically throughout the week, without a set schedule. For the best selection, visit early on weekdays, with Tuesdays and Thursdays often being the most promising for new arrivals.


How does TJ Maxx differentiate itself from Marshalls?

T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, both under TJX Companies, have some distinctions:

  1. Product Selection: T.J. Maxx emphasizes fashion and home goods, including high-end designer items, while Marshalls offers a broader range of merchandise, spanning home decor, beauty products, and footwear.
  2. Store Ambiance: T.J. Maxx often boasts a more upscale feel, focusing on showcasing fashion and home decor, whereas Marshalls may have a more varied layout reflecting its diverse product offerings.
  3. Branding: T.J. Maxx positions itself as a destination for fashion-savvy shoppers seeking designer deals, while Marshalls highlights its wide assortment of discounted merchandise.
  4. Exclusive Offerings: While both stores offer discounted products, T.J. Maxx may carry more exclusive or upscale brands compared to Marshalls.

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