11 Things Costco Members Can Get for Free Included In Their Membership

Wondering what you can score at no extra charge with your Costco membership? From technical support to complimentary health screenings, our list unveils the top things Costco members can get for free.

Being a Costco member really pays off - especially when you factor in all of the benefits and freebies that are offered! Keep reading below for the best free services and perks to make the most of your Costco membership.

Top Things Costco Members can get for Free

1. Book Vacations Through Costco Travel

Costco Travel is a service provided for Costco members, but it's not entirely free. While there are no additional fees for booking through Costco Travel beyond your Costco membership fee, you will still need to pay for the cost of your vacation package, including airfare, accommodations, and any additional services you choose. However, Costco Travel often offers exclusive deals and discounts to its members, potentially saving you money compared to booking through other travel agencies or directly with providers. Members may receive an additional night at resorts or even a Digital Costco Shop Card as a bonus.

2. Health Services Including Hearing Tests & Health Screenings

Your Costco membership offers valuable health coupons and discounts, including reduced prescription prices, eyewear savings, and in some locations, free health and hearing screenings! The range of free services available includes:

  • Hearing tests and follow up care and hearing aid cleanings

  • Eye exams and glasses adjustments

  • Blood pressure measurements

  • Diabetes assessments

  • Cholesterol checks

  • Bone density analysis

  • Subsequent consultations

PRO TIP: Costco members who purchase hearing aids enjoy complimentary follow-up care, which includes remote adjustments and free hearing aid cleanings.


3. Tech Support

Costco members enjoy free tech support services, ensuring your electronic purchases function properly. This includes televisions, laptops, cameras, appliances and other electronic devices purchased from their stores. Their tech support lines are open from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. Pacific Time. Plus, your electronics purchases include extended warranties much better than other retailers offer.

4. Lifetime Tire Maintenance

To ensure the longevity of your vehicle's tires, it's crucial to regularly rotate and balance them to promote even wear. Typically, such services can cost between $35 and $45 per occurrence. However, if you purchase your tires from Costco, these essential services come at no extra charge for the entire lifespan of the tires. Additionally, Costco's tire center provides complimentary tire pressure checks, adjustments, and flat tire repairs whenever feasible.

5. Extended Warranties: Repair, Replace or Refund

Costco offers extended warranties for select products. These warranties typically extend the manufacturer's warranty and provide additional coverage for a longer period. However, the availability of extended warranties may vary depending on the product and location, so it's best to check with Costco or their website for specific details on extended warranty options for the product you're interested in.

6. Free Grocery Delivery

Costco members can enjoy free deliery for many products. I get my kids diapers delivered with free shipping,! Plus, score two-day delivery for non-perishable items over $75 and free delivery for cold or frozen goods over $100, ideal for bulk purchases. Plus you can get same day delivery on groceries too.

7. Free Returns: Online & In-store

Purchases made online can be returned for free via mail, with Costco providing a prepaid label and full reimbursement. In-store returns are also available. Note that electronics have a 90-day return window, and items like cigarettes and alcohol may have return restrictions.

8. Free Second Driver on Car Rentals

When you rent a car through Costco, you may be able to add a second driver to the rental for free. Normally, this costs up to $15. This is a huge saving over what rental car companies can charge. Plus, some of the best car rental discounts are through Costco Travel!

9. Free Samples

Costco has always been known for offering free samples as a way for shoppers to discover some new products as they shop. While it used to be an interaction with a Costco employee, stores now offer some self-serving kiosks. Shoppers have noted that you can score the most free samples during the weekend as Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are the store's busiest days.

10. Cash Back on Purchases

While this free perk is available only to Executive members (which costs $60 more than Gold Star members), it is worth noting if you're a frequent shopper or are planning some larger purchases. Executive members earn 2% rewards on every purchase, payable roughly three months before your membership renews. You will receive a rewards gift certificate for up to $1,000 per year with this perk.

11. Costco Hot Dog and Soda Deal

Costco is well known for its hot dog and soda deal at the food court. You can stop in for lunch or dinner and enjoy a hot dog and soda for only $1.50. This hot-dog-and-a-drink deal also includes free refills, so remember to head back and get a little more of your drink before heading out.

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