Mr. Clean Magic Eraser - Save with a New Coupon

This magical little cleaning eraser does it all - bathrooms, kitchens, playrooms, even your car! Here is why I love my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

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As a mom of three kids ranging from toddler to teens I can't rave enough about my BFF Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It's a cleaning staple in our house and you can always find a good deal on it which I appreciate, since you know I'm super frugal and money-saving savvy. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser makes the most difficult cleaning tasks so effortless from cleaning soap scum, removing stains from the rubber on my boys shoes, to the scribble mess on my toddler 's table and chair set - it's uses are endless!

Right now you can save 15% off Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on Amazon. Just clip the coupon and watch those savings melt off at checkout!

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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is A Parent's BFF

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is perfect for parents on the go. Toss one in your diaper bag to remove tough messes like food stains, dirt and crayon marks from plastic surfaces like car seats, toys and play sets! 

And let me tell you the power it has on cleaning the rubber on shoes! It will effortlessly take off dirt and stains and make them look new, it's one of my favorite mom-hacks to share with friends.

mr clean magic eraser cleans shoes

Powerful Bathroom Cleaner

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser has long been known to be a powerful tool for cleaning soap scum in bathrooms. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser goes beyond bathtubs and toilet bowls to tackle your bathroom's toughest messes. From the sink, to the counter, grout, and bathtubs this little but mighty eraser can clean it all! It's amazing what just adding a little water to that magical sponge does, and you don't even need to scrub that hard at all either.

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Beyond the Bathroom 

Mr. Clean might not know much about hair, but he knows messes. Use the Magic Eraser to remove hair product residue from curling irons and hair straighteners for easy styling. 

Dirty car rims? Take Mr. Clean Magic Eraser off the beaten path to remove brake dust and dirt off alloy wheels. Use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to wipe dirt, dust and messes off your dashboard and doors. It’s even safe to use on leather seats! 

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is also super helpful with food grime in the kitchen, as well as removing fingerprints and marks off baseboards, walls, and doors.

In the realm of household cleaning, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser has proven to be a game-changer. It replaces a multitude of other cleaning products, is easy to use, eco-friendly and always on sale!

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- Melissa