How to Coupon at Target (SO many EASY Ways to Save Even More At Target!)

Saving money at Target is now easier than ever!

Learning how to coupon at Target can be straightforward once you get the hang of it. With the Target app, Target Circle offers, and stacking coupons, along with RedCard benefits and Ibotta cashback, you can save big.

Starting March 13, 2024, you can use both Target coupons and manufacturer coupons online and in the app, including for shipping, pickup, and drive-up orders.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to coupon at Target:

Maximizing Savings with Target Circle

Get set to transform your shopping trips at Target into a celebration of savings with Target Circle, the stellar successor to the old Target Cartwheel. This rewards program stands as a treasure trove for special deals and target store coupons, offering an impressive opportunity to rack up earnings by granting you 1% back on purchases or allowing you to opt for the continuous 5% discount when using the RedCard.

Lets dive into the advantages that come with being part of Target Circle and how it can be leveraged to boost your cost-saving game on every visit.

How to Sign Up for Target Circle

Taking advantage of Target Circle offers starts by easily signing up. Whenever you’re picking up necessities in-store or scrolling through options online, registering is straightforward — just provide your mobile number at checkout or use your Wallet scan feature within the Target app.

Those who prefer shopping from the comfort of their home haven’t been overlooked – simply establish or access your existing account on to get started. Becoming a member of this complimentary loyalty program unveils a selection of unique deals and chances to accumulate rewards every time you make a purchase.

Redeeming Target Circle Offers

After you’ve saved your Target Circle offers, the exciting part comes — using them. When shopping in store, simply present your Target Circle barcode or enter your associated mobile number when you’re at checkout. If self-checkout is more your style, go ahead and scan that barcode yourself.

For those who prefer online shopping, accessing savings is straightforward as well. Once logged in, any offers you’ve previously saved will be automatically deducted during checkout for a smooth saving experience. Also, new this year many of these Circle offers are now automatically applied for Target Circle Members! And if printable coupons are what you’re after because they suit your preference better, rest assured that these are still an option at Target.

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Stacking Target Circle Offers with Coupons

At Target, the art of maximizing savings is robust. Imagine an item’s price diminishing progressively as you apply a manufacturer coupon, one Target coupon, and a Target Circle offer on top of it. Do keep in mind that the discount provided by any Circle offer cannot surpass the actual cost of the product. You won't be earning overages.

Making the Most of the Target App

Let’s dive into an essential tool for maximizing your savings: the Target App. It’s far more than a simple application — it's your central hub for accessing store coupons from Target, viewing the weekly ad, and conveniently setting up curbside pickup.

Digital Coupons in the Target App

The Target App and website is equipped with digital coupons that serve as powerful tools for maximizing your savings. By simply tapping the plus sign aside of the coupon, it becomes activated and stored in your account, ready to be used in store or online.

Viewing Weekly Ad and Deals

Stay informed on the latest sales with the Target App’s weekly ad. This essential resource provides you with up-to-date information on current deals, offering a convenient way to discover discounts that save you time and money.

Utilizing Order Pickup and Drive Up

For the days when you don't have time to run in and shop the aisles, utilize Target App’s Order Pickup or Drive Up options. Simply place your order and relax until it’s ready for collection. You can either head over to the Guest Service counter for pickup or drive to a specific location if using the Drive Up service, all without ever stepping inside the store. Some Target stores have introduced curbside pickup – providing an exceptionally seamless way of retrieving your items on-the-go.

Target Gift Card Promotions

Target gift card deals are frequently highlighted in the weekly ad and marked by shelf tags when you’re shopping in-store. These deals signal an opportunity — earn yourself a gift card by fulfilling certain purchase conditions and secure savings for your next visit.

Tip: You can load your gift cards onto your Wallet on the Target app, so you don’t have to worry about losing the gift cards. Less to keep track of is always nice!

Target Price Matching: Get the Best Deal

Discovered the same product you purchased at Target with a lower price tag at another store or online at With Target’s Price Match Guarantee, you can ensure that no savings slip through your fingers. This policy allows you to claim a match for any identical item found cheaper at a competing retailer or on their own website within 14 days after your purchase.

Just pull up proof of the lower price on your phone and show it to any cashier at the checkout. If it was on a previous purchase within 14 days, pay a visit to Guest Services. If the price match is for an online purchases, you can call Guest Services at (800) 591-3869.

Do note that some restrictions do apply. Prices from third-party vendors or those during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales will not be eligible for matching, along with doorbusters/lightning sales.

Additional Savings Strategies

You understand the fundamental concepts, yet there is still room to boost your savings at Target. Incorporating cashback apps and deciphering the hidden codes on clearance labels are just some methods that can increase the amount you save.

Cashback Apps and Rebates

Apps offering cashback, such as Ibotta, Fetch, Shopmiuim and others, serve as an additional way to add to your savings at Target. They provide refunds on items you buy that can be claimed once your shopping is done. Essentially, you’re earning money by making purchases! Remember to accumulate enough funds to meet the minimum threshold required for withdrawal before moving your earnings into your bank account or PayPal account.

Target Clearance Deals

The excitement of scouring the clearance aisle should not be underestimated. Look in the upper right-hand corner of the clearance tag, you’ll see one of three numbers: 30, 50, or 70. The number represents the discount percentage (30%, 50%, or 70% off). Clearance markdowns start at 30% off and end at 70%, you can easily tell whether you’re looking at a first, second, or third markdown! Use that information to help you score. I post many Target store deals including clearance finds every day!

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Beginner's Guide to Couponing at Target

Are you a beginner in the world of couponing? Don’t worry! This will guide you through top strategies to make certain that your shopping excursions at Target are optimized for maximum savings.

  1. Before anything else, familiarize yourself with the Target coupon policy. This set of rules delineates what is acceptable and prohibited when it comes to using coupons at Target. Grasping these regulations will ensure a hassle-free process at checkout.

  2. Organization is key to making the deals happen easily. Develop a system to keep you on task. By maintaining an orderly system for your coupons, you’ll swiftly rise through the ranks to become a master of coupon strategy.

  3. Elevate your couponing game by watching for an opportunity to use a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon on the same item to score the ultimate savings.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Target accept coupons?

Certainly, Target permits the use of both Manufacturer Coupons and Target Coupons on the same item. Make sure you adhere to the terms of the coupon and abide by the limitation of identical coupons per household each day. Also, these coupons need to possess a scannable barcode.

Do students get 15 percent off at Target?

Yes, you can get 15% off at Target by verifying your student status or joining Target Circle for free at Target also regularly offers discounts for military members/veterans and teachers as well.

Can I use more than one Target coupon on a single item?

According to their coupon policy, Target limits customers to the use of just one Target coupon per item.

If I forget to use my Target Circle offers at checkout, can I still redeem them?

Yes, if you neglected to apply your Target Circle offers during checkout at Target, you have the opportunity to redeem them post-purchase. Simply present both the receipt and the circle offer to Guest Services within the same store, and they will modify your purchase amount so that it includes your Target Circle savings.

- Melissa