Is The Home Depot 11% Rebate Code Still Available? Here is The Latest Info

Get the latest scoop on Home Depot's 11% rebate program, including eligibility, how to claim rebates, and tips for maximizing savings.

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If you’re searching for ‘home depot 11 rebate’, it’s important to know that as of 2024, Home Depot has discontinued the 11% rebate program.

Don't fret, our team has put together an extensive list of all the Home Depot discounts you can take advantage of NOW and I'll guide you through the ins and outs of Home Depot's discontinued 11% rebate and where it might still be lurking. Additionally, I've included several savvy shopping tips to help you uncover other Home Depot deals and rebate opportunities.


What's the Home Depot 11% Rebate?

The Home Depot used to offer an 11% rebate program, which provided customers with a return of 11% on eligible purchases via an eGift card. This initiative was intended to align with competitive offerings from retailers such as Menards.

However, starting in 2024, Home Depot will cease this program and no longer process rebate submissions.

Although the program has ended, it was widely embraced by consumers seeking additional value in their home improvement investments. It’s important to recognize that the rebate wasn’t applicable across the board, but was only available on regular-priced items. Products already discounted or certain brands like Weber and John Deere were not included under this scheme.

How to Use the Menards 11% Rebate Offer Instead

Menards, a well-known home improvement store, competes directly with Home Depot and offers its own incentive to draw customers: the Menards 11% rebate offer. This promotion is similar to what Home Depot used to provide but with its unique characteristics.

The Menards 11% rebate offer is a promotion where customers can receive an 11% rebate on their total purchase price before taxes. This rebate comes as a Menards merchandise credit check that can be used for future purchases at any Menards store.

Unlike Home Depot's discontinued program, Menards' rebate is available almost every week and is well-advertised in their weekly flyers.

Eligible Items for Menards Rebate

Menards' 11% rebate covers most store items, including building materials, hardware, electrical supplies, garden supplies, and home goods. However, there are exceptions to the rebate's eligibility.

These exceptions typically include:

  • Gift cards
  • Propane purchases
  • Rental items
  • Extended service agreements
  • Delivery and handling charges
  • Online purchases (unless specified otherwise)

The Menards 11% rebate is automatically applied to eligible in-store purchases, with no special forms to fill out at the time of purchase. Customers simply mail their rebate receipts and a rebate redemption form, which can be picked up at any Menards customer service desk or printed online from the Menards website.

What Rebates Can You Still Get at Home Depot?

Although the 11% rebate program has been discontinued, Home Depot continues to offer a variety of rebate opportunities to its customers, such as through the Ibotta savings app. These rebates can vary by region and time of year, so it's always a good idea to check the latest offers on the Home Depot Rebate Center website or inquire in-store.

Some of the rebates that may be available include special offers on appliances, where customers can get money back on select brands and models. Energy-efficient products often come with rebates as well, incentivizing customers to make sustainable choices for their homes. Paint rebates during special promotions are also common, allowing you to refresh your space while saving money.

Home Depot also partners with various manufacturers to offer exclusive deals. These can range from instant savings to mail-in rebates, giving customers multiple ways to save.

Saving with the Ibotta App at Home Depot

The Ibotta app is a mobile technology offering users cash back on purchases from various retailers, including Home Depot. By downloading and using Ibotta, savvy shoppers can earn rebates on items they buy, effectively saving money on their overall expenditures.

How Ibotta Works

Ibotta functions through a simple process:

  1. Download and Sign Up: First, download the Ibotta app on your smartphone and create an account.
  2. Browse Offers: Before shopping, open the app and look for cash-back offers on products you plan to purchase at Home Depot.
  3. Shop as Usual: Go to Home Depot in-store or online and buy the items you need.
  4. Verify Purchases: After shopping, access the Ibotta app and upload your receipt. You can link your Home Depot account to Ibotta for online purchases to earn cash back automatically.
  5. Earn Cash Back: Cashback is credited to your Ibotta account once your purchases are verified. You can then transfer the money to your PayPal or bank account or convert it into gift cards.

Tips for Maximizing Savings with Ibotta

  • Activate Offers: Always check the Ibotta app before you shop to activate any relevant offers.
  • Combine with Other Discounts: Use Ibotta with Home Depot's sales, clearance items, or other coupons to stack your savings.
  • Refer Friends: Ibotta offers referral bonuses when you invite friends to download and use the app.
  • Regular Check-ins: The app's offers change frequently, so check back often to find new ways to save.

By incorporating Ibotta into your shopping routine, you can take advantage of additional rebates and maximize your savings at Home Depot, even without the 11% rebate program.

Don't Forget to Check the Home Depot Rebate Center

The Home Depot Rebate Center was an online platform designed to simplify the process of claiming and tracking customer rebates. This centralized hub allowed customers to access information on various rebate offers available at Home Depot, including those on appliances, building materials, and other home improvement products.

Here's what you can find there:

  • Current Rebate Offers: A comprehensive list of active rebates that customers could apply for, including details on the amounts and the products eligible for these rebates.
  • Rebate Tracking: Customers could enter their rebate tracking number or personal details to monitor the status of their rebate submissions, from processing to approval.
  • Submission Forms: The Rebate Center offered downloadable rebate forms that customers could fill out and submit along with the necessary proof of purchase.
  • FAQ and Guidelines: A section dedicated to answering common questions and providing guidelines on submitting a rebate claim to ensure successful processing properly.

How Customers Could Use the Rebate Center

To make use of the Rebate Center, customers would need to:

  1. Make a qualifying purchase at Home Depot and keep the receipt.
  2. Visit the Rebate Center online to find the appropriate rebate offer.
  3. Download and complete the rebate form with accurate purchase details.
  4. Mail the completed form and a copy of the receipt to the address provided.

Maximizing Your Rebate: Tips and Tricks

By exploring additional tactics, customers could amplify their savings beyond the substantial discounts provided by Home Depot's rebate program. Be sure to look for yellow clearance labels and take advantage of periodic coupons, rebates, clearance offers, price match opportunities, and overstock promotions on select items alongside regular sales.

Synchronizing purchases with the store’s promotional events is another potent savings method. When you time your shopping with Home Depot’s scheduled sales, you can enjoy reduced sale prices and accrue extra benefits from the 11% rebate program.

Optimal times to acquire items such as paint, patio furnishings, and lower-priced festive decor include Memorial Day, July 4th celebrations, and the post-holiday period in January. Strategically planning purchases to coincide with these discount periods maximized your financial benefit from each transaction.

By subscribing to their email or SMS updates or shopping their Local Ad Catalog, customers could access unique discounts and rebates that might be used with any rebates.

Find Home Depot Locations Near You

Home Depot is a widespread presence in the United States, with Home Depot locations in all 50 states.

Here's how you can find a Home Depot location near you:

  1. Use the Store Finder: Visit the official Home Depot website and utilize the 'Store Finder' feature. Enter your zip code, city, or state to see a list of stores in your area.
  2. Mobile App: Download the Home Depot mobile app. With location services enabled, the app can automatically find the nearest store and provide you with directions.
  3. Google Maps: Simply type "Home Depot near me" into Google Maps, and it will display the closest locations along with hours of operation and contact information.
  4. Customer Service: If you prefer speaking to a representative, call Home Depot's customer service line, and they can direct you to the nearest location.


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