Stay at Great Wolf Lodge for As Low as $99 WITH Water Park Pass Using the Great Wolf Lodge 99 Promo Code

Planning a vacation the whole family will love? Try the Great Wolf Lodge. Right now, you can find deals of up to 45% off your stay with the Great Wolf Lodge 99 promo code!

great wolf lodge 99 promo code

Planning a fun trip for Spring break with your family? Groupon is offering an irresistible deal where you can book a stay at Great Wolf Lodge for up to 45% off, bringing some stays to as low as just $99 per night!

Not to mention, upon arrival, you will receive water park passes for up to six guests included in your stay! To make the most of your next trip, read on for our top tips.

Our Top 5 Tips For a Great Wolf Lodge Vacation

1. Look For Exclusive Deals and Promo Codes First!

Right now, you can save up to 45% on your stay through Groupon. For example, a stay at Great Wolf Lodge in Chicago is just $99 right now, and a stay in Wisconsin is only $89!

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2. Join the Voyagers Club and Book Early

Save up to 50% on your stay when you book at least 90 days in advance with your Voyagers Club Membership.

3. Use Your AAA, AARP, Military and First Responders Discounts

Special recognition and appreciation are woven into the fabric of Great Wolf Lodge, with exclusive discounts and offers for AAA, AARP, and first responders. With the ‘Howling Heroes’ discount, qualified guests can get up to 30% off with valid ID. And for the wise wolves of AARP and the savvy savers of AAA, discounts of up to 25% make the getaway even sweeter.

4. Use the Waterpark Early on Arrival Day

The waterpark at Great Wolf Lodge opens at 1pm, so even before check-in at 4pm, you can enjoy an afternoon with the family at the pool. This essentially gets you two days of fun for the price of one if you have a one-night-stay.

5. Save Money with the Dining Pass

Starting at just $39.99 per person per day, you can leverage a discounted rate on food throughout your stay. With Great Wolf's dining deal, you can get:

  • A breakfast voucher good for all-you-can-eat breakfast each day of your stay
  • A $15 credit towards lunch at any of the applicable dining outlets
  • A $20 credit towards dinner at any of the applicable dining outlets

Package Deals: The Paw Pass, Pup Pass, and Wolf Pass at Great Wolf Lodge

When you check in at Great Wolf Lodge, you'll find a variety of activities beyond the water park that can enhance your family's experience. To make the most of these offerings, consider purchasing one of the lodge's activity passes: the Paw Pass, Pup Pass, or Wolf Pass.

The Paw Pass

The Paw Pass is the middle-tier option, and provides a mix of activities for children of all ages. It typically includes access to the MagiQuest game, a mining experience, a build-your-own stuffed animal session, and more. It's a great way to enjoy a variety of attractions at a bundled discount. The typical cost starts at $79.99 per package.

Pup Pass

Tailored for the youngest guests, the Pup Pass includes kid-friendly activities such as a create-your-own stuffed animal session, a scoop of ice cream from Ben & Jerry's, and a couple of arcade tokens. It's a cost-effective way to keep the little ones entertained. The cost of a Pup Pass is usually around $49.99.

Wolf Pass

The Wolf Pass is the most comprehensive package, offering the widest range of activities. It usually encompasses everything in the Paw Pass plus additional premium experiences like a ropes course, mini-golf, and bonus arcade tokens. It's perfect for families looking to experience all the entertainment options the lodge has to offer. A Wolf Pass starts at $89.99.

Each pass is designed to offer a convenient and discounted way to enjoy a variety of attractions and games throughout the resort. Be sure to check the current offerings and prices for each pass as they can vary by location and season.

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Great Wolf Lodge: FAQs

What is MagiQuest at Great Wolf Lodge and how much does it cost?
MagiQuest is an interactive adventure game at Great Wolf Lodge where players use magic wands to go on quests and adventures. Prices start at $14.99 for game activation and $17.99 for a wand.

What time of year is Great Wolf Lodge the cheapest?
The cheapest time to visit Great Wolf Lodge is usually from mid-January to early March, or in mid-April to mid-May, and mid-September to mid-November. Weeknights are often the most affordable option.

Can you use more than one discount code at Great Wolf Lodge?
No, you cannot use more than one discount code at Great Wolf Lodge. However, if you receive a code that lowers your room rate after making a reservation, you can contact a Pack Member to apply the better offer.

Do you need to bring towels to Great Wolf Lodge?
No need to stuff your suitcase with towels when you're headed to Great Wolf Lodge – they've got you covered! Towels are provided at the water park area for all guests. However, if you're the type who prefers your own fluffy towel from home, you're welcome to bring it along.

Can you wear aqua socks at Great Wolf Lodge?
Yes, aqua socks are welcome at Great Wolf Lodge for added safety and comfort in the water park. They help prevent slips and protect your feet, so feel free to bring them along!

Can the dining package credits be used at any dining outlet within Great Wolf Lodge?
No, dining package credits can only be used at select dining outlets within the resort, excluding Dunkin' and Wood's End.

What is Flex Trip Great Wolf Lodge?
Flex trip at Great Wolf Lodge offers flexible booking, allowing free changes to reservation dates within certain terms, providing peace of mind for any travel adjustments.


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