Looking For An Alternative to Crocs? Check Out These Knock Off, Fake Crocs at the Lowest Prices

Fake Crocs can match the comfort, style and quality of the real-deal without the expensive price tag. This Crocks Knock Off Guide will save you time and a ton of money on your next Crocs alternative purchase.

top fake crocs lowest prices

If you love the look, style and comfort of Crocs but don't want to pay the $50+ price tag you'll want to continue reading for some affordable fake Crocs alternatives. Crocs dupes are luckily very easy to find and have the same comfort and look of their more expensive counterparts. Discover how to save money with the best budget-friendly alternatives to Crocs that won't break your bank.


Our Top 3 Recommendations for Crocs Knock Offs

  1. Old Navy Womens Clogs as low as $5 
  2. Amazon YHOON Classic Adult Style Clogs comes in 10 colors $14.99-$16.99 
  3. Walmart Rugged Sharks Kids Clogs starting $10.98

Shop Amazon for Fake, Knock Off Crocs for Adults - Up to 50% Off

fake crocs amazon

If you're on the hunt for both style and savings, you'll want to check out the wide selection of fake Crocs available on Amazon. Amazon has the most diverse fake Crocs offerings and most all of them are unisex styles for men and women. My top 3 favorite Crocs Knocks off on Amazon are below.
  1. Amazon YHOON Classic Adult Style Clogs comes in 10 colors $14.99-$16.99 
  2. ChayChax Faux Fur Lined Clogs start at $17.99 and comes in 19 colors
  3. Beslip Comfort Slip on Clogs start at $19.99 and comes in 6 colors

Amazon Shoppers Fake Crocs Pro Tip

Always take a moment to read the reviews to get an understanding of the fit and quality of the knock-off Crocs and don't forget to check the return policy for the item you are purchasing. Also keep you eyes peeled for any coupons that show up on the product page, it's a great way to save extra money.


Shop Walmart, Kohl's, and Amazon for Knock Off Crocs for Kids & Toddler - Up to 40% Off

fake kids crocs dupes

Stores like Walmart, Kohl's, and Amazon has a ton of budget-friendly Crocs alternatives for kids that are perfect for active kids who love to run, play, and splash around. Many of these dupe kids Crocs have the same iconic look and feel of Crocs - your kids' feet and your wallet will thank you. My top 3 favorite kids Crocs Knocks off are below.
  1. Walmart Rugged Sharks Kids Clogs starting $10.98
  2. Kohl's Joybees Kids Clogs starting at $27.00
  3. Amazon's Hobibear, DropDop, Cubufly Kids Clogs starting at $10.98

Walmart, Kohl's & Amazon Fake Crocs Pro Tip

Read reviews to get a good sense of the quality and fit for these fake kids crocs. Use any Walmart and Kohl's cash or coupons in your account to bring the price down even further. Check Amazon for special coupons you can clip on the product page and double check the return policy.


Shop Old Navy for Imitation Crocs - Pay as Low as $5

old navy knock off crocs

Old Navy
 releases new fake Crocs every year and right now you can score some for as low as $5 (Reularly $25). These clogs are lightweight, have a contoured foot bed and are easy slide-on style. The Old Navy clogs have great reviews, people love them (who wouldn't at THAT price!?). Right now they are available in womens sizes but are going fast!

Shop Old Navy Womens Clogs as low as $5 

You Can Also Find Cheap Crocs Accessories on Amazon & Etsy

crocs accessories for cheap

The right accessories can make all the difference when looking to jazz up your fake Crocs. Amazon and Etsy are treasure troves for shoppers looking to snag the most affordable fake jibbitz Crocs shoe charm products. Both Amazon and Etsy have every type of style, characcter, and hobby shoe charms for affordable prices. Both of these sites guarantee that you will score the lowest prices for those perfect accessory finds that turn your knock off Crocs into statement pieces.
  1. Shop Amazon Crocs Accessories for as low as $3.00 for a pack of 30 
  2. Shop Etsy Crocs Accessories from $1.00 each 

When is The Best Time to Buy Fake Crocs on Sale?

While fake Crocs are available during the whole year the best time for scoring fake Crocs is in the early spring and summer when many brands hold sales for their own Crocs alternatives that they are releasing that season. They sometimes will brand their fake Crocs as water shoes during these times and you wouldn't believe how much they look like the real deal! Amazon has a large variety of fake Crocs the entire year so if you don't want to wait you can start by shopping the thousands of Crocs dupes on their site.

How Do I Find the Best Deals on Fake Crocs?

Be on the lookout for special promotions and coupons to use on your fake Crocs purchase. Many of the Amazon Crocs knock offs have coupons you can clip that appear right on the product page and is the easiest way to save money. Kohl's, Target and Walmart also have special promotions that can save you money on your fake Crocs purchase for adults, toddlers and kids. Old Navy will run spring and summer sales on their own Crocs version that will be super cheap and if you have a coupon you can mazimize those savings even further.


Differences Between Real Crocs Vs. Fake Crocs

real vs fake crocs differences

Genuine real Crocs are crafted from a proprietary material called Croslite, offering a unique blend of softness, durability, and odor resistance that fake versions can sometimes lack. That's not to say budget friendly Crocs knock offs aren't good quality! The fit and comfort of both real Crocs and fake Crocs can be equally as comfortable and stylish. Real Crocs have the popular Crocs branding on the side strap of the shoe, this is a distinct feature that makes them stand apart from their dupe counterparts. While fake Crocs can tempt with lower prices, they may fall short in terms of look and feel so it's very important to read the reviews carefully to get a good idea of what you are purchasing.


Additional Tips When Shopping for Faux Crocs

When you're on the hunt for the perfect pair of fake Crocs, there's more to consider than just price. You'll want to select a pair that doesn't just look great, but feels comfortable and withstands the test of time. Quality of dupe Crocs is going to widely vary and it's the reason why my top tip is to always pay attention to the reviews, both good and bad.

Checking for discounts and coupon codes is another tip I can't stress enough. Use Kohl's cash and coupons that are available, check the Walmart clearance section and always keep your eyes peeled for coupons you an clip on the Amazon product pages. Deals come and go and if you snag a great promotion or coupon you can elevate your savings game even further.

Ultimately, seeking out alternatives to the iconic Crocs brand can be both a fun and a budget-friendly endeavor. Whether you're hunting for similar comfort, style, or durability, a variety of knock off and fake Crocs are available at significantly lower prices. Just remember to weigh the cost against the quality and customer reviews before checking out. By doing so, you're sure to find a pair that won’t just mimic the Crocs experience but will also give you the satisfaction of a savvy purchase. 


Fake Crocs Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I find budget-friendly alternatives to Crocs?
You can find budget-friendly alternatives to Crocs at various retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, Kohl's, Old Navy, and Target. These places offer knock off and fake Crocs that mimic the style and comfort of the original at a fraction of the cost, with the potential for discounts up to 50% off.

Are knock off Crocs available for both adults and children?
Yes, knock off Crocs are available for both adults and children. You can find adult sizes on Amazon and retailers like Walmart and Kohl's, while Target and Old Navy offers a vibrant selection for toddlers with prices sometimes as low as $5.

How do I know I'm getting a good-quality fake Crocs?
To ensure you're getting a good-quality fake Croc, pay attention to the material listed in the descirption and it's especially important to consider the reviews. Customer feedback will give you the biggest clue you need on whether those fake Crocs are worth the money or not.

When is the best time to buy fake Crocs on sale?
The best time to buy fake Crocs on sale is during the spring an summer months when stores release their latest fake Crocs line. Then you'll want to shop end-of-season clearances, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, back-to-school sales, or Prime Day on Amazon. Keep an eye on the MySavings store deals page for the latest sales and promo codes.

Can I personalize my knock off Crocs with accessories?
Absolutely! You can browse marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy for accessories like charms, liners, and tread enhancers to personalize your knock off Crocs at affordable prices. These sitesoffer a variety of options to enhance and customize your Crocs alternatives.

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