Get Martha Stewart Meals Delivered Right to Your Door

Inspired recipes, curated ingredients, smart preparation. What's not to love?

Get dinner delivered right to your door from Martha & Marley Spoon! Make meal planning for the week so much easier.
  1. Choose the recipes you love
  2. Choose a date for delivery
  3. Recieve the freshest ingredients to prepare your meal
Choose a box of meals for 2-4 people with up to 4 week day meals! You can have a box delivered every week, or skip a week at any time.

Each week, 10 days before your delivery day, you’ll receive an email with meal choices. If you'd like to swap recipes, you can do so under "My Account." Everything is shipped to arrive fresher than you might see at the supermarket. They guarantee you’ll be able to use the ingredients for at least 4 days after you receive them, with the exception of fish which should be cooked within 48 hours. Martha & Marley Spoon is PERFECT for those busy weeks where you don't have time for meal planning, shopping and prepping.

- Melissa