My 6 Tips for Scoring Disinfectants & Toilet Paper Online

Below is a real photo of essentials I have ordered over the past 2 weeks online!

Need Disinfectant wipes? Bleach? Toilet Paper and Sanitizer? We got ya! Check out my tips below on how your can score some sanitizer and disinfectant shipped right to your door.

1. Fill Your Shopping Cart NOW

You found your items online - but are put off by the $5 shipping cost! Don't attempt to fill your cart quickly - you will fail! Many online retailers will give you free shipping if you spend a minimum amount. Walmart, Target and Amazon will give you free shipping if your cart is at a minimum of $35 worth of merchandise. Get your carts filled up NOW so you can checkout in a breeze. The key here is don't wait until you see these hot items in-stock to fill your cart with other items in attempt to get free shipping - the sanitzier and wipes WILL sell out while you spend time looking to fill your cart. Sign up for Amazon Prime free 30 day trial so you dont even need to worry about shipping costs at all. Free 30 day MembershipFree 6 month Membership for Students or 54% off Prime Membership for those who Qualify

2. Add your payment to your accounts NOW

Login to Amazon, Walmart, Target and your warehouse store websites right now and save your payment methods. When the time is running out to purchase these hot items you'll be thankful you didnt have to waste time entering and confirming your credit card information. Every second counts!

3. Learn the Zipcode Hack

Change your zipcode in the menu when searching to reveal stock in other locations. Secure your items in your shopping cart and you can change the shipping address at checkout. This has worked particularly well with Walmart. Zip codes 11211, 60477 and 30003 have routinely showed sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes in stock over the past 2 weeks. The stock comes and goes - don't give up and check other zipcodes.

4. Seek Alternate Sources & Brands

Look beyond the big box store websites. Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Five Below, Home Depot and Staples (free shipping & Lots of TP and paper towels!) are other websites with cleaning products ready to ship. Other small online retailers may also have stock with off brands from smaller companies. CDC reccommends 60% alcohol in products to be effective in killing Covid19 Coronavirus. Check off brands (store brand) like Great Value (Walmart) or lesser known brands like ArtNaturals (in stock!), Microban & Bona (in stock!).

5. Refresh the Page

I can't tell you how many times an item has gone out of stock in the middle of checkout - you NEED to refresh, refresh, refresh until your succeed! If I would have given up every time it said out of stock I would have NEVER been successful ordering toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes (check out my picture above!). Stock comes and goes. Just last week we posted about Lysol wipes on Walmart's website. It went in and our of stock the entire day - a LOT of people scored the Lysol wipes, but also a lot of people also gave up too fast!

6. Check & our Facebook and Instagram Daily

If you're not already check our website several times per day. We post it here as soon as we see these hot items in stock. We than post on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure you are following our social media pages! Make sure to change your settings for our MySavings Facebook Page to "see first" at the top of our FB page so you never miss out!

Good Luck & Stay Safe & Healthy!!


- Melissa