How to Get Free Samples in The Mail

Some common questions are answered on how to get real Free Samples sent to you in the mail!
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One of the biggest myths in the world is the saying "Nothing in Life is Free" and we prove that saying wrong every day here on We are a team of 4 dedicated freebie and deal savers who love to scour the internet every day for the BEST, REAL and LEGITIMATE free samples for you to request.

Steps for Successfully scoring FREE Stuff from

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Top 3 Common Questions about Freebies Answered:

Why have I not received my samples yet?
We understand how frustrating it can be to fill in forms and it seem as if nothing arrives. Samples are shipped directly from the company offering the samples, many say to allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. From my experience, some items may take longer to arrive due to the popularity of the offer and we unfortunately have no control over that. BUT Sometimes samples will arrive super fast (within 2 weeks) but this is the exception - not the rule! Hang in there and don't give up. Keep filling in those forms and have a little patience and you'll be rewarded with Free Samples in your mailbox every week we promise! 
Are these samples really Free?
Yes, companies and brands want to get their products in consumers hands - what better way to do that than offer a free sample! posts about REAL samples from REAL companies. Our team signs up for these samples too and we look into and vet all offers before posting them on our site. We also post about sweepstakes, coupons and cheap deals you can score in-store and on Amazon.

Whats the catch? Will I be spammed?
Companies are hoping you love their sample and then purchase their full-priced products online or in-store - THAT'S the catch! Some free samples may require you to sign up for their brands email list - which may include updates from the brands, coupons and an alert when future samples are offered - so they arent always a bad thing! Very rarely do companies require you to provide a phone number unless it's asked that you sign up for text alerts to get the freebie (Chipotle is big on this). With emails you can always opt out (look for a small link on the bottom of emails) or text "STOP" if you don't wish to receive anymore texts. Generally it is not an issue - and we have been signing up for freebies for 12+ years.

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- Melissa