$5 Shipped Harrys Razor, Shaving Cream and Cover Set 
Just pay $5 shipping for a razor and shaving cream shipped right to your door!

Harry's Razors is offering a FREE trial Package for their starter set!
Just pay $5 for shipping. Just go here and click the "redeem trial" button. The free Harry's razor set includes a Truman Razor with a Blade, Foaming Shave Gel, and a Travel Blade Cover. Lasts about 2 weeks  Harry's is a high-end men's shaving company that's been featured in many magazines.

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If you wish to continue you can choose deliveries every 2,3 or 5 months for ONLY $2 per blade. You can cancel at anytime, or after this trial ships!! But why would you want to, this is so cheap!


- Melissa