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Companies often offer free stuff as a part of a promotion, contest, or public service. MySavings connects consumers to these offers by publicizing the best promotions of free products, software and services being offered on the internet for the mutual benefit of the consumer and sponsor.

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Free Stuff and Freebies

Companies and organizations often give away free stuff for promotional, educational, political, and religious campaigns. In recent years, many of these campaigns have come online to the Internet and can be found scattered throughout cyberspace. A few web sites have diligently taken on the task of providing a directory of these promotional free stuff and freebie offers. One of these websites, connects users to these offers and their sponsors by providing a comprehensive directory of the best promotional free stuff and freebie offers available on the internet.
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Free Stuff and Online Freebies

Perhaps the most common free stuff items that companies give away are promotional items. We are all familiar with the branded pens, mouse-pads, calendars, refrigerator magnets, planners, and koozies that companies give away. Companies use these types of freebies and free stuff as a means of advertising and raising awareness of their brand. Take a look at the jar of pens next to your telephone or sitting on your desk, at least a few of them are probably freebie pens with company slogans and names on them, or the magnet on your fridge with your auto mechanics phone number and address.

Freebies also come in the form of educational materials. Organizations and institutions often give away free stuff for educational purposes. Teacher freebies and teaching aids, educational pamphlets, how-toís, books, printed materials, DVDs, and fun free stuff for children are distributed to help to educate kids and adults alike. Educational organizations understand that the best way to educate our youth is through fun media from coloring books and posters, to DVDs and video games. Adults also love to further their learning about topics of interest such safety, health, cooking, environment, and family affairs.

Religious and Political organization often use free stuff as a way to promote their message or belief. Around election time, freebie bumper stickers, free t-shirts, and pins of candidates are widely distributed to the public. Political organizations use free stuff and freebies to spread the word about their campaigns and people use them to show their support. Not just for politics, bumper stickers and shirts are a way for people to show support for particular belief or religion, and perhaps more than half of the bumper stickers on cars seem in one way or another in support of a religious belief.

Apart from material items, there are lots of non-tangible free stuff and services available that the everyday internet user can access, including thousands of free online services and software. Think about all of the free services that we use every day on the internet. I personally havenít used a printed phone book, encyclopedia or dictionary for years. Whenever I need information, I go straight to the web, not to a book or the library. There is probably a website that freely gives information on any question or any topic that you want to research. There are also dozens of online public services such as criminal background checks and local sex offender searches that are very useful and completely free, not to mention free email, free image and picture hosting, free dating sites, electronic greeting cards, and online chat. Not just services and information are available for free online, but free software programs and can be downloaded for just about any computer application that you would need, and other free download such as screensavers, images, fonts, application, utilities, anti-virus programs. The internet gives its users access to more free information, public services, computer applications, and other free stuff than they could ever need.

Of course there is also the free stuff that is just for fun. Companies and organizations donít always just do things for self supporting reasons and many do it just to spread some fun and joy. For kids, fun freebies range from everything from mood rings, fake jewelry, toys, posters, stickers, and temporary tattoos. Fun freebies are not just for kids, there are lots of other fun freebies available that adults enjoy as well as free online games that a internet user can download or play from any browser.

Companies, organizations, and individuals have many different reasons to offer free stuff and freebies, from promotional and educational motives to just for fun and entertainment. Companies and organizations recognize that people love free stuff and that they can benefit by using free stuff promotions and giveaways to raise awareness about their company, brand, product, campaign or belief. MySavings brings these offers to the people on an easy and, best of all FREE, website.

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