FREE Sample Mail Call!

It's Monday and you know what that means - FREE Sample Mail Call! Check out the photo and list of what's recently arrived in our mailbox!

FREE Sample Mail Call Jan. 30th:
*Samples still available are noted below

Free Dixie Customized Coffee Stopper (Still Available)

I received a free Dixie Customized Coffee Stopper! It arrived fairly quickly, is a decent size & the packaging is pretty funny. Mine says Taffic Queen, it's an inside joke shared with some friends, so I know they'll crack up when they see it! It also came with a $050 off coupon on Dixie To Go Cups. This one is still available in case you've missed out - valid for the 1st 500 to sign up each day thru Feb. 26th. It opens at 10:30am est every day)!

Free Samples of eb5 Anti-Aging Skin Care Products (Still Available)

I received a free sample pack of 4 different eb5 Skin Care products! It included a free sample of the eb5 Original 5-in-1 Facial Treatment, Vitamin C Serum Concentrate, Collagen Treatment Serum and Daily Repairing Eye Cream! I tried the Original 5-in-1 Facial Treatment, Vitamin C Concentrate and the Eye Cream am loving all 3! I can't wait to try the other sample and if it's as amazing as the others then I am going to look into buying some of their full-size products!

Free Creme of Nature Sample Pack

Wow, this arrived so fast! I received the free Creme of Nature Argan Oil sample pack that included a free sample of their Pudding Perfection Curl Enhancing Creme (1.0 oz.), a free sample of Perfect 7 Leave in Treatment (.5 oz.) and a free sample of Perfect Edges (.10 oz)! I just received it today and haven't had a chance to try any of the samples, but I love the way argan oil makes my hair look and feel, so I'm excited to try them!

Free Folgers Vintage Canister

I was happy to see my Folgers Vintage Canister arrive, but I was even more excited when I picked it up & found out it actually was full of Folgers coffee (I thought it would just be the empty can)!!! The hubby & I live on coffee, so to receive free coffee is awesome! It's a 10.3 oz. can of Folgers coffee in the coolest vintage Folgers can!

Free Garnier Skincare & Hair Care Samples

I found these samples inside this month's issue of Cosmopolitan magazine! I received Cosmo magazine for free from a post we shared which is why I included these samples in this week's Mail Call photo! Inside the magazine was a free sample of Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Moisturizer and a free sample of Garnier Fructis Style Smooth Air Dry and free sample of Garnier Fructis Style Smooth Blow Dry! Both samples include a $2 coupon on the reverse side to save on your purchase. If you received Cosmopolitan magazine for free in the mail or picked up a copy from the store be sure to check inside for these free Garnier samples!

Free Sample of Lauku Tea

I received a free sample of Lauku Tea in Evita's Twilight Blend (.32 oz.) and a cut, unbleached cheesecloth to brew it since it's a loose tea! The Evita's Twilight Blend is geared to help calm and ease the mind and body to help you unwind and sleep better and all ingredients are 100% cerified organic.

Free NadaMoo Ice Cream Product Coupon

I scream! You scream! We all scream for FREE ice cream! I received a coupon good for a free pint of NadaMoo and a card with an apology about the long wait (so nice of them to aknowledge that)!  NadaMoo is an Organic, Non-Dairy Ice Cream from Coconut Milk which sounds delicious to me and I can't wait to pick up my free pint!

Free Sample of Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant

More free beauty samples, yay! I received a free Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid Deodorant in Powder Protection scent! I like the scent, it's got a hint of baby powder, but more adult - like baby powders big sister! I just receieved this today, so I can't speak about it's efficiency/protection, but would love to hear from you guys - if you've had the chance to try yours leave your experience in the comments below!

*Have you received any HOT free samples or goodies in your mailbox? We'd love to hear about it - post your own photo or leave a comment telling us all about what's arrived for you!

FREE Sample Mail Call Jan. 23rd:
*Samples still available are noted below

Free Gillette Razor (Still Available)

I received my free Gillette Razor coupon! Razors and blades can be SO pricey, so I'm loving that I'll be able to get one for free! The coupon is good for one free Gillette Razor up to a $12 value (excludes disposables)! Expires 3/31/17. This one is still available for those that missed out!

Free Sample of WowButter Creamy Peanut Free Toasted Soy Spread (Still Available)

I received 2 free tubs of WowButter Creamy Peanut Free Toasted Soy Spread! I shared with my daughter and we both agree these are yummy & it tastes like real peanut butter! This would be great for those of us who have kids that love peanut butter, but schools may not allow peanut butter due to allergies. This is still available, so if you haven't been lucky enough to score your free samples grab yours now!

Free Sample of Nutrahouse Phytofood Superfoods Drink Mix (Still Available)

I received a free sample pack of Phytofood Superfoods Drink Mix in berry flavor! I just received it today, so haven't had the chance to try it. The packaging says it is vegan, gluten free, non GMO, soy free and includes over 15 super foods!

Free 2017 Creativity and Parkinson's Calendar (Still Available)

I received a free copy of the 2017 Creativity & Parkinson's Calendar from the Parkinson's Disease Foundation! It's a smaller sized calendar than some others i've received, but the pictures on each month are really cool! Plus, each photo was submitted by someone living with Parkinson's.

Free Pure Sense Buddy iPad Case

I received 2 free Pure Sense Buddy Tablet Cases! I received one in pink/purple and one in blue/dark blue and each one comes with the case, shoulder strap, screen protector, screen cleaning spray and microfiber cloth! The idea behind these are awesome, first it has a built in handle for easy carrying and the entire case has been treated with an antimicrobial agent to protect it and your child from germs! How cool is that! 

Free Custom Window Decal

I received a free custom window decal from Country Financial! I created this one for my daughter and since music is such a big influence in her life I customized my decal to reflect that and she loves it! The decal is a really nice size and will work on any kind of window (home or car), mirrors and more!

Free Bottle of KFC’s Extra Crispy SPF 30 Sunscreen

I received a free bottle of KFC Col. Sanders Extra Crispy Sunscreen SPF 30! Wow, this one took about 5 months to arrive and since the promo page said to allow 8 weeks for delivery I didn't think it wasn't going to show up, so it was suprise to see it in my mailbox! It's a pretty large bottle and is suppose to smell like fried chicken. I don't think it does and between the 'fried chicken' scent and the sunscreen scent it's not very pleasant, so I don't think I'll be using this.

Free Mountain Dew Camo Hat

I won a free camouflage hat in the Casey's Camo Sweepstakes from Mountain Dew! This is more hubby's style, so I'm sure he'll love it!

*Have you received any HOT free samples or goodies in your mailbox? We'd love to hear about it - post your own photo or leave a comment telling us all about what's arrived for you!

FREE Sample Mail Call Jan. 16th:
*Samples still available are noted below

Free Organic Valley Organic Balance Milk Protein Shake (Still Available)

I received a coupon for a free 11 oz. Organic Valley Organic Valley Milk Protein Shake! I received a coupon during their promotion last year and was able to find the Vanilla Bean flavor. That was pretty good, so I'm hoping to find the Dark Chocolate with this coupon (it doesn't expire until June).

Free TPO Mobile SIM Card (Still Available)

I received a free TPO GSM SIM card. I just received it today, so I haven't had the chance to activate it yet, but it's pretty straightforward.

Free Yup Bars

I received 2 Yup bar, one Red Velvet Cupcake and one Sugar Cookie (YUM)! I shared with hubby and our daughter and we all agreed these both were tasty (we all preferred the Red Velvet).

Free NeilMed Naspira Drops

I received 4 sample tubes of NeilMed Naspira Drops for babies & kids! I was sick last week and had a stuffy nose and even those these for kids I decided to give them a try. They seemed to help some, but probably work better on the little ones they're intended for.

Free 2-Pack of Balance The Superfood Shot

I received 2 bottles of Balance The Superfood Shot from Life Equals! My daughter and I were excited to try these because it lists a ton of fruits and veggies on the ingredients like pineapple, lemon, dragonfruit, carrot, kale etc and one small bottle gives you 1/2 a day's serving of fruits & vegetables! We opened it and my daughter couldn't get past the smell (sort of like the original V8 drink), so I gave it a try and it just wasn't to my liking. Too many flavors fightng against each other and a kind of gritty texture.

Free 2017 Zeiss Calendar

This has to be my favorite calender I've received! The photos all taken under microscopes and have gorgeous colors and images - so cool! My daughter said she wants to steal it for her room. lol

*Have you received any HOT free samples or goodies in your mailbox? We'd love to hear about it - post your own photo or leave a comment telling us all about what's arrived for you!

FREE Sample Mail Call Jan. 9th:
*Unfortunately, the items in this weeks Mail Call are no longer available.

Free Samples of True Citrus

Wow! These arrived so quickly (it was posted only 5 days ago)! I received an awesome free sample pack of True Citrus products in different flavors - 2 True Lemon, 2 True Orange, 2 True Grapefruit and 2 True Lime. Plus, free samples of Original Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade, Peach Lemonade, Black Cherry Limeade and Watermelon Aqua Fresca! I just received these today, so I only had the chance to try one, so I chose Peach Lemonade. I really enjoyed the flavors, found it refreshing and a I never had Peach Lemonade before, so it was nice to take a classic like lemonade and make it new! I'm looking forward to trying and sharing the rest!

Free Freezer to Plate Product

I received a box of Good Table Freezer to Plate in Teriyaki flavor, 10.2 oz.! It comes with almost everything you need inside the box - a rice and vegetable blend and the sauce. You just add the chicken, even if it's frozen (great for days you forgot to thaw something for dinner)! I'm not a huge fan of teriyaki, but I'm interested in trying it out.

Free Brazi Bites Coupon

I received a coupon good for a free bag of Brazi Bites, 11.5 oz. bag, any flavor up to a $5.99 value! I have a few foods that are my weakness and cheese it one of them, so I'll be verry happy to use my free Brazi Bites coupon! They aren't sold at all stores, so be sure to use their store finder for your nearest store.

Free Confadent Gum

I received a free sample of Confadent Peppermint Chewing gum, 1 piece! The packaging says it helps whiten teeth, protects gums, freshens breath and helps remove plaque. The peppermint flavor is very strong, almost too strong, but subsides after a handful of chews.

Free Sabra Hummus Replacement Coupons

I received my 5 free Sabra Replacement coupons due to the recent Sabra Hummus recall. Each coupon is good for one free Sabra item, 7 oz. or larger, up to $4.99. Plus, each coupon doesn't expire until the end of July, so there is plenty of time to use and enjoy each one!

Free Meow Mix Brushing Bites Treats Coupon

I received a coupon for a free bag of Meow Mix Brushing Bites Cat Treats, up to a $1.75 value and doesn't expire until the middle of February! I was just thinking about free sample the other day, so I'm happy it arrived. The original Meow Mix promo promised more than one product, but I'm happy to received what I did and I'm sure my furbabies will too!

Free 2017 Pillsbury Calendar 

I love these calendars - nice size, easy and tasty recipes both adults and kids will enjoy and some the kids can even help make!

Free 2017 Betty Crocker Calendar

This is another calendar I love and I'm looking forward to making and eating so many of the recipes inside! As I flipped thru, each month had delicious looking recipe and covered everything from soups and pasta to cakes and cookies and more inbetween! Yum-o!

*Have you received any HOT free samples or goodies in your mailbox? We'd love to hear about it - post your own photo or leave a comment telling us all about what's arrived for you!

FREE Sample Mail Call Jan. 2nd:
*Samples still available are noted below

Free Merry Christmas Window Cling (Still Available)

I received the CBN Merry Christmas Window cling and it looks exactly as shown in the photo on their offer page. I also received a free cardboard-like holiday ornament that you write your prayer request on the back and use the return envelope to send it back. Your prayer request will then be hung on a Tree of Hope on the CBN campus.

Free Sample of Mane Tame Beard Oil (Still Available)

I received a free sample packet of Mane Tame Beard Oil, 2.6 oz! Hubby hasn't had the chance to try it yet, but I did open it and I really enjoy the scent. It's manly, but not too manly - subtle and sexy! Plus, it's made with all certified organic materials (bonus)!

Free Sample of Celestial Seasonings Tea

I received a free sample pack of Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Green Tea tea bags, 2ct.! I always have peppermint tea in my home because it's great for upset stomachs and other stomach issues, not to mention refreshing and yummy! As soon as I opened the package I was met with the most amazing peppermint scent - the same one you'd experience when hanging candy canes on your Christmas tree! The flavor was exactly like the scent and everytime I lifted the mug to take a sip I was met with that delicious scent! I already added these to my shopping list and can't wait to share some!

Free Sample of Charlotte Tilbury Skincare

I heart Chrlotte Tilbury products and I've been anxiously awaiting these, so I couldn't have been more excited to see them in my mailbox! I received 2 free Charlotte Tilbury The Gift of Goddess Skin samples. The 1st was Goddess Skin Clay Mask that says it lifts, smooths, brightens & tightens pores for baby skin and it delivers on EVERY claim! After using it I had to try hard not to keep touching my face because it felt so soft and smooth! The 2nd sample was Charlotte's Magic Cream Instant Turnaround Moisturizer and let me first say I fell in love with the fragrance of this moisturizer! It is the most delicate scent that reminded me of roses and lilly of the valley flowers from my garden. Scent aside, this cream did not dissappoint - it almost immediately melted into my skin, not leaving me greasy and even without a primer it helped my makeup glide on smooth and looked so nice! Charlotte Tilbury items are on the pricey side, but if your budget permits it or if you're looking for a luxurious treat these two products would fit the bill! Love these!

Free Field 2 Cup Tea Sampler Box

I received another free box of Field to Cup teas with new flavors! This box included 7 sample bags of different teas and a few of them this month included organic versions. The flavors are: Organic Peppermint Zing, Organic Forest Chai, Organic Market Chai, Organic Irish Breakfast, Stress Cure, Simply Cinnamon and Orange Creme. So far I've tried the Stress Cure (lovely lemon flavor), Peppermint Zing (true peppermint flavor), Orange Creme (much like a cremsicle) and Simply Cinnamon (smells like Big Red gum, but the flavor wasn't overwhelming - very tasty & my favorite so far)!

*Have you received any HOT free samples or goodies in your mailbox? We'd love to hear about it - post your own photo or leave a comment telling us all about what's arrived for you!

- Jessica