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Why Discount Coupons?

Consumers enjoy discount coupons to save on the products and services that they already use and to try new products and services at a discounted rate. Discount coupons save consumers money. For manufacturers and retailers, itís a great way to attract new customers and to engage previous customersí loyalty. Discount coupons are a mutually beneficial means that serve both companies and consumers. Read More »

Free Discount Coupons

There are different types of discount coupons including fixed amount savings, percentage off, discounted price, buy one get one free, buy one get one half off, bulk discount, coupons for free products and services, and others.

Fixed amount and percentage coupons, such as "Save $2.00 on", "$5.00 off" and "50% off", are perhaps the most common types of discount coupons. These coupons apply to everything from consumer package goods, to services such as auto repair.

Discounted price coupons are basically products or services on sale, such as a $19.95 oil change or a $495 dollar laptop on sale. The discounted item has a fixed price lower than the normal price point and is advertised as such.

Buy one get one free and buy one get one half off, also known as "BOGO" discount coupons are also common. Consumers pay full price for the first product or service, and receive the second one at a discount or for free. Supermarkets often use these coupons for product promotions, but they can also be applied to just about any item or service. Another type of popular supermarket promotion that is similar to BOGO coupons are bulk discount coupons, such as "buy four items for the price of three".

Free products and services discount coupons are not as common as savings coupons, but are very valued by consumers. Whereas there is some incentive to redeem coupons for discounts and savings, the consumer ultimately still has to spend money. But most consumers will take just about anything thatís free with the idea is that they have nothing to lose. Itís a high incentive, highly aggressive method utilized by manufacturers and retailers to get consumers to sample products and services.

Using discount coupons, no matter what type, is a great way for consumers to save money on products and services that they already use, and to try new products and services at a discount. Discount coupons have traditionally been associated coupon clipping and with scouring newspapers, circulars, and coupon books, but new technologies and the internet has made couponing much easier.

Using the internet, consumers can easy access many different discount coupon formats. Manufactures and retailers often highlight proprietary discount coupons on their web pages, but it can be tedious for a consumer to visit different web sites to get together the coupons that they need. Websites known as coupon portals, offer an easy way to access most of the different types of discount coupons available on the internet. Coupon portal web sites, like, aggregate the different discount coupons available on the internet, such as printable grocery coupons and circulars, local coupons, and online coupons and coupon codes, and make it easy for consumers to do couponing online. Instead of coupon clipping or searching the internet, consumers can visit their favorite coupon portal web site to find and use the discount coupons that are useful to them.